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  1. I've seen many of my teammates are unsupportive. Primarily, cruisers. I found some of them are a bit ignorant with their teams or their own ships. For example, a player was using a Des Moines. However that player didn't use the radar or hydro. I already reminded them through chat. But they are still didn't responed me. So then, my friendly DD decided to checked the cap and yes there are enemy DD in the cap. And he killed it. Now the job of a cruiser with their friendly BB is important. When a BB is detected or a cap is randomly taken by the enemy, it's the cruisers job to pop radar and banish the DD but some players out there are ignorant with their ships ability. Cruisers primarily, has so many advantage against BB. Now I know I should stick to CA, or CL. But what is the purpose of protecting them if they are ignorant in the battle anyway? -_-
  2. G’day Folks, Ok so I’ve been reading up on IJN CLs lately and thought I’d do up a proposed IJN CL line. The line would be defined by stealth, accurate 140-150s, good AA and good speed with some torps thrown in for good measure. The idea would be to be quicker than USN CLs, have on-par stealth, more accurate guns along with some torp ability reflective of the CA line. The downside? No radar. They would have the usual IJN HE advantages along with the flatter arcs of IJN, however with slower turret traverse than their USN counterparts. I would suggest situating their torp quality around IJN CAs, however better reloads or quicker speed. The other balance would be higher tiers not having radar but compensated with spotter-plane, which in combination with better shell characteristics could make them effective long-range flamers. Alternative would be to balance out the range on T8-10s properly, the current range ups and downs on the CA line is stupid. My suggestion would be spotter-plane as ships like the Oyodo had significant Aircraft housings compared to other nations. The current IJN CLs end at T4 with the Kuma, which is essentially the same as Kuma-class and Nagara-class ships from WW2: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuma-class_cruiser https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nagara-class_cruiser The CA line starting with Furutaka would branch off there at T5, with the CL line continuing. Mogami would be a T8 CL (155s) and replaced with Takao-class at T8 CA spot. Line would like like this: I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X Hashidate Chikuma Tenryu Kuma Sendai Agano Oyodo Mogami (155) CL-9 CL-10 Furutaka Aoba Myoko Maya (Takao) Ibuki Zao I have provided wiki-links. Tier 5: Sendai-class https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sendai-class_cruiser Essentially the Sendai-class would be an ‘improved’ Kuma-class. It would function like a Kuma, stock, however with improved AA, speed and durability. Same initial gun config as Kuma Hull (B) would add more AA (due to 127s, 25s, etc.) and reduce the turret number by 1 (as per Naka 1943). AA should be very good for tier. Propulsion upgrade to reflect switch to all oil-fed boilers (upping to 36 knots). Range upgrade to 14km 2x4 Torps for 10km Consumables Hydro+F-Plane Tier 6: Agano-class https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agano-class_cruiser The Agano-class is an evolution towards late-war CLs She would be defined by: 3x2 152s Decent AA Hull(A), very good Hull(B), Agano was updated as the war progressed Range should be similar to Aoba 37knots 2x4 Torps, 10km Consumables: DFAA/Hydro + F-Plane Tier 7: Oyodo-class https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_cruiser_%C5%8Cyodo The Oyodo-class transitions from 152s to 155s of the Mogami She would be defined by: 2x3 155s Decent AA Hull(A), very good Hull(B) Range of 15km 35knots 4x3 torps, 10km. This is not historically accurate, however keeps it in-line with the line. Consumables: DFAA/Hydro + F-Plane/Spotter. Oyodo should be able to use Spotter as she was designed with significant Aircraft housing. Tier 8: Mogami-class Basically as per Mogami in game currently, however the 155-variant and add a spotter plane option and increase AA rating a little bit. Tier 8 CA: Takao-class/Maya/Chokai Basically like a Mogami (203) but given access to a heal (a la Atago) and access to a spotter plane. By giving her a heal+spotter you are giving her IJNs ‘radar’ equiv. Keep rear-mounted torps and worse stealth than Atago to differentiate. Tier 9: CL-9 This would be a ‘paper’ or theoretical ship. Don’t get angry (yes looking at you Scott) a LOT of warships and tanks in WG titles are paper or theoretical. Just look at Soviet trees… The idea would take push the Mogami-CL idea to its fullest. 5x3 155s, improved turret traverse, slightly better reload Great AA Range 15.5km 36.5 knots 4x4 torps, 12km ones, 10km stock. DFAA/Hydro+F-Plane/Spotter+Heal Max conceal would be around 9.8km Tier 10: CL-10 I see CL-10 as a 155 Zao, perhaps a bit squishier though. 5x3 155s, or perhaps take the ‘Zao’ route and do 4x4 155s, someone here will know which is a better ‘design’ choice. Either way, better turret traverse, better reload. Excellent AA, IMO should be almost competitive with the AA beasts of T10 but definitely a ship CVs want to steer clear of. Range 16km 38 knots 4x5 torps, 12km ones, better reload than Zao DFAA/Hydro+F-Plane/Spotter+Heal Max concealment would be around 9.5km Basically all in all the CL line would blend the actual CLs that IJN built, with better AA values than the CA line but with the evolution of Mogami 155 playstyle. My idea is the combination of speed and good DPM and stealth make this line scary, even without radar. Thoughts?
  3. G'day Folks, Another theorycrafting line incoming! @PeterMoe1963 - tagging you because I know you'll love having a look at this! NB: CW = Commonwealth in this post. Ok so this has taken me a while, however is my take on Commonwealth CL and DD lines. I’m keeping the DD and CL lines in separate posts, mostly because I haven’t finished the DD line yet. Very open to alternative opinions and discourse! I heavily borrow from RN ships to provide points about balance. Either way with CW lines, I’ve tried to give us the ‘slightly different’ versions of things to maintain some difference with RN and often put ships of similar types at slightly different tiers as CW often modified the ships to suit their own purposes. The lines would look like this: I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X CL Grimsby-class Pelorus-class Challenger-class Chatham-class Dunedin Mod-Leander Bellona-class Crown Colony Swiftsure-class ZA Design DD S-class V-class Scott-class A-Class H-Class Tribal-class N-class W-class Daring-class Light Cruisers The CW CLs in my mind would be similar to RN, however play on the smoke mechanics of Perth/Haida and have a lot of soft-buffs. The argument for all this is that often the ships systems would be changed by the CW nation, and often the ships were received after serving with RN. So while you may have a ship that’s above the tier of its peers in the RN, you’re getting a modified version. With the right changes to agility and survivability, the ships become close-DD support, almost a brawler CL. eg: have reduced range (a la Perth) better gun and torpedo arcs Better shell velocity and reload (many tiers have less guns than their peers) better agility (acceleration/deceleration, rudder shift/turn radius) better armour/lower citadels HE. It would all need to be finely tuned by WG but the idea is to play on the range of the Perth and the brawling nature of Haida. The idea being that by having lower citadels and better gun/torp arcs, perhaps even some HP buffs these ships could be excellent close-range brawler CLs. Some of the earlier ships may need speed buffs to keep them balanced with counterparts. Tier 1: Grimsby-class Sloop Ships for Reference: RAN – Yarra, Swan, Parramatta, Warrego, RIN – Indus, NZ Division – HMS Leith, Wellington Armament: 3 x 102mm guns (RAN) mk XVI, or 2 x 120mm guns (RIN) Speed: 16.25-16.5 knots Black Swan (RN) has 3x2 102s mk XIX, so I’m guessing Black Swan has same gun but more of them and newer. You could argue to go the Indus route and use the 120s, or perhaps the Yarra route but better refire rate. Either way, we’re already defining a point of difference. Tier 2: Pelorus-class Ships for Reference: RAN – Pioneer, Psyche Armament: 8 x 102mm, 2 x 1 356mm torpedoes Speed: 20 knots The Weymouth has 8 x 152s and is quicker at 26 knots, however only has AP. So the argument here is that Pelorus would have torps and HE to bridge the gap. By starting to play on CW better arcs or reload, she could work quite nicely at Tier 2. Tier 3: Challenger-class Ships for Reference: HMAS Encounter, HMS Challenger (Australia Station). Armament: 11 x 152mm, 2 x 1 450mm torpedoes Speed: 22 knots The Caledon is more ‘modern’ and features only 5x152s (centre-lined), however is faster (29knots) and has 4x2 torps. The idea here is that Challenger performs somewhat like a St Louis, with a bit of RN thrown in. You can see already how the CW line is a bit ‘behind’ the RN line. Tier 4: Chatham-class Ships for Reference: RAN – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, NZ Division – HMS Chatham Armament: 8 x 152mm, 2 x 1 533mm torpedoes Speed: 26 knots The CW CL line really starts to lag behind her counterparts in design comparative to other nations. While some nations still have porcupine gunnery designs at tier 4, not many do. CW CLs are this way to show how they often operated old ships for far longer than the ‘Big’ navies of the world. Tier 5: Dunedin Ships for Reference: NZ Division ­– HMS Diomede, Dunedin Armament: 6 x 152mm, 4 x 3 533mm torpedoes Speed: 29 knots Basically a Danae-class ship at T5. Access to repair party (heal) and CW smoke. Tier 6: Modified Leander-class Ships for Reference: RAN – Perth, Hobart, Sydney, RNZN – Leander, Achilles, RIN – Dehli Armament/Speed as per Perth Basically this series of ships would function just like the Perth, however would have access to a heal instead of spotter plane. Perth may need some tweaking with the string of nerfs she's had (smoke nerf, plane in smoke nerf) however I wanted to leave her with the Spotter/Smoke combo as her own, which would distinguish herself from the line ship. Tier 7: Bellona-class Ships for Reference: RNZN – Bellona, Black Prince Armament: 4 x 2 133mm, 2 x 3 533mm torpedoes Speed: 34 knots Bellona-class is a bit of a funny one. She has 133mm guns at T7 and less torpedoes than her predecessor. The obvious solution to the guns is to offer up increased penetration metrics to match the line and for the torpedoes, due to being ‘newer’ increased damage and/or range and/or better reload. The alternative is to switch out her 133s for 152s (not historically accurate), however she was active later many of those down the line. It’s due to these 133s and her smaller size that I’ve placed her at T7, rather than swapped her with Crown Colony-class. I would have her with CW smokes, a heal and improved-range hydro and then start applying the ‘improved’ hydro up the rest of the line. The improved hydro is to compensate for poor range up the line. Tier 8: Crown Colony-class Ships for Reference: RNZN – Gambia, RIN – Mysore, RCN – Quebec Armament: 3 x 3 152mm, 2 x 3 533mm torpedoes Speed: 34 knots Crown-Colony is the over-head class of the Fiji-class. In this circumstance however, most ships from the CW had late refits, which meant they had 3x3 not the 4x3 of the Fiji class. Balance will need to be found with reload, however as per Bellona, CW smoke/(first class in the line with USN Radar), heal, improved-range hydro. Tier 9: Swiftsure-class Ships for Reference: RCN – Ontario Armament: 3 x 3 152mm, 2 x 3 533mm torpedoes Speed: 34 knots Basically an improved Crown-Colony-class ship, improve metrics along the line, Smoke/Radar, heal, improved-range hydro. Tier 10: ZA Design Ships for Reference: In-game Minotaur Armament/Speed as per Minotaur The differences between Mino and ZA would have to come down to balance and the adjustments made based on the CW CL ‘flavour’. Keeping in mind, she needs to be tankier than Mino, not have as fast refire rate (due to HE). Consumables would include Smoke/Radar, heal and improved-range hydro. All in all the trick with the CW CL line will be to keep them tanky enough to provide that close-range support, as I would expect their range never to top 14km at T10, which is danger-zone when you are talking about almost being in radar range and the like. Think about ZA as sort of a tankier, stealthier, aggressive, shorter-range Minotaur. Anyways the ‘flavour’ is just an idea, as far as the ships in the line, there aren’t many other options to fill slots unless you go down a ‘theoretical’ route. Every ship of the line (T10 aside) was picked due to firstly, actually built, then by number of different CW nations to field them. I couldn't get SAN thrown in, however there is a SAN DD at T9, W-class (SAS Vrystaat). The next considerations were the overall 'feel' of the line, and thus the Dido (Bellona) class ends up at T7. You could argue for a flip between T7-T8, however with 133s v 152s and the idea of the line being 'uptiered' ships, I felt it was the right place. I have mostly picked out the DD line based on the same metrics I used with the CLs, it was far easier to find variety to choose from and I used the RN DD line as a basis for 'balancing'. But in all seriousness, having spoken with some currently serving RAN pers, they love the idea of using the shorter range of Perth and 'uptiered' as an idea for a brawler, close-support CL line. Thoughts from the floor? CW DDs (detail) to follow when I have time.
  4. 30cmtruedamage

    how to cruiser ?

    hai I am at tier 3 tenryu .Idkaf . Please tell me how to cruiser . Thank you
  5. archebuster

    Favorite Ship Class

    Yea what the question says. If you can just give a reason for your choice too.
  6. archebuster

    How to not be potato

    What I have noticed is that I am not being able to produce a good damage output from my games. It hasn't crossed 100k since the first few days of playing Co op in wows and play terribly in Random. And I am starting to think that I am missing out on something. Specially from Battleships my average is around 14-16k only. And seeing that up in warships today feels like shit. Anyone can help me with not being a potato with low-mid teir Bbs(German and Japanese), Cl/Ca(French, Japanese and British) and DDs (Americans)? Been terribly sucking at random matches.
  7. Was taking my Fiji and Essex around to farm exp and let just say my team is make of complete BS. Fiji experience : 1 v 3 win make 3 kill clean the weaker lane only for the stronger lane to lose even when the other team was outnumbered by 3 ships. Essex salt : run strike , meet fishing team of neptune and mino +cv, crippled completely when those 3 split themselves to 3 cap rendering me unable to touch them. Yeah complete crap when they keep sitting in cap and the AA murder my planes when i try to root them out ( their team go together in a big blob so no better target.Honestly, nep + mino AA is completely retarded, not even DM is as dangerous as them in AA role.Only able yo nuke 2 BBabies in yammy to lose the game. So salty switch to AS loadout , win the air all the times , get clear sky stopping 75% strikes; perma spot cv and dd only to meet a picnic team that love camping near cap. Last game win the air totally ( no strike connect on my team), only to look at the chat and see: you noob cv go back to the training room. Guess what , with total air dominance the potato wave lose the surface gunfight and come back yapping at me. Honestly i am so tired today with this kind of fiasco happen in the game and fishing div completely broke the essence of randomness. So i have done my job with flying colors and just where can i improve when idiocy run through my team head. I am completely at a lost on how to carry those kind of weights . Rant end , guess i will take a walk and go pop on some dogs in the bath
  8. RisaFujiyama

    Tea Party Is Coming

    RN cruiser is too weak they said... GET THEM LADS! Hydro + Smoke + Radar + T8 Upgrade Slot + Prem Sheep(that will never get nerf!) #MakeRNCLsGreatAgain
  9. Belfast is a beautiful and appealing museum warship for collectors to keep. It would be my great pleasure enjoying her in-game. Multi-propose Light cruisers(CL) are the solution for high tier DD-heavy meta and it is welcome to introduce her as a milestone of ship type balance, just before the release of RN CL line. As a SEA server player, I hope SEA team can get her on premium store before or at the same time other servers does, just like the way Leningrad did. Thank you for making such legendary ship in this game!
  10. So with the Monday Blues, I thought I'd share my ideas of what candidate ships the upcoming British cruiser line may have: Tier 1: No idea, any random gunboat will do Tier 2: Active class / Town Class (includes HMAS Sydney)(either a 4" shell spammer like the Dresden or a typical 6" light cruiser like Chikuma/Albany) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Active-class_cruiser https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Town-class_cruiser_(1910) Tier 3:Monmouth Class (typical armoured cruiser, another St Louis type) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monmouth-class_cruiser Tier 4: Emerald Class (Like a better Karlsruhe) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emerald-class_cruiser Tier 5: Leander Class (Australians and New Zealanders rejoice!) - Graf Spee better run https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leander-class_cruiser_(1931) Tier 6: York Class (Rival to the Aoba and a smaller version of the County class with 6x8" guns) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/York-class_cruiser Tier 7:County Class Heavy Cruisers (the only Heavy 8" gun cruisers of the RN in WW2, armor too light for tier 8, kinda like Pepsicola but with torps) or Dido Class AA cruisers (kinda like Atlanta, maybe a premium?) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dido-class_cruiser https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/County-class_cruiser Tier 8: Crown Colony Class? A suitable rival to the Soviet Mikail Kutuzov with 12x6" guns - HMS Belfast as a tier 8 Premium https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crown_Colony-class_cruiser Tier 9: A Paper Cruiser design? - Apparently there was a design in the old British naval history books (from a book called "From Nelson to Vanguard") that had 9x8" guns and displaced 15,000 - 18,000 tons, the later design having 6" belt armor Tier 10: Another Paper Cruiser? - I also heard there were some paper 9.2" gun Cruisers for the RN (from the same book) that never took off the drawing board...A worthy rival to the Moskva? http://warships1discussionboards.yuku.com/topic/22572#.Vu8DXvl97IU Given the lack of heavy cruiser designs for the RN, I assume the Royal Navy will kind be like the Russians in having a 6" gunned "light cruisers" going up to tier 8 as well, while the ships of the lower tiers would be rivals with the German cruisers.
  11. It seems we have some more ships and Cruisers coming this Octoberfest! (Also deadly Russian Destroyers) Are you excited for this? . . . I know they'll have the Royal Navy Soon, Warspite isn't enough to the Royal Navy :/ (So, imo, what BBs,CLs,CAs,DDs and CVs you want to put in the Royal Navy?)
  12. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wyoming-class_battleship#Modifications If you're to lazy to read yourself, I'll just tell you the important bits myself: Under the terms of the 1930 London Naval Treaty, Wyoming was to be demilitarized and converted into a training ship. During the demilitarization process, her anti-torpedo bulges, side armor, and half of her main battery guns were removed. Wyoming was modernized at Norfolk Navy Yard from 12 January to 3 April 1944; the reconstruction removed the last of her three 12-inch gun turrets, and replaced them with four twin and two single enclosed mounts for 5"/38 caliber guns. New fire control radars were also installed; these modifications allowed Wyoming to train anti-aircraft gunners with the most modern equipment they would use while in combat with the fleet. Modifications to Arkansas during World War II were kept to a minimum. In 1942, Arkansas received a new tripod foremast and bridgework, along with more anti-aircraft guns throughout the war. By 1945, she carried nine quadruple 40 mm Bofors mounts and twenty-eight 20 mm Oerlikons, and the number of 3 in guns had been increased to ten. This tells us that they essentially turned it into an AA escort, and a CL/CA. Could this possibly be a replacement for the Cleveland once it is changed to the CA (I believe so - Correct me if I'm wrong). Perhaps WG could take a look at this?
  13. Nishizumi_AnkoSP

    Running Teammates

    So speaking of this suppose if CV is in trouble BB and CL should head back and support for cover fire right but fellow teammates on here doesn't said so instead of heading back they all just run and let the CV Fend for itself of course I won't left my CV fend for itself so I went back to support and sunk that Kuma in the end and then the CV sunk the BB in the end only me went back for the CV so this is what we called friendly support by just running away when our CV is in trouble .