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Found 16 results

  1. Hello everyone. As i was happily sailing around in my Bis today, as usual i started typing in teamchat for some basic strats (and where should i go). I'm one of those less-skilled player whom depends on others for instructions. In this match, i spawned as a flanker along with a Jean Bart and Seattle (which died early). Hence, i started asking the JB about how to proceed etc. Thing is, he is one of those box-box player (no offense). At the start he typed [][][][][][][][]E4 [][][][], then [][][][][], and [][][][][][]! 'Well, alright! I should go to E4 then' is my first thought. 'Or he's pushing to E4 and i'm the one who should i support him?' says my mind. Then there's the Shokaku also [][][][][] and pinging the cap. Now should i go there or? This dilemma continues throught the game. Long story short i push E4 and get obliterated along with the Seattle, which cost us the game. I felt i'm missing much information by not knowing what these people talked about, that's why i'm asking, How to Communicate with Box-Box-Box?
  2. 1. Description [Ship] IJN Ashitaka name get censored on in-game chat 2. Reproduction steps Select any ship Enter the battle. Trigger chat that can write Ashitaka ship name Example : Press F3 on Ashitaka would make "Concentrate fire on Ashitaka" or "Provide cover for Ashitaka" 3. Result Ashitaka name is censored and show like "A****aka" 4. Expected result It should show Ashitaka without cencor 5. Technical details Time occurence : Always Ps : Sorry for my bad English and Post
  3. If there anyway i can install a mod that translates square letters into actual letters or english if ever cause im having trouble communicating with my clan/division members if anyone can help that will be great. Thank You
  4. It's the 15th day of the aftvent calendar mission and I got those 2 super containers. What's inside there actually, are they the same content with the rest of the players or different?
  5. Asian_noone

    6.6 chat censorship broken again

    Certain key phrases like "pr" or "play" and "support" are censored. Even the word "chat" is censored. If you found other spuriously censored words or key phrases, please come forward and post them to this thread. I hope someone at WG Asia can fix this. ...Look, I didn't make this thread for caustic jokes at WG Asia's expense and other useless banter about moral guardians, those have been done to death in previous threads. I want to get to the bottom of this and understand how this happened. WG's offices are located in Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan. That means the censors probably have to do with certain phrases in Chinese or Japanese that are causing the team to mistakenly censor Romanized chains of characters, maybe. What I want is an explanation as to how the SEA chat censor is managed and updated, because there has to a weak link in that management chain regarding the censor code.
  6. LeeroyyJenkins

    Chat Censor Bug in 0.6.1 (FIXED)

    To those of you suffering from having full of un****s***y censorship in your chatbox, no worries, your teammates are not swearing the entire time and there's a quick way to fix it; Not official WG way tho its just a small bug. here's how 1. Open WOWS Launcher. 2. Change the language and let it update (memorize the sequence in case you cant read Japanese ) 3. After its updated, change it back to whatever language you like. 4. VOILA, no more unnecessary censors. Hope it helps!
  7. BEFORE YOU DO THIS MAKE SURE TO COPY AND SAVE YOUR ORIGINAL FILES. 1. Open your 'World of Warships' installation folder. Open 'Profile' folder. 2. Look for XML documents chat_pref_[numbers]_wowsasia.loc Preferably the newest one. 3. Edit the XML documents in notepad and save. Your chat should be okay now. Though the some Channel names are still bugged like "IDS_something-something" The word "Essex" and "bears" censoring have been removed too. Thread closed on OP's request. ~amade
  8. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    Advanced communication controls

    Hi Guys, This is my first post and I have been playing for sometime. I learnt how to highlight parts on the map of concern and protect that target or even take a ZONE etc.... however I still have not learned how to get people to follow me with those big WHITE ARROWS on my ship. For me this is important as in many games i play everyone just does their thing. I even asked a DD partner to work on the smoke and TORPs together but they just do not respond. Teamwork in the ASIA WOWs seems very different to the American game-play videos i see in that people talk heaps more and work together more. Most games i see F7 or support that target and that is it. Also i wanted to know how you can use the Function Keys to all players in the chat? I know you can switch to all by the TAB key but when i use the function keys like "good luck and fair seas" nothing works. Thank you in advance.
  9. NightHawk_Fighter

    Division Chat

    Hey guys, there's a few of us that love this game and we were wondering when we would be able to talk within our division or even within our team. Is this possible at the moment or is it coming soon? Much appreciated NightHawk_Fighter
  10. Christopher_PK

    Enable chat after battles

    Enable chat with all players involved after a battle, so that players may discuss tactics, identify blunders and make new friends. This feature should not use too much system resources, and should appeal to many players who want to learn more about the game.
  11. sachiotakli

    Banning of the word 'YOU' In-game

    Hi, I was playing after the new update, and for some reason, the system censors the word "you"in the chat. is there a way to fix it?
  12. AdmiralAckbar13

    Unusual word censored in battle chat

    Just wondering why the developers decided to automatically censor the word 'you' in battle chat? Makes it very frustrating when asking team mates questions, such as 'what are you going to do?' or 'do you know where the destroyer is?' Can we get it uncensored please? Doesn't make much sense to me.
  13. N1gh7W0lf

    A Lobby Type Area

    An idea is to have a split screen lobby type area where by on one side you have a community text chat where any one who is connected to the lobby can communicate with every one in the lobby in a live text chat style room. On the other side a list of games that are being played that can be clicked on and spectated by any one from the lobby. It is then possible to branch off other options on eather side like a menu to right click add users to friends list, invite to the main groups room, view profile. Just to name a few things. Im sorry if this has been suggested in the past but i am fairly new here and wanted to offer a few ideas to consider.
  14. 発生した現象:日本語IME(当方ATOK2015を使用)の入力にて、変換前の文字列が表示されず、            確定すると1文字ずつしか入力できなくなる場合がある。 艦船名: いろいろ マップ: 港・戦闘中問わず 出現頻度: 頻発する 再現性: まだ再現パターンが掴めていない 重要度: 中度 詳細: 戦闘したあと港に戻ってきたときに発生するパターンが多いです。      当現象が発生したときは、変換する前の入力中の文字が表示されなくなります。 同様の方がいらっしゃいましたら、ご報告宜しくお願いします。
  15. Issue: Long sentences in the chat window cannot be displayed properly. Screenshots: Before enlarging the chat window After enlarging the chat window Ship: N/AMap: N/AOccurrences: Every time someone writes a long sentence in the chat.Tested: Able to reproduce, reproduction steps in spoiler. Severity: Low impact, visual error.Details: As shown in the screenshots above, when someone types a long sentence into the chat while the chat window is at its default size, it merges into the first line of the said sentence,making it impossible to read. To read the sentence, you will have to enlarge the chat window.
  16. I used to have this problem, however thanks to this post on the EU forums, everything's fixed. The culprit? Kaspersky Anti-virus. Turns out that if you use Kaspersky software (Internet Security/Anti-Virus/Pure), you cannot access the chat service in World of Warships and get a "Chat Sever Unavailable" error because they block TCP port 5222 (Jabber/Google Talk) which is what the game uses for the chat system. The reason for this is because many RATs use TCP port 5222 to communicate with botnets and send commands; Kaspersky blocks this port as a preventative measure against trojan infections. Here's the solution: Launcher Client Alternative method: Thanks to JeeWeeJ on the EU forums for this fix.