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Found 30 results

  1. Gordon_M_Doherty

    Leave Clan

    How do I leave a Clan?
  2. 두명이 전대 맺고 들어와서 고의적으로 게임 시작하자마자 기뢰원 안에 들어가서 일부러 죽었습니다. 이건 게임 플레이 하기 싫다는 의도로 밖에 보이지 않습니다. 이럴거면 뭐하러 전대맺고 들어와서 민폐 끼치나요? 운영진분들이 이 게시글 보는지 모르겠는데, 일단 여기다가 신고 게시글 써봅니다. cafe 클랜 ktchan, NANOHA__TAKAMACHI 요 두명 입니다. 20190108_235005_PASD029-Sims-1941_s05_Dunkirk.wowsreplay
  3. Praefecti

    Commonwealth Clan

    The Commonwealth Clan is looking for active members. We are an Australian based clan but as the name suggests we are open to anyone provided you speak English and will use Discord. https://discord.gg/R9sK6KN Look forward to seeing you join. Praefecti
  4. Just like the title says: if you are pretty much an exclusive co-op player, do you get any benefit for being in a clan? I will be honest: I don't really know what the clan mechanics are in this game, but I HAVE been playing for some time now, and I am curious to engage more with the community. Thanks!
  5. 30cmtruedamage

    Any active clan India ?

    ^ Thanks
  6. 請問一下: 因為敝公會會長長期未上線,本人又是創會元老,請問如何處理此問題。 希望公會是個除了打公會戰以外能夠互動的團體,希望官方能夠處理此問題。
  7. 請問一下: 因為敝公會會長長期未上線,本人又是創會元老,請問如何處理此問題。 希望公會是個除了打公會戰以外能夠互動的團體,希望官方能夠處理此問題。
  8. 請問一下: 因為敝公會會長長期未上線,本人又是創會元老,請問如何處理此問題。 希望公會是個除了打公會戰以外能夠互動的團體,希望官方能夠處理此問題。
  9. ionshield


    To those who are affected, My machine's fps performance was severely reduced from an enjoyable 74fps to 25fps during game play yesterday afternoon 17/04/2018 (Sydney Time). I have looked for any downloads which might have 'snuck in' and tested my machine which is only 3 months old: pentium I7 16gb ram Nvidia geforce gtx 1060 6gb 256gb SSD. Other games run as sweet as. The only change I can see is the removal of the tier 10 ships on loan for clan battles and my fps. Has anyone else suffered the same problem?
  10. Mr_Vaelen

    Clan Battle times

    Hi, How was it decided to make clan battles on the days it is on and the times? It is difficult for those of us who work during the day to play the full 3 hours, especially in Eastern Aus. It would've been better to do it 1 or 2 hours earlier and Friday nights, not Sunday. Will this be changing in Clan Wars 3?
  11. Goodie999

    How to find Aussie clan

    Hi guys, Just joined wows. Been on wot for a long time. What's the best way to find an aussie (or english speaking) clan to help learn the basics? I'm a bit thrown off by the lack of 'clan' section in the forum (unless I'm blind). Ideally just a clan of not-terrible, non-douchebag people to play together. Feel free to shoot me a pm here or in game. Thanks heaps
  12. LargerNeptune3

    Request for information

    This is a request for information about what, if anything, will be done in response to the requests for a change to the Clan v Clan "prime times" I am making the request in light of the following: 1. Some time ago, nearly three hundred of us completed a survey - the survey by Spotter is here - and more than half of us chose the earliest possible time. 2. We understood from this that Wargaming would consider our requests, and respond to us within a reasonable time. That time has now passed. 3. Since Spotter's survey closed, we have had much speculation, rumour, angst and worse, amongst players of all varieties; we have seen clans in other regions also unhappy; but as far as I can see, we have had no response or further information from Wargaming about changing the "prime times", and we have had no changes. 4. I don't know how else to go about getting information, and giving Wargaming a fair chance to respond, other than to start a new topic specifically aimed at doing this. 5. Spotter's survey expressly did NOT ask about which days were preferred, but in this Forum, and other places (eg other regional WOWS Forums, reddit), many have expressed the view that Fridays should be included, in addition to or as replacement for a day in the middle of the working week. 6. In addition, many have asked for the extension of the current prime time windows, as a compromise, and do not understand why this was not done on launch - or why at least the lower Leagues have not had their "prime times" extended I appreciate if Wargaming chooses not to make changes, that is their prerogative, and they are not obliged to explain the detailed reasons to me. Equally, I and others would appreciate some clarity and reliable information about this, so we can help plan our activities. Changing or not changing? If changing, when will we hear what the new times will be? Thanks to anyone who reads this, and is able to pass it on to the appropriate responsible person within Wargaming and/or point me to the relevant info that I have missed.
  13. Just a clan that is looking for new members and everyone is welcome! :D The clans abbreviation is "PGSA". This abbreviation stands for "Pivital Ground, Supportive Artillery" The clan is english speeching and is just about having fun with everyone. I just request that you dont go away from the game for to long (or please leave a notice) as i dont want people who no longer play to take up slots <3 hope you understand I also have made a discord and that will help with contacting me (the owner), talking to other people through voice chat, and just keeping me up to date if you have to go for an extended time. the discord server is here: https://discord.gg/uGQMS8E I hope to see you in the clan! have fun and enjoy the game! Duplicate clan recruitment thread. Thread locked. User warned. ~amade
  14. Ninajim

    WoWS AUS Clan

    Hey guys, just an average player here. I'm looking for a decent Australian-Based clan to join, specifically a WoWS-based one. I'm wanting to get better at the game through a connection to better teammates and strategists when it comes to competitive battles. I'm currently at a 50% Win Ratio and in Tier 6. If you want to just chat to me in-game, just add me under the same name of 'Ninajim'. Wanting active clans to participate in. Cheers guys.
  15. why i can't dismiss invite to clan - and this bad ui for use you can alway miss to invite -
  16. Fogarty_Phegan

    Clan play in Pub 0.6.12

    Its really difficult to join or start a clan in the Public test. You can't participate without 7 members, so i haven't played clan battles at all so far. So it might be great on the live server but i could not tell you. Might be an idea if small clans can form a 'coalition' ???? Also, i joined a clan, we have 2 members, i haven't seen the other guy the whole time i have been on the server and i cant find a way to leave the clan and join another one. any thoughts? Duplicate post. Thread locked, user warned. ~amade
  17. S4pp3R

    Clan Size Issue

    Assertion - the clan size maximum is an absolute joke and will backfire really quickly when clan battles come along... Why? In WoT I was part of a fairly active clan, we'd have enough people willing and able to consistently run 1 stronghold battle team on any night. That was with 85+ members... My Warships clan has the same cross-section of player types, except 30 people max and 50 people at most. Most people in my current clan (Warships) have real life (RL) commitments, as such on any night we are lucky to have 5-7 willing and able to do clan stuff. We have an overflow clan which has another 1-5 at any one time. We will not be alone in this, many Warships players aren't in the school/high school cross section, many are working age folks with partners and/or kids. Anyone who has any experience with this will know that the time of day and day of the week you can play games varies significantly. Hypothesis Current clan maximum - 30 Current clan active during CB time - 5-7 Anticipated clan maximum at CB release - 40 Anticipated clan active during CB time - 7-9 Estimated clan battle numbers (per team) - 7/10/12 So if we are lucky, my clan will be sometimes able to run 7v7 on some nights of the week. Number of clans on Asia with 25+ members - 85 So assuming I'm in an 'average' clan, on any one night we can expect maybe 100 clans than can field 7v7 teams. If we take into account timezone differences and other issues, the clan pool for battles at a generous estimate would be 10-15 And that's an issue, I can tell you for a fact that most of those will be 'pro' or at least very good clans. We really need a baseline increase of clan numbers to 60 (allows any clans with overflow to merge and there are quite a few!) and the ability to get clan numbers to 100... The reason is that clans like mine, that are in the middle-lower end of the pack simply won't be able to generate the numbers to do Clan Battles regularly, which will compound the problem of team skill and skew the CB aspect even more in favour of the pro clans. Pro clans aside, it's very likely that to consistently run CB, clans will need 50+ members... The above is all assuming a 7v7 format... What if it's 9 or 10? /Hypothisis Conclusion Pro clans will easily be able to generate active members at key times to play Clan Battles. Due to clan sizes, middle-of-the-pack clans will struggle to frequently conduct Clan Battles. This disparity will generate a massive skill disparity in Clan Battles and will lead to lower and lower numbers of clans engaging in Clan Battles. The solution to this is to increase the Clan number maximum to 60 by default allowing even average skill clans enough members to build decent teams and to extent the possible maximum (through the Clan Port) to 100. With server numbers it is feasible to extend clan maximum to at least 150 as clan content and participation expands. Thoughts? Edit: corrected spelling
  18. Celestia_Aaryanson

    Looking for Clan Members

    [RANS-] The Royal Aaryan Navy Navy Unit of Royal Aaryavart (fantasy city) We are recruiting Members for our newly built Clan. No Strict Rule for the clan. make sure all members know English to communicate. Be nice to other members of clans and have fun. 28 vacant places. No tiers limit. Average Players and Learning players can also join clan. DD, CC, BB, and CV all are welcome :) __________________________________________________________________________ Note: people usually get mis-understanding that we are [content removed] Nazi. Aaryavart was an Ancient city located in India Sub-continent in 3000 BCE formed by Lord Krishna. 'Aaryan' is one of his names. Nazi lovers please stay away from my clan. Hail Hydra! :D Profanity. Post edited, thread locked, user already warned. ~amade
  19. Hi everyone, I would like to applaud the development team on another step forward to clan-related feature to the game. But there is this change that I, as clan's commander, disapproves and I would like to convey to the development team as well as to bring attention to other clans' officers if they so agree or not. New change. I noticed that there is new Last Battle Time (LBT) sorting logic for hidden accounts and they are now falling off the sorting. At the moment, I am looking for another way to identify my clan members' LBT via in-game with this new implementation. And it seems I found none unless others would raise suggest an alternative. A bit of history. Before the implementation of the Update, we can wildly guess & see the length of your members' LBT even if they are hidden. I understand it's illogical that it should not be that way because they are hidden. But it's convenient for me to identify who are inactive for very long time in the clan, especially with the ongoing concern/issue of limited number of players each clans can accommodate. Ok. Issue raised. History discussed. What I or maybe others expect? Expected change: Rollback to sorting logic for LBT in the clan list. Or the better, LBT should be displayed and sorted together even if they are hidden account. P.S.: This should be neither in here or suggestion section but oh well.
  20. lucky_alvin

    TLDR, naval BASE analysis

    Nothing can be earned if you are not in a clan What is oil? Oil is earned when you are in a clan and finish daily container tasks or missions Oil belongs to the clan, it does not belong to you, so you cannot sell it Oil can only be used to construct buildings by commander or deputy only So oil gives you a normal players nothing, but it is very important to clan (In the future patch, there will be new oil type that allow players within a clan to use) Why clan needs oil? Your clan can construct buildings. The buildings provide you three types of bonus. Analysis Type Usage Cost Total cost Comment 10% off servicing cost for different ship types Always use 4000 for DD 4000 for CR 5000 for BB 5000 for CV 18000 Alright! Alright! Alright! Most cost effective among three bonus, it is more frequent to enjoy the benefit according to ship types 3% bonus to xp for different nations Selfdom use to Always use 2000 for each nation 14000 Not bad! Unlock according to your clan's popularity on nation (Ex: JP/US first) 10% off discount for purchasing different tier normal ships Selfdom use 50 for tier 5 200 for tier 6 1000 for tier 7 5000 for tier 8 Not available for tier 9 & 10 in 0.6.11 6250 Meh! "If any other discount is active when the bonus is, they are not added together, but the larger one applies." The discount does not stack with sales. Useful only when you do not buy ships in sales, but why not be patient padawan TLDR of TLDR Join a clan There are 3 types of bonus in clan navel base, which are 10% off servicing cost for different ship types (very useful) 3% bonus to xp for different nations (useful) 10% off discount for purchasing different tier ships (it is a trap) ---------- Opened a casual naval base clan [BASE] to try out the new stuff, no requirement, apply ingame by seaching BASE in the ingame clan search
  21. carolbr85

    Clan name violation

    My clan member, OsakaJoe, has had his account locked for over a week because of a clan name violation. He sent tickets but hasn't gotten a reply. Two tickets already expired. What's going on?? Anyone can help me?? Duplicate thread. Thread Locked. User Warned. ~ADM_dude
  22. yangdup

    can't open clan portal in mac

    Hi i am having problems with the portal of clans, it gets stuck on the loading screen forever, another problem is that i have a mac.
  23. So Guys.. and Girls.... The Clan Beta Testing already went for a while... some bug found, and some fixed while others might need to wait till after beta is over.. some of you join a clan... some even creating the clan.. and some is still looking for a clan that willing to accept a new member for that clan. but i really want to hear what is clan in your opinion... what need to happen in clan? what is your expectation? what kind of event you hope happen with the clan? example: getting a div mate to div and help u in grinding a new ship or maybe someone who tutor u in game? or maybe a training room to help coordinate better? how to interact between clan member? would u do if there is someone u dont like in the clan ( clan leader decide who get invited, but it might be your arc enemies ) if then what would u do... and also how to interact with other clan? also about other clan.. should you act hostile against all other clan / only hostile against your sworn enemy clan? or maybe you act friendly to all of them?
  24. ShiraYukira

    clan tab unautorize

    I am already in a clan, i can go into this tab on other pc but on my laptop i wasn't able to open the clan tab, it have this 401 unauthorized at top left corner. any ideas? Thread locked on OP's request. ~amade
  25. help me its shows "clans are currently close beta you can join the clan only if you are invited"