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Found 2 results

  1. So I happen to be in the right stream at the right time (see attached image) and after the game some douche (dont want to place chat or his/hers user name up) calls me out as a hacker. Wtf? Then after I explain just being in the right ship in the right map he goes on to say I must have ultra fibre speed and its not fair .. srsly what dude? I told him, in fact Im only on ADSL+2 copper feed with a max 20MBPS D/L and 900KBPS up... he suddenly released the chat. Pfftt I wonder why. Sort of over this. A bit funny that others get so bent, but sort of sad and annoying as well
  2. legionary2099

    Bots in random is ruining me

    Today , 5 of my matches are made of team that has 1-2 bots on both sides and i am salty and raging right now because they are ruining my game and fun , not to mention bots in ranked match they are complete *****. Once was a bb and an Atlanta blue lining and do nothing for the whole game, another was a carrier launch suicidal strikes and then yolo straight towards enemy team. The last time was a bb broadsiding enemy at max range without changing course the whole game. They are driving me crazy with this kind of farce. Any help or WG response to these cheating players ?