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Found 5 results

  1. keskparane

    Potential stealth hack

    I think I have thought of a way to potentially cheat that might effectively be a stealth hack. I suppose just raise a ticket best idea? I think it would explain a few instances were people have mentioned some odd game behavior. Namely; how did they not show up till so close?
  2. Origenes

    About a op "Mod"

    Recently, I have observed during my gameplays that it is more difficult to hit enemy ships comparing with one or two months ago both using main batteries and torps. Also, when I sail in a straight line, I constantly get punished even the closest battleship is 20km away (of course it should happen). Until I saw the following video, I thought it was because people play this game better. Here is the address of the video: I do not think this mod should be allowed in gameplays, especially in PvP. Some may say that aiming assistant is not effective because we could dodge the incoming shells if playing carefully enough and also expert players shoot very accurately. However, I think if a newbie uses this mod, he/she could aim as good as seasoned players, for those who have just started and do not use this mod, it is simply unfair. Also, the mod can show the user where the incoming shells will land exactly. This feature makes the users extremely difficult to hit. And they can see enemy torps from the time they are sent, or in other words, they are almost impossible to be torped. Well, you know, long range torps are a very important for destroyers. I think this mod is really op and it is actually kind of cheating but I am not sure how do you think. Also, I want to know the board's opinion towards this.


    Umm so this has been really grinding my gears for the past couple days on the PT server umm the bots on Co-Op I have reason to believe they're cheating right in front of our eyes because 1 I was in a battle with my favorite ship the Yamato and after I sunk I used free camera mode to look at the other ships and I noticed the Yamato that sunk me had his turrets pointed in different directions his most frontward facing turret was in my direction while his second turret was facing to port (left) and I find that unfair cause I cant do that nor can anyone else so why do bots get special treatment oh and here's a laugh for ya I was just in a battle with again my favorite ship the Yamato keep in mind it has 18 inch guns!! well I was facing a bot Montana and as we both came around opposite sides of an island I narrowly dodged his ram and shot his broadside at point blank range under 1 km away and I couldn't believe my eyes 6 ricochets?!?!? and he was broadside to me flat facing broadside and I hit his mid ship and no penetration what so ever come on guys please fix this. p.s. sorry about my grammar I was ticked off when I wrote this and I don't really care about my grammar as long as I get my point across

    Bots! 0.5.8

    Okay I am sick to death of these bloody bots always cheating I mean the first time Wargaming.net recognized that the bots were more accurate and so they fixed it but it seems that this bug has made its way back into the game I just played a match on Co-Op with all bots my team all bots the enemy all bots I am the only human in this match at the end of it all I am left as last hope which always happens to me but thats not my problem my problem is the Hindenburg!! I was firing rounds from a Yamato class battleship at less than a kilometer away it was broadside and I was facing forward onto its side like I'm about to go in for a ram and I get no citadels it fires at me front on no sides of my ship exposed only the bow I am not exposing port of starboard and he gets 2 citadels? so anyway it maneuvers around me okay thats fair then it gets to within 0.3 Kms of my ship so close my guns cant follow it because the camera is panning so fast to follow it that my guns cant keep up then he torpedoes me so close it was insane cause I thought torpedoes have an arming distance well let me tell you something I was well inside the arming distance which means its torpedoes should have just hit me and not exploded thats how close it was so how did that bot Hindenburg manage to get a full torpedo salvo on me from that close and blow me up yet if I was to try that myself they wouldn't be armed and just hit the ship without exploding.
  5. Valhalla_Shank

    Simply stupid and criminal.

    Dear WG and readers, After being involved with WoT for many years and finding myself and becoming very excited to hear about the coming release of WoW I decided to buy a closed beta premium pack. During the test phase I truly believed WG may get it right with ships, it was what I had always wanted from a game, UNTIL the so called open Beta that is really just a soft release of the game. So here we are, a soft release far from test finished or even close to being ready for the public and masses to play. Current and completely broken mechanics of the game include the match making system (being worked in next patch, ill believe this when my [Redacted] turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbert) next we have the blue line mechanic, the edge of the map that is semi transparent that allows ships to manoeuvre even skid sideways, What the actual [Redacted] was anyone in even a half cut [Redacted] mind thinking when this seemed like a good idea for a map boarder. (WG's fix, we will still allow game breaking issues with blue line to continue but will change the aim mechanic to adjust for said broken [Redacted]) so change something that isn't broken to adjust for something that is being broken, sounds like a sound game plan, if you where taking a dump. Second wall of text in this rather therapeutic rant is what the actual [Redacted] is going on with CV's, yes all you fanbois can cry about how historically they were powerful blah blah [Redacted] blah. THIS IS NOT BY ANYONE STRETCH OF EVEN OF ANYONE'S IMAGINATION EVEN CLOSE TO A SIMULATOR OR HISTORICAL. This is a a death match arena style arcade warships game, so please, if anyone from WG even has any part of a soul left and reads this, balance the god-dam carriers, its beyond a joke. To go with the just completely stupid and mind numbing bad balance/mechanics CV's currently in game, what the actual [Redacted] is up the mid to high-mid tier American DD's. A ships that focuses on stealth and manoeuvrability and the ability have a decent fire fight with other DD's, that's about it, you get spotted before IJN DD,s out torpedoed, out manoeuvred out smoked etc. etc. etc. they are completely and utterly useless 99% of the time, WG fix now i love this one [Redacted] its gold, WG fix, lets give then better AA, for real. So to finish this rant off I would like to say, no, I am done, as are many many people with this title and the Wot title, to long has this company just stuck their heads in the sand when it came to massive game changing issues, to long have they turned a blind eye while the money has rolled in. There is not enough soap on this earth to scrub my body with, to cleanse me of the filth that is what this company has done its customers, supports and loyal fan base. P.s. learn what a hot fix [Redacted] is, Profanity. Post edited, user warned. ~Syanda