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Found 18 results

  1. In case anyone missed these codes. I think they give anniversary boxes. I didn't pay attention when activating.
  2. Mission 1 Code AREUKITTENMEFURIEND Mission 2 Code PURRFECTFURREAL Mission 3 Code whatacattitude Mission 4 Code MEOWNIFICENTSHIP Redeem at >> https://asia.wargaming.net/shop/bonus/
  3. Shifty_Panzer

    Shhh, You Want Some Free Stuff?

    AHANDTOTHEHELM <<<<< The code The new hidden code is leaked Make sure to redeem it fast, you got 24 hours.
  4. icy_phoenix


    Activate BLOWTOTHEBROADSIDE to unlock personal mission. Can be done for all servers. Rewards you 10x flesh wound signals.
  5. Code: 1407B1ST7LL8D9Y For personal assignment: Bastille Day Hit enemy ship 1789 times with main battery (Random, Scenario, clan battle) Limited to French T5 or higher Reward: 10 Revolutionary camo expiration: 20/07/2018
  6. BigShip23


  7. icy_phoenix

    Flag Code: MANJUUFLAG

    If you are a flag collector and want this weird looking flag on your ship: MANJUUFLAG
  8. I don't know how many remaining. I was able to get them.
  9. icy_phoenix

    Code: PLAYTWA - free stuffs

    PLAYTWA Code gives 500 gold and 7 days premium time when WOT 1.0 launches. I think the gold is for WoT, but prem time is shared. Also gives access to TWA alpha.
  10. User_1145141919810

    Maillé-Brézé contest code

    I got it. 120218OUESTLESHIP(Not so good as expected.....) Code is hidden in subtitles(English only). And the latest video has one at around 9:56.
  11. legionary2099

    Xmas code

    Dont know if someone else has posted this or not , anyway here is it : wotpc2017xmas It is a code for WoT for some freebies, however since WoT and WoWS share premium time you can get 1 day premium time for free
  12. W8O45W Gives a random container. Might be useful if you have EU account. Source OMNI
  13. _Vulpes_

    Asus Event HELP!

    I Recently bought a Asus Motherboard and did the whole "Register your product" and entered the code I got for the Diana ship, but when I enter the code it just takes me to my wargaming account settings and does nothing and I dont have access to the ship, it doesnt even show up in the Tech Tree. Can Someone Please Help?!
  14. Hello, I'm planning to start uploading WOWS gameplay to my youtube channel (About 550 subs) and was wondering if there is anyway for me to get my own kind of code to give to my viewers? Idk if its possible but would be nice if it is.
  15. Red_Ace_RU

    CBT code

    give me plz!
  16. meomeolee

    I need CBT invite code :)

    Please give me beta key Please do not beg for codes. Watch the portal and other Wargaming official channels for news of next recruitment. Thread locked. ~amade
  17. dead_man_walking

    Wings over Water Fan Art for a Code

    Digging around, I found a couple of more codes. In honour of Fendalton's amazing Armoured Persona People's Choice award (http://worldoftanks.asia/en/news/pc-browser/22/armoured-persona-contest-ht-community-choice-poll-results/?page=1) I'll give 3 more codes out to the top 3 replies (ones with the Most +1 Votes) that include a stick-figure-esk drawing incorporating the themes of "Wings over Water" and "World of Warships". Use your imagination and have fun. Competition will close at 3:00pm ACDST (UTC +10.5 aka Adelaide time). (and why that time - because I'm giving the codes away and that is where I am!) edit - added time after realising most gamers would still be asleep at the original close!