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Found 12 results

  1. So I've been using the Baltimore. I was super excited to start using a T8 Cruiser as I had only used battleships up to this point. There appears to be no information on the citadel for the baltimore other than more people saying its ultra hard to hit. However, consistently, a single shell will hit towards the rear of the ship and deal 15-20k damage. Why does this happen? Is that where the citadel is? thanks.
  2. LeoProZ

    French BB weakspot?

    Hi, I'm new here in the forum, but let's get to the point. I just realized high tier French BB actually have a small exposed part of it's citadel. Does anyone know abt this? Here is the exposed part of the citadel. Here are my testing. At close range. And longer distance. Another way to get French BB annihilated lol.
  3. anonym_CaiHxum9rCx0

    Conning tower citadels?

    Honestly... what is the point of the conning tower? I know its a lookout for the guns irl, but is it actually a Citadel?
  4. Just like title said, I got citadel'ed by enemies in my Japanese ships almost every match. So I may ask you an advice for how to NOT getting citadel'ed by enemies (especially by American ships).
  5. In a close range N. Mex. vs. N. Mex fight, where's the best place to aim your shells? (assuming a near-broadside target) N. Mex. armor layout is a very low citadel with a very thick armor belt directly above it, then the four heavily armored barbettes under each turret. Can the 14" shells penetrate through the belt armor into the citadel, or does one have to aim under the waterline? It going for the turret magazines a better strategy? I ask because despite being in a good position and landing plenty of shells amidships, I still could not do enough damage to finish off the enemy N. Mex before he got me. It was a close thing, but he in got the killing volley.
  6. I have recently got high again and cannot resist the urge to make this thread~ Now, the CA's lives are heavily dependent on RNG of the red team's BBs. You either get bunch of overpens that largely deals nothing, or a few citadels that essentially ruins your entire game. To a certain extent, this also applies to BB themselves as well. One mistake results in the HP gets wiped down to a sliver of where it was, or outright deletion. This might be the cause of the current camping meta; the risk of getting chunked vs. reward is not really worth it. Therefore, I came up with an idea to reduce the effect of RNG and the occurrences of getting one-shotted. So, I want to know what would happen if the citadel damage are reduced by half, while keeping other types of damage the same as now. In this scenario, this means the regular penetrations now deal 66% of the citadel damage and the over-penetrations now deal 20% of the citadel damage. For example, the current Yamato deals: 14800 AP citadel damage 4884 AP regular penetration damage 1480 AP over-penetration damage This will change to: 7400 AP citadel damage 4884 AP regular penetration damage 1480 AP over-penetration damage Obviously, this change is aimed against the battleships, which will significantly reduce their ability to one-shot cruisers and dealing crippling alpha strikes to enemy battleships. I would like to see the voting and discussions on how this hypothetical change would affect the gameplay balances.
  7. I was playing with my fuso today and i have been shooting at a lot of german bbs. My recent game, i was 3 km from a scharnhost's broadside, shot about 3 salvos yet i cant even score a citadel hit. I was shooting at the boiler and the magazine below the turrets. The other game i was shooting at a Bayern's broadside at around 8-12 km away, after 4 salvos, zero citadel hits even though it actually hits all over their broadside. Can somebody explain to me where to shoot? the only time i managed to get a citadel hit was on a konig.
  8. LordTyphoon

    French Cruiser Armour Layout

    Hey guys, Any of you had time to check out the new French cruisers in public test 0.6.3? There's no statistics available for each of the ships yet, but the ship model is available in the PTS for you to see, and they look gorgeous. You can also have a look at their armour schemes. Of course, being primarily a cruiser player, I was curious and decided to investigate the armour and what it would mean for gameplay. I'm not sure what to make of what I found. E.g. Emilie Bertin at tier 5 has two layers of armour protecting her citadel - a 13mm 'armoured belt' on the outside, and then a 13mm 'citadel torpedo bulkhead'. Its weird because the citadel torpedo bulkhead layer is also raised well above the waterline, meaning that it isn't just a bulkhead? But it also gives the citadel horizontal protection? Also, 13mm x 2 is a bit weak in terms of protection for tier 5 - Furutaka, Emerald and Omaha have a single belt of 76mm, Konigsberg gets a double belt of 50mm on the outside + 15mm on the inside, even the glass cannon Kirov gets 50mm! Is there some mechanic in the game for dual armour belt layers that I'm not aware of? The armour does not appear angled for turtleback purposes. E.g. With the Algerie at tier 7, you see even more peculiar armour layouts. Bits of the citadel armour belt (110mm) is directly on the hull of this ship. The remainder of the citadel has two layers - an inner plate of 40mm (called the citadel torpedo bulkhead) which is covered by an armoured belt on top of 110mm. So bits of the citadel get an extra 40mm of inner armour protection. Again, the inner plating and casemate armour do not appear to be angle to provide any turtleback-type protection. Experts, please explain.
  9. I am currently fiddling my hands on a few cruiser line and just wonder which cruisers are the best protected ( least likely to eat lol cit pen straight on the face and maybe bounce AP shells here or there ). I know that RN ships CL will not be on the list though ( screw you Emerald - Danae ). I mean last day i saw a New Orleans die while being near bow on to a Yammy ( hes evading shell actively) in one lol cit pen salvo. I AM SCARED to go higher tiers , right now even in tier 6-7 i can sometimes citadel pen a CA turning toward or away from me if RNG likes it in a BB. So the question is which CA line survive AP fire the best - i want to grind that line 1st to get a feel of the firepower difference ( i mostly play cv and dd so no idea). Any advice are welcome , thank you for your time
  10. playing on Two Brothers map. having a last stand fight with my Tier VII kiev, a battleship and a cruiser allies. i watch all of the shot coming from enemy to evade them. specially the myouko HE is pretty devastating against a destroyer. i manage to evade all of the shot but one, this shell landed at the dead center of my ship and deal 3300 damage. that's the max damage of Myouko HE, i also hear that ringing sound effect whenever a ship got badly damage or citadel. or HE can deal max damage now without landing citadel hits. can someone enlighten me?
  11. benlisquare

    Damage mechanics guide

    The following is a guide on how damage mechanics work within this game. While the placement of individual shots fired is heavily influenced by RNG, the damage figures of each shot is rather straightforward to determine. AP shells can bounce off or fail to penetrate the target for 0 damage. They can over-penetrate, doing 10% of their maximum damage. They can penetrate but fail to hit any critical component for 1/3 of their maximum damage, or penetrate the citadel to deal maximum damage. Cruisers typically have maximum AP damages ranging from 3000 to 4000, so you'll only see the big numbers pop up against other cruisers when you hit multiple citadels with a single salvo. Battleships have maximum AP damages starting at 10,000 and going up to 14,000, so they only need one good citadel hit to severely damage whatever they're aiming at. HE is a bit more complex. First of all, normal HE shells hit for 1/3 of their maximum damage. This means that if your HE shell has a maximum damage value of 2000, the standard HE hit will do 667 damage. The exceptions are HE citadels (usually against unarmoured CVs, which deal maximum damage) and against DDs—if you hit a DD amidships (where the DD's "citadel" should be) HE can do 1/2 damage. HE also suffers from damage reduction, however. Every ship is divided into 5 sections (bow, front half, rear half, stern, and superstructure) and these sections have different damage thresholds. Once a section reaches its damage threshold, all HE damage from that point on will be cut in half. In other words, your HE shots that started off doing 1/3 maximum damage will eventually do 1/6 damage instead. This is why it can take so many shots to finish off the last 10% of an enemy's HP. There is a second damage reduction threshold beyond this that reduces all incoming HE damage to 0, however most ships will be dead before that happens. HE can also be blocked completely by armour, usually BB belt armour. HE does 0 damage in this case, although it can still set a fire. The basis of this guide originates from a series of posts by various people. I have made a few adjustments and modifications, but the general idea remains the same. Thanks to anon for compiling the ideas together.
  12. Wow. Just wow. Also of note: 1 to 44mm armoured deck, and 16.3km firing range. I know what I ain't getting.