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Found 5 results

  1. 1. Description [Ship] IJN Ashitaka name get censored on in-game chat 2. Reproduction steps Select any ship Enter the battle. Trigger chat that can write Ashitaka ship name Example : Press F3 on Ashitaka would make "Concentrate fire on Ashitaka" or "Provide cover for Ashitaka" 3. Result Ashitaka name is censored and show like "A****aka" 4. Expected result It should show Ashitaka without cencor 5. Technical details Time occurence : Always Ps : Sorry for my bad English and Post
  2. Asian_noone

    6.6 chat censorship broken again

    Certain key phrases like "pr" or "play" and "support" are censored. Even the word "chat" is censored. If you found other spuriously censored words or key phrases, please come forward and post them to this thread. I hope someone at WG Asia can fix this. ...Look, I didn't make this thread for caustic jokes at WG Asia's expense and other useless banter about moral guardians, those have been done to death in previous threads. I want to get to the bottom of this and understand how this happened. WG's offices are located in Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan. That means the censors probably have to do with certain phrases in Chinese or Japanese that are causing the team to mistakenly censor Romanized chains of characters, maybe. What I want is an explanation as to how the SEA chat censor is managed and updated, because there has to a weak link in that management chain regarding the censor code.
  3. topic title says it all recently. How in earth is bear considered rude enough to consider censoring? with all the 12 yo kids wanting you to die and telling you to off yourself cause you told them they are dumb for not bringing fighters on their CV in a CV fight. also ralking about free xp will also be censored as will all words that have ex in them excellent ! How do you turn the dammed thing off? It is turning minced meat of our conversations and it bans innocent words like bear leaving others untouched.
  4. sachiotakli

    Banning of the word 'YOU' In-game

    Hi, I was playing after the new update, and for some reason, the system censors the word "you"in the chat. is there a way to fix it?
  5. AdmiralAckbar13

    Unusual word censored in battle chat

    Just wondering why the developers decided to automatically censor the word 'you' in battle chat? Makes it very frustrating when asking team mates questions, such as 'what are you going to do?' or 'do you know where the destroyer is?' Can we get it uncensored please? Doesn't make much sense to me.