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Found 1 result

  1. Sputnik2015

    Carriers ruin the game

    Have you ever been in a battle where your carrier doesn't spot, doesn't provide air cover and you are consistently barraged by rocket, torpedo and bombing attacks? This has become the reality for me playing WoWs. If you have a competent carrier player who supports the team then all good, but too many times this game is ruined by noob cv skippers who play for themselves and doom the team to defeat. I've tried stacking my configuration to anti-aircraft builds, but regular plane spotting leading to annihilation from ships is also a problem. Last year's changes to carriers seem to have made the problem worse as more people play carriers, most often badly. Is there a way to sort this, where the influence of carriers is diminished? I want to have fun playing this game again, rather than get pissed off because our carrier is targeting a battleship up the back, while ignoring the destroyers and planes that are decimating our fleet.