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Found 1 result

  1. Here are some ideas to add more content to CV gameplay as well as add new mechanics: 1. Allow fighters to do strafing runs on ships This idea has been mentioned before but i would like to add to it. Have you ever had fighters hanging around doing nothing? With this option i suggest that by holding alt you can select a strafing run in a straight line (Like the USN torp bomber indicator). For balance i propose that it does no damage to the HP pool of a ship but has a chance to damage and disable modules such as AA. Strafing runs would use alot of ammo up also. Also during a run the fighters might be more vulnerable to AA. The straight line means if a ship turns it will receive much less to no damage. 2. Make Dive-bombers multi-rolled In real life dive bombers were generally fighters with bombs attached. I propose that dive bombers are able to attack enemy squads. This would fix the complaints of not enough fighters. For balance DBs would have less ammo, HP, and damaged compared to normal fighters. They would also not cause the locking and slowing affect of normal fighters. 3. Create a Buff/Debuff system I would love fighter battles to be more than slinging yourself at the enemy squads and praying to the RNG gods that you win. Maybe create if you are under attack from enemy AA you receive less DPS. Another buff/debuff could be if your near a friendly carrier your fighters receive a buff of some kind (This would help prevent Carrier KO at the start of the game.) 4. Create a fighter formation system My idea for this would be to create options for fighters in different gameplay styles and roles. These formations would be toggled via a short cut key. Some ideas are; Arrow head formation (PROS: Increased DPS for a short time while engaging an enemy squadron, then divert to attack formation. CONS: Use more ammo during duration and receive a health debuff for the duration.), Attack formation: (PROS: 40% more damage and 20% speed buff CONS: receive 30% more damage from fighters and AA), Defence formation: (PROS: 40% more resistance from fighter and AA damage CONS: 30% less damage and 20% Slow debuff), Balance formation: (No PROS or CONS), Travel formation: (PROS 50% more speed CONS: receive 80% more damage from all sources). For balance formations can only be changed every 30 secs. 5. Create clouds for hiding and cover I would love to have clouds act like bushes in wot. This could add a surprise element to air battles. Cloud could be slow moving requiring moving from place to place. Fighters in cloud could not only be cloaked but receive a buff of some sorts. 6. Add a fuel system for planes Im sick of people being able to camp their planes so adding a fuel system would be cool. It would not only limit camping and time up of planes but require more skill in deciding wether to scramble your fighters or not. Maybe allow refuelling from ally carriers or captured airbases. (Read on) 7. Add capturable Airports and bases Having the ability for CVs to capture Airports could work well with the fuel system noted above. Airports would have excellent AA providing cover for friendly ships and aircraft. It can act as a refuelling station for CVs. By only allowing CVs to capture Airports it can encourage CVs not to camp as capturing these places can give you an advantage of AA cover as well as increasing your range by refuelling your planes. In addition to this maybe for ships Forts could be added for AA and ship defence. 8. Lastly maybe add new plane types? I am thinking it would be great if new aircraft could be added EG. Attack aircraft with rockets (HE damage like DB but not much HP damage), Heavy fighters (Slower and have more HP but cant be locked during dogfight like normal fighters), Refuelling planes (To refuel planes but have little to no defence). Thanks for reading, Thoughts and further suggestions would be appreciated. If you liked my suggestions feel free to give me a +1