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Found 6 results

  1. Old Launcher: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1islVRrWlqUX8Kb6Mi-qaMLiH8m2bGZvs/view
  2. 월탱 설치 되어 있는곳 많습니다. 근데 워쉽은 별루 없네요. 가능하다면 워쉽도 홍보라던가 설치 관련해서 설치 되어 있는곳 많았으면 좋겠습니다. PC방 설치 홍보좀 부탁드릴께요
  3. Ever since the latest update - my client, that very rarely crashed - is as stable as sodium in water! Please WG fix this ASAP
  4. NCC1701_Enterprise

    64-bit Game Client

    Hi Gays, Do the development team have a plan to develop a 64-bit client? For now always has a bit of pause when I switch menu and ships in the port,what's the reason of it? Thanks
  5. Issue: When running the live server client using the Chinese locale, German ship names do not display correctly if there is an umlaut within the name. Screenshots: Occurrences: All casesTested: ReproduceableSeverity: Low. Although it looks rather ugly, it does not impact gameplay itself.Details: This is a problem with your choice of typeface. Consider changing the system fonts so that Roman letters use the same typeface as the English client, while keeping the typefaces for Chinese, Hiragana, Katakana and Thai the same.
  6. Launcherがデフォルトでtorrentを使ってダウンロードを試行するという設定は プロバイダによっては端からシャットアウトされるなどして、「ゲームがダウンロード出来ない」という 問題の1つの要因になってしまうと思います。 Yes-Noで確認するダイアログを作ってゲーム本体のダウンロードを 開始直前にtorrentを切れるよう改善して下さい。 あと、細かいことですが、ゲーム開始時のログイン画面の左上のゲームのバージョンがずっと 『World of Warships』から変わらないのが気になります。