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Found 15 results

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, i have the greatest honor to present you: The Grand Master of the Order of Solomon Knights! The Gracious and Beautiful Lady underway There goes another goal and shipfu achieved on World of Warships. After a hefty sacrifice of salts and uptiered bullcrap on Helena, i finally got to enjoy the supposed pride of the American Light Cruiser (before the split, at least). Very sleek, and fires a lot faster than Helena. Much more stealthy, AA that actually stings, 1/5 pen, and most important of all...SHE'S THE CUTEST SHIPFU UWU I finally got to use the camo from the collection! What's the point of posting here O' Earl, i heard you cry. Well, i want to ask few questions: 1. What the heck is this antenna thingy called 'Radar'? How i'm supposed to use that thing properly? Is it just a legal wallhack or is there any meaningful use to it? 2. Can i play her as a proper open-water cruiser as opposed to the normal camper-style? Is there any tips i can do? 4. Is it worth it to use Rudder Mod instead of the Concealment module? Especially in open water? 5. Can i use her AP? I'm tired of using HE and keep using the same ammo isn't comfortable for my usual playstyle adapted to Hipper 6. Why is her AA kinda...weird? 7. Chocolate or Strawberry? 8. Is it legal to make lewd of her? 9. Where is the 3rd question?!?!? 3. Should i dump Hipper and go full on Cleve-loving? I suppose...that's it? Farewell, Fair winds and following seas!
  2. 'Cause I'm ready for the split. T8? Bring it! Seriously tho, I can kinda see the thinking behind it. Cleveland looks and feels like a much more modern and powerful ship than the rest of her T6 counterparts, what with the 4x3 turrets, high ROF, and cheese-shredder AA...
  3. Captain_screw

    NEW US Cruiser line Q/A

    Started playing WOWS like 6 or 7 months ago. And Don't know what happens when there is a line split. So, I have a Pensacola and a Cleveland. My question regarding this is what will I have after the line split update? Please keep it as simple as possible. I really don't understand the concept of line split. Still learning things.
  4. First, yes I know the split is 7.1 ( or 7.2) anyways, not this patch. But getting bored watinig for 7.0 so I thought I would post something different to fill the time...better than reading how people are sick of waiting ;) Anyone else been prepping US CA captains ready for the new line? I've ground out a couple of extra T10 captains on the Cleveland ready for the split, I may even rebuy the Pensa and NO to grind them up a bit more. if I don't like how they play when rebalanced, well I can always swap the captains over to the new CAs. Cleveland at T8 will be interesting. I know people say that is where she belongs, but look at the opposition - the Mogami is the best T8 pyromaniac IMHO, the MK, is well the MK. Chapeyev stronk Soviet radar. If they give her back the pre nerf range she had way back when I'm not sure if that will be enough. Radar maybe? Hope not, because this game has enough radar ships now.
  5. 미국 순양함 클리블랜드는 6티어 순양함 치고는 많이 큰 덩치와 전함같은 피탐으로 인해 운용하기 힘든 순양함이죠. 하지만 다 방법이 있으니 좌절하지 않으셔도 됩니다. 비교적 간단하고 재밌게 즐기실 수 있는 방법이 있습니다. 많은 유져들에게 도움이 되었으면 좋겠습니다. 저는 지금 하고 있는 이벤트가 너무나 좋습니다. 기껏만든 동영상을 아무도 안봐준다면, 만들어봐야 소용이 없어서 시무룩할텐데, 이렇게 누군가 와서 봐준다면 힘이나니까요.
  6. Miproyq

    How to play Cleveland?

    I got 50k free xp in a supercontainer(woohoo!) and ended up skipping the Omaha to get the Cleveland. After playing for a while I noticed 2 main problems w/ the guns: 1. Stupidly slow and high shell arc 2. Even when you do hit something, it under-pens(especially BBs) Its really frustrating, the under-penetrating shells. I can't get any damage in at all. Any tips for a newbie like me?
  7. FenrirApalis

    Should I keep Cleveland

    guys I am not sure if I should keep her anymore... She feels kinda UP because her shell speed is just disguesting and against BB she can only set fires unless you get super close to shoot AP. The range sucks too... also a massive detection like wut, the Baltimore has better detection I think I am just going to sell her to free a port slot
  8. Clevelandの対空火力が高すぎると思う。 素の状態の対空火力値で言えばTier8の同じアメリカ巡洋艦以上の53。アップグレードや艦長スキルを使うことでさらに強化することができる。 マッチングする空母のTierは5-8。 Tier5・6ならば空母は恐れる相手ではない。 Tier8ともなればさすがに余裕はないけれども、見方もTier8なので連携を取れば何とか。そもそもそれはボトムTierならば仕方ないし、人数が少ない時間帯でもなければあまりマッチングしない。 同Tier以下の空母だと手も足も出ない、ver.0.5.3より遠距離対空が強化されたことにより艦載機で近くを通るのも痛手になる。 Tier6にしては強すぎるClevelandの対空火力を見直して弱体化してほしい。 というのが要望だが、実際のところ私はクリーブランドを使ったことがないので、いろいろなプレイヤーの意見を聞きたい。 空母に乗っていてTier5でクリーブランドに出会った頃はそりゃもう落胆とか憤りとかいろいろあったけど、 今となっては、アレはそういうものなんだ、寄るな、触るな、近づくなという、どうしようもない祟り神だとして半ば諦めているよ。 これならそのうちクリーブランドの対空についてトピックが立つだろうから、そこに一言入れればいいやと待っていても一向に現れてはくれないので自分で立てたんだ。 一人のプレイヤーの意見ではどうにも転ばんので、Clevelandを使っている人、空母を使っている人、いろいろなプレイヤーの意見を聞かせておくれよ。
  9. 1300 Hours: General Quarters, General Quarters all hands man your Battlestations, incoming enemy ship and bogies on north and east. 1302 Hours: Helms: Engines ahead flank and set course to 0180. 1304 Hours: FCS: Reload all the 6 Inch guns with AP Shells ASAP 1306 Hours: Spotter: Incoming 1 enemy CL Aoba, 1 enemy BB Kongo 15 kilometre out, possible spotted a Farragut at 10 kilometre out over. Intelligence report 2 enemy CL Phoenix is heading to our way too with a BB Wyoming escorting it over. 1308 Hours: FCS: Turn all 4 turret to bearing 090 grid Delta 3, Charlie 3 and 4 over. 1310 Hours: FCS: Firing all 12 6 Inch Main Battery gun over. 1312 Hours: FCS: Confirmed 10 out of 12hits on enemy CL Aoba dealing 5k+ dmg over. 1314 Hours: Spotter: Incoming enemy shells, All hands brace for impact. 1316 Hours: Bridge: Get damage control team to assess the damage. 1318 Hours: FCS: Reloaded all 12 6 Inch Main Battery Gun, ready to fire over. 1320 Hours: Bridge: Fire all 12 6 Inch Main Battery gun at bearing 0110 grid Bravo 1 on enemy BB Kongo over. 1322 Hours: FCS: Firing all 12 6 Inch Main Battery gun over to enemy BB Kongo over. 1324 Hours: Bridge: Incoming enemy shells fire, all hands brace for impact. 1326 Hours: Bridge: Get damage control team to assess the damage over. 1328 Hours: FCS: 8 out of 12shells from 12 6 Inch main battery gun deal 4k dmg score on to enemy BB Kongo Over. 1330 Hours: Spotter: Incoming 2 enemy CL Phoenix and 1 BB Wyoming on our Horizon bearing 0140 Grid Charlie 2 over. 1332 Hours: Bridge: FCS Turn all 12 6 Inch Main Battery gun to 0140 Grid Charlie 2 on that enemy BB Kongo over. 1334 Hours: Spotter: Enemy B Kongo is on multiple fire on bow, mid ship and stern over. 1336 Hours: Spotter: Enemy BB Kongo is sunk over. 1338 Hours: Bridge: Incoming rapid shells fire from 2 enemy CL Phoenix, all hands brace for impact over. 1340 Hours: Bridge: Get damage control team to assess the damage over. 1342 Hours: Damage control: Multiple fire on Bow and stern, putting it out also 1 of the 12 6 Inch Main Battery gun is damage reloading going to take longer. 1344 Hours: Bridge: FCS Fire at both of that 2 enemy CL Phoenix now over! 1346 Hours: FCS: Firing all 12 6 Inch Main Battery gun towards enemy 2 CL Phoenix positions over. 1348 Hours: FCS: 5 out of 12 hits dealing 6k dmg score a hit on enemy CL Phoenix over. 1350 Hours: FCS Reloading 12 6 Inch Main Battery guns over. 1352 Hours: Bridge: Incoming rapid shells fire from enemy CL Kuma, all hands brace for impact. 1354 Hours: Bridge: Get damage control team to assess the damage over. 1356 Hours: Damage control: Multiple fires on Port and Stern, putting out the fire over. 1358 Hours: FCS: Firing all 12 6 Inch Main Battery gun towards enemy CL Phoenix over 1400 Hours: FCS enemy CL Phoenix is sunk over. 1402 Hours: FCS: Reloading all 12 6 Inch Main Battery gun over. 1404 Hours: Spotters: Spotted enemy CV Zuiho positions at Hotel 3 heading to bearing 0110 India 3 over. 1406 Hours: FCS: Firing all 12 6 Inch Main Battery guns towards enemy CV Zuiho over 1408 Hours: FCS: 8 out of 12 score 6k dmg on it, she on multiple fire on her deck over. 1410 Hours: Bridge, FCS: Reloading all 12 6 Inch Main Battery gun over. 1412 Hours: FCS: Firing all 12 6 Inch Main Battery guns towards enemy CV Zuiho over 1414 Hours: FCS: 10 out of 12 score 6k dmg on it, she on multiple fire on her deck over and critical dmg over. 1416 Hours: Bridge, FCS: Reloading all 12 6 Inch Main Battery gun over 1418 Hours: FCS: Firing all 12 6 Inch Main Battery guns towards enemy CV Zuiho over 1420 Hours: FCS: Enemy CV Zuiho is sunk to the bottom over. 1422 Hours: Spotter: Enemy CL Phoenix spotted at grid India 5 over. 1424 Hours: Game end. Hope you all enjoy my [CL] USS.Cleveland Roleplaying today. [To be Continued]
  10. 最遠射程分別要預判 14秒(atlanta)和 17秒(Cleveland)。。。 除非遇到一個只會直行的菜鳥敵人(然而在這等級的分房裡這種人不多)不然真的有些難度。我覺得可以讓炮彈飛行速度快點,削弱精確度就行了,這樣可玩性比較高。 看到很多人抱怨Cleveland有17公里射程。呵呵,可以試一下預判17秒。命中率非常低好嗎。
  11. Tank_Killerz

    Failing in the Cleveland

    I just finished this game with almost none of the team bothering with capture points. I took A, we lost B. Enemy gets 3 capture points. Taking on enemies when the team melts is not a nice day. I may have also spotted the WoT bot doing his utmost to wreck himself.
  12. I had two losses before this match in the Cleveland class cruiser. I actually thought I would lose this one as well with the way the caps were towards the end. PM me for the replay. Edit: Re-uploaded pictures. They were a little bit on the small side.
  13. アメリカの巡洋艦Clevelandの攻撃力ですが、砲撃力(砲撃の弾数が多く、距離も出る、一発の破壊力も並み)が高すぎて、現状、巡洋艦に乗るなら「Cleveland」の一択状態です。いくら史実重視とはいっても、やりすぎではないでしょうか。 「一発の攻撃力を大きく落とすか」とか「命中率を大きく下げる」などの変更をしないと、他の巡洋艦への選択が無くなり、面白くありません。
  14. Crazy_Vaclav

    Cleveland Build Guide

    Greetings Fellow Captains, I thought I'd share my Tier VI Cleveland build I used during the CBT. The following worked extremely well for me. It maximises the Cleveland's offensive capabilities and introduces some surprising toughness. Very effective at engaging similar or higher tier ships and abusively OP against lower Tier. While the basic Cleveland is excellent, be sure to fully unlock it. Cleveland XP Unlocks 1 152mm/47 MK16 - 7200 XP +1.5 Rate of Fire, -10s Turret Turn Rate 2 Cleveland Hull (B) - 9800 XP +4700 HP, +2 AA mounts 3 MK6 mod 2 - 5500 XP +10% (1.3km) Main Battery Range Part 2 - Ship Outfitting Upgrades 1 Main Battery Modification 1 -20% Chance of Magazine Detention, -20% Chance of Critical Damage, -20% Repair Time 2 Gun Fire Control System 1 Increased Main Battery Accuracy*** 3 Damage Control Modification 1 -3% Chance of Flooding, -5% Chance of Fire 4 Damage Control Modification 2 -15% Flooding Recovery Time, -15% Fire Extinguishing Time Signals (Minimum) 1 Juliet Yankee Bissotwo -20% Flooding Recovery Time 2 India Yankee -20% Fire Extinguishing Time Camouflage Type 2 -4% Accuracy of Incoming Enemy Fire Consumables If you can, use level 2 consumables. They are a significant improvement over standard. One thing I will mention is, through personal experience, I have had more success with Defensive AA over Hydroacoustic Search. Using Defensive AA in coordination with other cruisers in a division is murderous on enemy torpedo and bomber aircraft (guaranteed Clear Skies). Part 3 - Commander Skills 1 Basic Fire Training (Secondary Armament) -10% Reload of Guns under 155mm, +10% AA efficiency*** 2 Aiming Expert (Artillery) +2.5 Degrees Per Second Aiming Speed of Guns up to 155mm 3 Ship Survivability (High Alert) -10% Reload Speed of Damage Control Party Consumable 4 Advanced Fire Training (Secondary Armament) +20% Firing Range of Guns up to 155mm, +20% AA Defensive Firing Range 5 Jack of All Trades (Special Skills) -10% Reload Speed of All Consumables Part 4 - Total Bonuses DISCLAIMER: I have added the individual bonuses, including ship upgrades, to give a total accumulative bonus in each area. I would like to point out that I am not an expert on game mechanics to be certain the bonuses stack this way. However, from general game play it would appear they are. I am happy for anyone to correct me otherwise, if only to add complete legitimacy of this build. Main Battery Bonuses -20% Chance of Magazine Detention -20% Chance of Critical Damage -20% Repair Time +2.5 Degrees Per Second Aiming +30% Firing Range of Main Battery Increased Main Battery Accuracy*** +1.5 Rate of Fire 10% Reload of Guns under 155mm Secondary Battery +20% Firing Range of Guns up to 155mm AA Bonuses +2 AA mounts +10% AA efficiency* +20% AA Defensive Firing Range -10% Defensive AA Fire Reload Speed -10% Catapult Fighter Reload Speed Ship Survivability Bonuses +4700 HP -4% Accuracy of Incoming Enemy Fire -3% Chance of Flooding -5% Chance of Fire -35% Flooding Recovery Time -35% Fire Extinguishing Time -20% Damage Control Party Reload Time *** These Bonuses do not supply forthright information about their tangible values. I hope this has been informative. If you have any questions, suggestions or corrections, please don't hesitate to leave a comment below. See you on the high seas. Cheers, Ormos_AU "pew pew"
  15. Crazy_Vaclav

    Cleveland Build Guide

    I have moved the guide to the sub folder.