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Found 12 results

  1. The annoouncement for 10.7 says "More details about the new season of Clan Battles are available in a dedicated article." but I can't see any "dedicated article" anywhere ... I am looking for maps and name of Season 14 ... anyone able to point me in the right direction? thanks
  2. Preface: I believe in NOT being prejudiced against certain groups when it comes to rule enforcement. To me, justice should be served solely based on the circumstances and be blind to everything else. Just in case people want to accuse me of being “racist”. You know who you are. I’ll say it right here: I don’t think WG is taking clan battles violations seriously enough. Why? Read below. Recently, WG have posted threads detailing actions they took against clans that violated EULA in clan battles, like on ASIA, EU, and NA. Now, obviously, I am happy that they’re actually doing something considering the under-the-table manner of these dealings, but at the same time, I am also unhappy that they weren’t hit harder considering they were basically RMTing (these kinds of services are NOT free). These people just moved on to their subclans or made new clans, and kept playing as usual. Nothing changed. Now, to be absolutely fair, this is not the first time WG have acted on this sort of thing; In seasons 1 and 2, the exact same thing happened on RU as you can see here and here. Heck, UMR-R got the same treatment last season. So, by that logic, you would think that the same violations have been dealt with the same punishments. Indeed, they have. At least they are consistent, but too lenient in my opinion. However, 2 of the clans in question (PWP on NA and VOR on EU) decided to take it 1 step further; VOR EU changed their clantag to [_TWA_] ([TWA] is a top EU clan) before it got disbanded, and PWP made an entirely new clan after disbandment… with the tag [WGCNM] and the name "WG Never Mind the Slander and Liber" . Before anyone asks, its to do with intimate relations with one’s mother…. and her death. Clearly, both of these clans are upset that they got caught breaking EULA… While the _TWA_ rename was in bad taste, they didn’t break any rules (that I am aware of), so of course nothing else happened to them. However, the PWP members that founded the [WGCNM] clan only had to contend with the clan being disbanded, with no further sanctions on their accounts. Again, consistent with previous clan names that violated rules, but too lenient in this circumstance since they expressed discontent at being caught breaking EULA… *by breaking EULA*. Imagine if you trashtalked a mod that just issued you a gameban. That’s what they have done…. And by the looks of it, they have gotten away with it without any significant consequences (2500 doubloons is nothing to these people) So, we now have a situation where repeated, large scale clan battles violations have occurred, and with no apparent escalation in enforcement. Even worse, some who were caught decided to violate EULA by trashtaking WG using their new clantag/name and they also didn’t get any escalated account sanctions. This, to me, is inconsistent with literally every other rule violation in this game. Let me give some examples: You trashtalk in chat, you get chatbanned (restricted from chat) You rig/grief others mechanically, you get gamebanned (restricted from games, may apply to entire account or just randoms/ranked if you TK/AFK) You break forum rules, you get forum restrictions. And now, when you break clan battle rules…. You don’t even get banned from clan battles or joining clans. They only got their steel refunded. No account bans, nothing else. And as of a few days ago, WG announced the mercenaries system which allows clanless/different-clanned people to play in clan battles for another clan. This is, from a player perspective, the perfect breeding ground for RMT services and exactly the kinds of violations that these clans were caught for in the past. So, what is WG going to do when this sort of thing happens again? Just disband their clan and take away their steel, letting these kinds of players just play clan battles like nothing happened? I sure hope not and that WG will at least ban them from at least 1 future season of clan battles if they're caught doing this sort of shenanigans. In closing, I am disappointed with how WG has handled the clan battles violations (especially with the PWP -> WGCNM rename) as it shows that they are unwilling to escalate sanctions related to repeated clan (battle) violations. I know you are capable of doing more WG, you said it yourselves in the very posts! Show us you mean business when it comes to these players. Otherwise, the enforcement doesn’t seem very convincing at all and is merely a slap on the wrist.
  3. Boo_Keeper

    Need 6 vs 6 Clan Battle format

    Suggests the new clan battle format in 6 vs 6 in tire X ships with dynamic whether conditions (No CV Required), Players can brake the island covers like island of ice maps
  4. While we all agree on our T10 ships, It seems everybody in my clan has different opinions on every ship class available as to what would be a good pick for clan battles, I'm interested to hear what players here think would be the best choice or what you plan to take simply because you don't have many T8s in your port!
  5. Hi guys, I belong to a new clan and we are keen for the next round of clan battles. Is it the 3rd (thrid) expansion to the Officers Club what we need to be able to join in? Yale
  6. Crazy_Vaclav

    Clan Battle "Prime Time"

    WG, Please do not exclude Australian, Japanese and New Zealand clans from participating in Clan Battles. Your current "prime time" is extremely late in those time zones and will prevent the vast majority of the player base competing. Please expand the window to allow us to access this content we have all been so patiently waiting for.
  7. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/149114-cvc-and-prime-time-matching/ Basically you can log in to any server world-wide, no idea what season it will go live. World-wide accounts - good thing. Times/Pings - no. The times will not match ANZ timezones except on certain days (ie Sundays). The pings will be: NA - 250+ms EU - 350+ms I'm sorry but does WG even listen, it's like the hear the problem and then come up with a random solution without actually floating it with the player-base. As usual Asia is the forgotten server! PS Not sure why previous post was deleted... @Spotter@tc1259?
  8. LargerNeptune3

    Request for information

    This is a request for information about what, if anything, will be done in response to the requests for a change to the Clan v Clan "prime times" I am making the request in light of the following: 1. Some time ago, nearly three hundred of us completed a survey - the survey by Spotter is here - and more than half of us chose the earliest possible time. 2. We understood from this that Wargaming would consider our requests, and respond to us within a reasonable time. That time has now passed. 3. Since Spotter's survey closed, we have had much speculation, rumour, angst and worse, amongst players of all varieties; we have seen clans in other regions also unhappy; but as far as I can see, we have had no response or further information from Wargaming about changing the "prime times", and we have had no changes. 4. I don't know how else to go about getting information, and giving Wargaming a fair chance to respond, other than to start a new topic specifically aimed at doing this. 5. Spotter's survey expressly did NOT ask about which days were preferred, but in this Forum, and other places (eg other regional WOWS Forums, reddit), many have expressed the view that Fridays should be included, in addition to or as replacement for a day in the middle of the working week. 6. In addition, many have asked for the extension of the current prime time windows, as a compromise, and do not understand why this was not done on launch - or why at least the lower Leagues have not had their "prime times" extended I appreciate if Wargaming chooses not to make changes, that is their prerogative, and they are not obliged to explain the detailed reasons to me. Equally, I and others would appreciate some clarity and reliable information about this, so we can help plan our activities. Changing or not changing? If changing, when will we hear what the new times will be? Thanks to anyone who reads this, and is able to pass it on to the appropriate responsible person within Wargaming and/or point me to the relevant info that I have missed.
  9. https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/announcements/clan-battle-s1/ CB times and details have been released. Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 2000-2300 UTC+8... So firstly, very narrow time, ok. No Friday night though? I don't know about you guys but that's when we get the most amount of people online. The absolute pearler for me is the time... About 3/4 of Australia's population lies in New South Wales and Victoria. Include Queensland/Tasmania and it's 90% of Australia's population. In summer we have Daylight savings (+1 hour). As standard NSW, VIC and QLD are +10... So the CB will be running 11pm to 2am for 3/4 of Australias population and for the next biggest chunk it's 10pm-1am... I can only imagine how it must be for anyone else in similar time zones, New Zealand, Japan, Korea? My clan is pretty active however we all have RL commitments, outside of Friday/Saturday nights our most active time during the week is between 1900-2200. (Noting that personally it's 1730-1930 but I'm not writing this for me). And that will stand up for most Aussie/Kiwi clans as well. Serious what were you thinking WG??? I'm absolutely flabbergasted! Suggestion: Extend the time by 4 hours earlier to account for the wide range of timezones in the Asia region. At the moment you have basically excluded 95+% of Oceanic clans. On top of that add Friday nights in as well, I don't know how it is in most other countries but Friday nights is pretty much gaming night here. I can't believe I managed to finish that without using expletives - are you proud of me mods? Trust me I am swearing my chin off in RL.
  10. S4pp3R

    Clan Size Issue

    Assertion - the clan size maximum is an absolute joke and will backfire really quickly when clan battles come along... Why? In WoT I was part of a fairly active clan, we'd have enough people willing and able to consistently run 1 stronghold battle team on any night. That was with 85+ members... My Warships clan has the same cross-section of player types, except 30 people max and 50 people at most. Most people in my current clan (Warships) have real life (RL) commitments, as such on any night we are lucky to have 5-7 willing and able to do clan stuff. We have an overflow clan which has another 1-5 at any one time. We will not be alone in this, many Warships players aren't in the school/high school cross section, many are working age folks with partners and/or kids. Anyone who has any experience with this will know that the time of day and day of the week you can play games varies significantly. Hypothesis Current clan maximum - 30 Current clan active during CB time - 5-7 Anticipated clan maximum at CB release - 40 Anticipated clan active during CB time - 7-9 Estimated clan battle numbers (per team) - 7/10/12 So if we are lucky, my clan will be sometimes able to run 7v7 on some nights of the week. Number of clans on Asia with 25+ members - 85 So assuming I'm in an 'average' clan, on any one night we can expect maybe 100 clans than can field 7v7 teams. If we take into account timezone differences and other issues, the clan pool for battles at a generous estimate would be 10-15 And that's an issue, I can tell you for a fact that most of those will be 'pro' or at least very good clans. We really need a baseline increase of clan numbers to 60 (allows any clans with overflow to merge and there are quite a few!) and the ability to get clan numbers to 100... The reason is that clans like mine, that are in the middle-lower end of the pack simply won't be able to generate the numbers to do Clan Battles regularly, which will compound the problem of team skill and skew the CB aspect even more in favour of the pro clans. Pro clans aside, it's very likely that to consistently run CB, clans will need 50+ members... The above is all assuming a 7v7 format... What if it's 9 or 10? /Hypothisis Conclusion Pro clans will easily be able to generate active members at key times to play Clan Battles. Due to clan sizes, middle-of-the-pack clans will struggle to frequently conduct Clan Battles. This disparity will generate a massive skill disparity in Clan Battles and will lead to lower and lower numbers of clans engaging in Clan Battles. The solution to this is to increase the Clan number maximum to 60 by default allowing even average skill clans enough members to build decent teams and to extent the possible maximum (through the Clan Port) to 100. With server numbers it is feasible to extend clan maximum to at least 150 as clan content and participation expands. Thoughts? Edit: corrected spelling
  11. Sting_Ray_05

    Clan Battles for SEA server

    Since I have been watching Youtube, I came across a certain video by Jingles in which he said that Clan Battles are starting in WOWS EU server. Any more information or opinions about it when it does come here? And no, I'm not contributing in this other than opening the topic as I can not and will not climb the tier ladder to the top and join the clan battles either. With that said, I can go back to leveling my still low tier ships.