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Found 1 result

  1. SpearF1sher


    I have been enjoying this mode. If 'escorting' the convoy, that team needs to make the play. Either a push through relying on GK with a petro backup type play or a rotating smoke support type play. If your defending than its a find choke points, ambush zones type plays. Let us choose teams. Why? At the moment we don't know which role we are in which for me influences which ship to take out. We could choose ships for said roles like raiders and defenders ( would have been AWESOME if WG had the foresight to combine the transformers sale. Would have looked mean each team decked out as an Autbot or Decepticon camo.)Sorry got side tracked. Pick your ship play with builds like radar,range mods. Let us play ships for their gimmicks, so can they express their uniqueness. This could bring more ship type choice into the game . There could be some crazy games like GKs vs Jinans with torp builds but better than that, it brings us opportunities to see which tactic and type of ship proves to be best in each role. Knowing what role you have pre game means you can make changes to mods in which you would not normally do. To really accentuate the tools for the task. I think it would add a bit of freshness to the game, anyway thought I would throw it out there. Transformer idea was good though right?