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Found 1 result

  1. S4pp3R

    Clan Size Issue

    Assertion - the clan size maximum is an absolute joke and will backfire really quickly when clan battles come along... Why? In WoT I was part of a fairly active clan, we'd have enough people willing and able to consistently run 1 stronghold battle team on any night. That was with 85+ members... My Warships clan has the same cross-section of player types, except 30 people max and 50 people at most. Most people in my current clan (Warships) have real life (RL) commitments, as such on any night we are lucky to have 5-7 willing and able to do clan stuff. We have an overflow clan which has another 1-5 at any one time. We will not be alone in this, many Warships players aren't in the school/high school cross section, many are working age folks with partners and/or kids. Anyone who has any experience with this will know that the time of day and day of the week you can play games varies significantly. Hypothesis Current clan maximum - 30 Current clan active during CB time - 5-7 Anticipated clan maximum at CB release - 40 Anticipated clan active during CB time - 7-9 Estimated clan battle numbers (per team) - 7/10/12 So if we are lucky, my clan will be sometimes able to run 7v7 on some nights of the week. Number of clans on Asia with 25+ members - 85 So assuming I'm in an 'average' clan, on any one night we can expect maybe 100 clans than can field 7v7 teams. If we take into account timezone differences and other issues, the clan pool for battles at a generous estimate would be 10-15 And that's an issue, I can tell you for a fact that most of those will be 'pro' or at least very good clans. We really need a baseline increase of clan numbers to 60 (allows any clans with overflow to merge and there are quite a few!) and the ability to get clan numbers to 100... The reason is that clans like mine, that are in the middle-lower end of the pack simply won't be able to generate the numbers to do Clan Battles regularly, which will compound the problem of team skill and skew the CB aspect even more in favour of the pro clans. Pro clans aside, it's very likely that to consistently run CB, clans will need 50+ members... The above is all assuming a 7v7 format... What if it's 9 or 10? /Hypothisis Conclusion Pro clans will easily be able to generate active members at key times to play Clan Battles. Due to clan sizes, middle-of-the-pack clans will struggle to frequently conduct Clan Battles. This disparity will generate a massive skill disparity in Clan Battles and will lead to lower and lower numbers of clans engaging in Clan Battles. The solution to this is to increase the Clan number maximum to 60 by default allowing even average skill clans enough members to build decent teams and to extent the possible maximum (through the Clan Port) to 100. With server numbers it is feasible to extend clan maximum to at least 150 as clan content and participation expands. Thoughts? Edit: corrected spelling