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Found 42 results

  1. FatFluffyPenguin

    Welcome to BG

    Some dumb meme I made for my clan (BG). Also, we take on new recruits, so if anyone is interested, DM me, FatFluffyPenguin#1800 on Discord. We speak both English and Chinese.
  2. Manacetamol

    Warship tools

    WOWS Replays https://replayswows.com/ Minimap replays generator https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/community/discord-launch/
  3. Random_Freedom

    How to exit clan?

    I'm planning to exit my clan, but is there a way?
  4. HobartAWD

    Clan bug this morning

    Anyone else in a clan have any grief when logging in this morning? For me and many others you log in and the game does not recognise you are even in a clan. Yesterday all was working ok. Clan chat gone. Naval battle button gone. Clan bonuses gone. Clan name on patch gone. However while others have said the game tries to get them to join a new clan, for me the list of members in our clan still shows up when clicking the clan tab. Looks like the server isn't syncing with accounts properly. Apparently restarting the game has worked for many, but no luck for me as yet. Going to try restarting again and then submit a ticket.
  5. Boo_Keeper

    Need 6 vs 6 Clan Battle format

    Suggests the new clan battle format in 6 vs 6 in tire X ships with dynamic whether conditions (No CV Required), Players can brake the island covers like island of ice maps
  6. 事情是这样的,在一个多月之前先是发生了第一次当我点击进入CLAN的时候会显示 CLAN ARE NOT AVALIABLE的提示,但是可以从海战页面进入。 后来演变成我按照WG ticket给的方法搞了一下,哎恢复正常了,才刚一个月 又不行了,老毛病 这次更甚,点哪都不好使 直接给我 retry 按钮 虽然点了和没点一样... 说一下.. 之前说让我调低画面质量 好 我认了,我RTX2060+i7 8700k的机子 好 我调, 但这次又是闹哪样嘛,刚重新装了游戏又不能好好玩了
  7. This is a recruitment link for new players . You can get free Premium ships , Premium time and lots of other stuff. Hit me up in game if u need a teammate. We have clan to help u with doubts and and other stuff related to the game. https://wows.asia/dread_not
  8. 現在WGから提供されているworld of warplanes というゲームにおけるクランマッチングシステムがとても画期的でしたのでぜひ導入をお願いするとともに 皆様になにか追加のアイデアがないか相談するべくトピックを立てました 該当のマッチング画面はあとで添付いたします 良いと思った点はクラン検索と自己PRです ・検索  戦績の近いクランの検索  自分のプレイ時間を参考にしたクランの検索 ・自己PR  申請時に自分の自己PRを兼ねてクランに申請を出すことができる 正直新規の人も、前いたクランを抜けた人も新しいクランを探すときとても苦労されていると思います 自分に合うクランという指標は結構難しく、戦績やプレイ時間をもとに検索する機能はとても有効だと思いました。 また、無言申請はなぁ、、、、って時にも役立つかと思います
  9. Having a clan that are entirely inactive but still wants an active clan as you're tired of it? Low battle statistics but you think you are worthy of a good clan? Do you need a good advice from a veteran clan members? Then, come on up and lets go for Hell Fire clan. We give a gentle but scorching hot shells from hell to our enemy and gives advices for cute little noobs of World of Warships on how to do that. If you want some gentle firing warm love, go here and join our clan
  10. Gordon_M_Doherty

    Leave Clan

    How do I leave a Clan?
  11. 두명이 전대 맺고 들어와서 고의적으로 게임 시작하자마자 기뢰원 안에 들어가서 일부러 죽었습니다. 이건 게임 플레이 하기 싫다는 의도로 밖에 보이지 않습니다. 이럴거면 뭐하러 전대맺고 들어와서 민폐 끼치나요? 운영진분들이 이 게시글 보는지 모르겠는데, 일단 여기다가 신고 게시글 써봅니다. cafe 클랜 ktchan, NANOHA__TAKAMACHI 요 두명 입니다. 20190108_235005_PASD029-Sims-1941_s05_Dunkirk.wowsreplay
  12. Senor_Thotsky

    Commonwealth Clan

    The Commonwealth Clan is looking for active members. We are an Australian based clan but as the name suggests we are open to anyone provided you speak English and will use Discord. https://discord.gg/R9sK6KN Look forward to seeing you join. Praefecti
  13. Just like the title says: if you are pretty much an exclusive co-op player, do you get any benefit for being in a clan? I will be honest: I don't really know what the clan mechanics are in this game, but I HAVE been playing for some time now, and I am curious to engage more with the community. Thanks!
  14. 30cmtruedamage

    Any active clan India ?

    ^ Thanks
  15. 請問一下: 因為敝公會會長長期未上線,本人又是創會元老,請問如何處理此問題。 希望公會是個除了打公會戰以外能夠互動的團體,希望官方能夠處理此問題。
  16. 請問一下: 因為敝公會會長長期未上線,本人又是創會元老,請問如何處理此問題。 希望公會是個除了打公會戰以外能夠互動的團體,希望官方能夠處理此問題。
  17. 請問一下: 因為敝公會會長長期未上線,本人又是創會元老,請問如何處理此問題。 希望公會是個除了打公會戰以外能夠互動的團體,希望官方能夠處理此問題。
  18. Mad_Rev


    To those who are affected, My machine's fps performance was severely reduced from an enjoyable 74fps to 25fps during game play yesterday afternoon 17/04/2018 (Sydney Time). I have looked for any downloads which might have 'snuck in' and tested my machine which is only 3 months old: pentium I7 16gb ram Nvidia geforce gtx 1060 6gb 256gb SSD. Other games run as sweet as. The only change I can see is the removal of the tier 10 ships on loan for clan battles and my fps. Has anyone else suffered the same problem?
  19. フレンドとプレイしたり勝率を上げたい方 プレイスキルやWRの向上を目指したい方 wowsを楽しめる方を募集しております ARKはメインの"ARK"とサブの"ARK-B"の2クランがあり、メンバーは学生や社会人、軍人、βテスター、ライブストリーマーなど様々です 週に一度クランで紅白戦を行い問題点の改善や意見交換をしています ARKの現在の目標はクラン戦第2シーズンでTyphoon leagueで戦うことです ---加入条件--- ・プレイヤースキルだけでなく人間関係も重視しているので、負けて暴言を吐いたり怒ったりする方はお断りしております 問題点の意見交換が冷静に出来る方を募集しています ・現在ARKは台湾・香港・日本のプレイヤーが所属しており、最低限の英語でコミュニケーションが出来る必要があります ・アクティブ率が高めでチーム行動が出来る方  ・WRが54%以上あること(各艦のWRや平均与ダメージも考慮されます) ・ランダム戦の戦闘数が3500戦以上であること ・少なくとも1隻のTier10の艦艇を所持していること ・Discordを導入可能で毎週のクランの紅白戦に参加出来ること 興味、質問がある方は気軽に連絡をどうぞ Julian: ranger_dh@hotmail.com siki: Jacky31833@gmail.com Never_go_die: oh4733@yahoo.com.tw 1.We need your game ID 2.which one is your most skillful ship ? 3.how often do you online in a week?
  20. Mr_Vaelen

    Clan Battle times

    Hi, How was it decided to make clan battles on the days it is on and the times? It is difficult for those of us who work during the day to play the full 3 hours, especially in Eastern Aus. It would've been better to do it 1 or 2 hours earlier and Friday nights, not Sunday. Will this be changing in Clan Wars 3?
  21. Goodie999

    How to find Aussie clan

    Hi guys, Just joined wows. Been on wot for a long time. What's the best way to find an aussie (or english speaking) clan to help learn the basics? I'm a bit thrown off by the lack of 'clan' section in the forum (unless I'm blind). Ideally just a clan of not-terrible, non-douchebag people to play together. Feel free to shoot me a pm here or in game. Thanks heaps
  22. LargerNeptune3

    Request for information

    This is a request for information about what, if anything, will be done in response to the requests for a change to the Clan v Clan "prime times" I am making the request in light of the following: 1. Some time ago, nearly three hundred of us completed a survey - the survey by Spotter is here - and more than half of us chose the earliest possible time. 2. We understood from this that Wargaming would consider our requests, and respond to us within a reasonable time. That time has now passed. 3. Since Spotter's survey closed, we have had much speculation, rumour, angst and worse, amongst players of all varieties; we have seen clans in other regions also unhappy; but as far as I can see, we have had no response or further information from Wargaming about changing the "prime times", and we have had no changes. 4. I don't know how else to go about getting information, and giving Wargaming a fair chance to respond, other than to start a new topic specifically aimed at doing this. 5. Spotter's survey expressly did NOT ask about which days were preferred, but in this Forum, and other places (eg other regional WOWS Forums, reddit), many have expressed the view that Fridays should be included, in addition to or as replacement for a day in the middle of the working week. 6. In addition, many have asked for the extension of the current prime time windows, as a compromise, and do not understand why this was not done on launch - or why at least the lower Leagues have not had their "prime times" extended I appreciate if Wargaming chooses not to make changes, that is their prerogative, and they are not obliged to explain the detailed reasons to me. Equally, I and others would appreciate some clarity and reliable information about this, so we can help plan our activities. Changing or not changing? If changing, when will we hear what the new times will be? Thanks to anyone who reads this, and is able to pass it on to the appropriate responsible person within Wargaming and/or point me to the relevant info that I have missed.
  23. Just a clan that is looking for new members and everyone is welcome! :D The clans abbreviation is "PGSA". This abbreviation stands for "Pivital Ground, Supportive Artillery" The clan is english speeching and is just about having fun with everyone. I just request that you dont go away from the game for to long (or please leave a notice) as i dont want people who no longer play to take up slots <3 hope you understand I also have made a discord and that will help with contacting me (the owner), talking to other people through voice chat, and just keeping me up to date if you have to go for an extended time. the discord server is here: https://discord.gg/uGQMS8E I hope to see you in the clan! have fun and enjoy the game! Duplicate clan recruitment thread. Thread locked. User warned. ~amade
  24. Ninajim

    WoWS AUS Clan

    Hey guys, just an average player here. I'm looking for a decent Australian-Based clan to join, specifically a WoWS-based one. I'm wanting to get better at the game through a connection to better teammates and strategists when it comes to competitive battles. I'm currently at a 50% Win Ratio and in Tier 6. If you want to just chat to me in-game, just add me under the same name of 'Ninajim'. Wanting active clans to participate in. Cheers guys.
  25. why i can't dismiss invite to clan - and this bad ui for use you can alway miss to invite -