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Found 1 result

  1. _Blink_Blackwolf

    Simple Fix to DD vs CV Interaction

    So as most people are concerned about the dd spotting issue in 0.8.0 and WG is again failing in attempt to reduce CV's influence in spotting, I thought I'd give my two cents in regards to fixing dd vs cv interaction : The idea is inspired from WG's own implementation of spotting in Cyclone. Why not make spotting of dd via aircraft similar to Cyclone spotting? i.e. only the CV player is able to actually "see" the dd while others only see it in the minimap. To make it a team oriented aspect, add a message that pops up on screen like "Enemy Destroyer Located By Aircraft" so that people can check the minimap and act accordingly. This IMO will significantly improve the gameplay of dds. Right now every dd main is either playing dds with good AA or avoiding playing dds at all. Those who are playing dd are avoiding capping at large and staying with the blob not doing what they are supposed to do. More than one CV per team is only making the issue even worse. And while we're at it, why not introduce the same mechanic for Cruisers as well? Specially, light cruisers that rely on concealment so much. Or mayb couple this with a perticular concealment value, below which this mechanic applies and above which it doesnt. It can be different for different classes. This opens up opportunity for interesting build strategies where you have to choose from being permaspotted all game or being concealed partially and sacrifice some other efficiency regarding skills and modules. This is just a simple idea that may or may not make sense to you. Feel free to share your opinions