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Found 5 results

  1. Storm_Khan

    Which coal ship to get?

    Have accumulated enough coal to get either Salem or Marceau. Was originally going to save it for a rainy day but with the Anniversary event going on, well why not get another TX ship and another SC too? I like playing both cruisers and DDs so either is an option. Only question is the likelihood of Salem or Marceau being removed from the Armory in the near future before I can get enough coal again to get it before it might go...sigh. Any thoughts folks?
  2. XxxGr1ffinxxX

    coal grinding

    so now that i have the jean bart, it was a tough grind, but the super container drops for steel help big time. buuut what now? georgia? but i dont have an american bb captain... thunderer? but again, i dont have a british bb captain, (and i dont have experience with either of the 2 lines) yoshino yes, i've always like the look of it, enticing for someone like me, a japanese main. and i could grind for moskva when she becomes a coal ship, although i'm at the donskoi, maybeee grinnd narai w? atlanta, free xp flags and all, i could get there 😄 well for anyone who owns these mentioned ships, one or multiple, or all, please, try and sell it to me. biggest downsides, or biggest strengths? thanks again!
  3. Yeah so just tested this after seeing the post in reddit: I had 1200 drop, only got 1200, not +10%... No idea how long this has been going but from this patch alone I would estimate I've missed out on at least 8000 coal from that... Yes I've submitted a ticket...
  4. PanJin21

    Armoury ships worth it?

    I have about 40k coal lying around and I wonder if any of the ships offered with coal are worth it other than the tier 9 and 10 ships. I know that Aigle isn't that good and I don't have a good opinion of Oktober Revolution either so I guess I am stuck with mining coal until something changes in the armoury. If you asked me, I would like it if they changed the mid and low tier premiums every 6 months. I would like Exeter and Gallant to be available for coal.