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Found 21 results

  1. 明年第一次更新將會把版本號更改為12.0,之前測試的泛亞傳奇指揮官人選已經出爐,是中國的薩鎮冰將軍,他是少數歷經三個政權(大清、民國、中共)的人物。在遊戲裡他將於完成「薩鎮冰時代」收藏後取得,該收藏內容為中國海軍發展歷史及薩鎮冰的故事。 薩鎮冰,1859年生於福建閩縣,清末曾於大清北洋水師服役,大清覆滅後中華民國建立,他任職民國海軍部長、海軍顧問及福建省省長,官拜海軍二級上將,到了1949年隨著中央政府遷台他選擇留在大陸並未到臺灣。後被中共任命為政協會委員,於1952年與世長辭,享壽93歲。 薩鎮冰特化技能: 航空母艦: “改良發動機增壓”—中隊發動機增壓持續時間+7.5%,而不是標準的+5%。 主力艦: “警戒”—魚雷捕獲範圍+35%,而不是標準的+25%。 巡洋艦和驅逐艦: “消耗品專家”—消耗品整備時間-12.5%,而不是標準的-10%。 “消耗品增強”—消耗品作用時間+12.5% 而不是標準的+10%。 薩鎮冰天賦: “強化戰備”—每場戰鬥在獲得“戰鬥偵察兵”成就時觸發一次,減少20%的中隊準備時間和主砲裝填時間。 “魚雷專家”—每場戰鬥在獲得6枚魚雷命中時觸發一次,魚雷速度提高5%,消耗品“魚雷裝填加速”的冷卻時間減少25%,並為該消耗品增加1次充能。 “備用庫存”—每受到 1,500,000 潛在傷害時觸發,並將消耗品裝填時間減少6.5%。 順帶一提抗戰中殉國的薩師俊將軍是他的侄兒,薩師俊之弟薩師洪同為海軍,而薩師洪之子薩曉雲曾任海軍副司令,雁門薩氏可謂是海軍世家! 雖然我私心希望傳奇指揮官能夠是陳策了!他的閱歷老實說比較豐富 來源:https://forum.gamer.com.tw/C.php?bsn=21052&snA=19643
  2. HMAS_Zulu

    Female captains for each nation

    Could we get female captains, with unique national voice overs, for each of the nations ... and preferably a little less misogynistic than the anime ones? I am sure they could even use some of the WG/WoWS female employees as the basis for the captain images as they did for the male captains. A female captain with an Ozzie accent would be most cool.
  3. Rina_Pon

    Moving Friesland

    I don't have a problem with Friesland moving to the Dutch tech tree. Makes sense (natch) and anyway Friesland wasn't much use for anything as a Pan Euro premium, since the captain skills had little overlap with the silver DDs. Exactly because of her specific build requirements, however, most Friesland owners have invested in dedicated captain for her. Personally my Friesland captain is formally assigned to Oland, but the skills are chosen for Friesland not Oland. I don't want to lose my Oland captain in a transfer, but I don't want to start from scratch after the move either. Some kind of compensation is fair. It would be nice to get some clarity from WG on this. My suggestion is for the captain currently on Friesland at the time of the move to be carbon-copied to a same point Dutch equivalent, while the Pan Euro captain stays in the Pan Euro pool and moved to the reserve.
  4. So I skipped and directly bought Sinop (BB T7) with fxp and I have USSR Commander with 9 skills in reserve. Idk anything about this ship but I will learn how to play it later. Right now, I want to input captain skill, but really need recommendation, especially players who already reach Kremlin (BB T10). I found 2 recommendation from Youtuber Mejash's video and Kestrel_Falcon's post in the international forum. I want to ask from fellow Asian server if you're agree to disagree to this 2 source and would be very helpful if you recommend the skill order to be selected, since my captain only got 9 skills for now. Thanks in advance. Mejash's recommendation Kestrel Falcon's recommendation
  5. Snow75

    Elite Captain XP

    I have 750k+ elite captain xp and atm 4 19pt captains. I'm in a quandary as to what i should to with my elite xp. I used my 1st captn to get no.2, two to get 3rd, 3 to get 4th. All these captains are on their final ships, so only their elite ship & premiums will add to the total. I'm now either going to use the elite xp to get my 5th... or: I'm tempted to get the remaining xp to 19point with my IJN or pan-asian DD captains (not started the respective 'tree's' ) and thus earn elite xp whilst 'grinding' the line. But I'm not totally convinced having the end-spec 19pointer will be best on a whole line grind, and having another captain I can use will keep the total ticking up. And all the remaining captains are lower and lower (15pts for my '5th', or 11pts for my tech-tree 'grinds'). [I'm trying to have 1 x 19point captn per nation] So it's either get my 5th or the 500,000+ more to use on a grinder... Part of me like the idea of 'grinder' adding to the elite xp, the other part says 5th to add to 6th is better in the long run. So I'm here to collect the forums wisdom, which way should I go?
  6. anonym_2EFpjvgfY2gu

    Captain Skill Points Redistribution Reversing

    In the example picture below, I would like to move the three captain skill points from 'superintendent' to 'torpedo armament expertise'. I would like to right-click on 'superintendent' and for 75 dubloons/30,000 xp, have the 3 captain skill points revert to undistributed (as the 3rd line is already populated). Then use the freed up 3 points to apply 'torpedo armament expertise'. If the 3rd line were not populated. For 175 dubloons/70,000 xp, I could undistribute 'concealment' (4 points) and 'superintendent' (3 pints). Then I could redistribute the 7 captain skill points to 'torpedo armament expertise' (3p)and 'concealment' (4p). I have no experience as a game developer and I'm not familiar with the amount of work required to modify gaming code, but I thought it might be beneficial to do away with the occasional 'redistribute captain skill points for zero dubloons' in favor of a 'reversal' or 'count back' of captain skill point distribution, for players and revenue. As skill level increases, players can adapt the captain skill points to suit, ironing out mistakes and fine tuning as they go. The problem with the Public Test is that not all ships are available for testing.
  7. What will be your last 6 points going to be? 1) AFT(4) + EL(1)+Catapult(1) 2) Vigilance(3) + Jack of All Trades(2) + EL(1) 3) Any other recommendations?
  8. Preface: This general topic is for the discussion of the problems with Operations Mode reward distribution. As many of us are probably aware, Operations Mode has certain limitations. Chief among them is the lack of incentive to play a particular scenario after completing it with five stars and acquiring the full rewards possible. While Operations rotate weekly, one thing remains constant: the rewards do not reset. In practical terms, this means there is no incentive for a player to replay an Operation once it has been completed with a five-star rating. Wargaming has a marvelous thing going with Operations, as it adds some much-needed depth to otherwise monotonous random or cooperative gameplay. The fundamental design of Operations is excellent as it offers players a more fulfilling mode of play that is otherwise not present in regular game modes (Domination, Standard, Epicentre...). Even the somewhat despised Newport Defense scenario is entertaining and interesting because it challenges players and forces them to create solutions for problems that they are likely to never have come across in regular modes. In short, Operations is Wargaming's version of what made the Battlestations games the classics they have become. So how should Wargaming approach the obvious problem with Operations? How should Wargaming offer players an incentive to return to an Operations scenario once they've completed it with a full five-stars when it comes back up on rotation? First of all, we need to identify what makes Operations such a profitable way to play: For a relatively easy four-star rating, players receive a blank 10-point commander for ships of a particular nation. This is the reward that most players are shooting for, and so making this reward available every rotation will keep players coming back to Operations. If Waergaming wants players to replay Operations each rotation, they need to make this reward available every rotation. And here we run into a game balance issue: Being able to obtain a free ten-point commander as easily as Operations makes them is just asking for profiteering abuse. Commanders of this rank shouldn't be quite so easy to obtain. Wargaming's solution is to make them a once-only reward, but this may not be the best solution. The chief incentive to replay Operations for most players comes from the promise of a free ten-point commander. It may take them a dozen tries, but that is still quicker than grinding out a ten-point commander the long way. The way to "fix" Operations and give players the incentive to replay scenarios, as I see it, is to make ten-point commanders available on a monthly basis. Consider the following: 1) Every month, a player may complete a total of four Operations (one per week) from a selection chosen by Wargaming [at the rate new Operations are being released, it won't be long before Wargaming has seven or eight permanent scenarios available to them] 2) If a player completes these four Operations each with at least a four-star rating, then that player is rewarded with their choice of ten-point commander as dictated by the Operations that Wargaming has put on rotation for the month. 3) In practice, this means that players can only receive a single ten-point commander every month, but it alows them more freedom to decide which commander they wish to be rewarded with. 4) Every month, the rotation changes and so do the ten-point commanders available. This gives players the incentive to return to and replay Operations regularly for a useful reward in exchange for solid performance while also preventing the community from being saturated by mid- to high-level commanders without needing to actually put in some effort and manually grind those levels. Thoughts? Does anybody else find Operations in its current state to lack replay incentive, and if so, how would you go about giving Operations this incentive?
  9. Crim7AmbiencE

    Yamamoto as Capt'n

    Hey guys, I was just wondering what ships yall would put him in once you have gotten Yamamoto as a captain for your ships. I believe the Yamato was his flagship during 1942, but never "served" on it? Correct me if I am wrong on this...not much of a history person :D I was thinking either to put mine in the Yamato or Akizuki or Mogami....(lazy to farm to Zao). Although I do not play Yamato as often as I would on the Zuki and the Gami anymore, would the latter serve a better purpose for unleashing his special skills in game? (Mainly I just want to see his red tracer shells as much as possible....->Akizuki) Hue?
  10. legionary2099

    Seagull is best captain for ?

    As poll has said , which line do you think best to dump him into ? ( His voice is straight out too dumb to hear )
  11. legionary2099

    19 point captains

    So as a cynosure for the sore eyes has anyone get to have a lordy 19 point captain ? I mean if you have 1 i would love to see a pic cause * drooling * . Btw , can anyone theoretically how long would it take for a normal person to get that guy ? P/s: Just saw a Ryujo with atleast Air Supremacy skill trolling the new player , really WG shouldnt you protect new player from getting pubstomp by evil veterans
  12. Storm_Raiser

    My DD Captain ruined

    My mistake
  13. Gorbon_Rubsay

    Minekaze/Mutsuki Captain

    Hello, a question concerning the ex-minekaze captain: I have a highly skilled ex-minekaze captain with much seal blood on his hands. With today's shuffle in the Japanese DD tree he is left without a ship. He is in port - and assigned to the Mutsuki (which I don't have). Rather than buying a Mutsuki, I would like to reassign him to another ship. Unfortunately he is blacked out and cannot be reassigned or selected in any other ship. What is going on: 1.Is this a bug that will be remedied? 2.If I buy the Mutsuki, will he be reactivated and then be transferable to another ship? 3. Is he locked into the Mutsuki permanently? Thanks for the help.
  14. This is something that I haven't considered before reading some helpful topics in this forum. My Nagato captain is currently at 13 points. It will take a long time if I bring him over to Amagi. Will it be a good idea start a fresh one? How bad is Amagi's stock grind. I have never played this ship before. Is stock Amagi playable with almost no skill captain? Just unlocked Amagi, don't have the credit to buy her yet. And don't have dubloons to spend for captain retraining as well.
  15. Captain retraining becomes way too difficult at 18+ skill points. Captain retraining experience seems to be related to the amount of experience required for the next level of the captain skill. To get from 18 skill points to 19 skill points it takes 10 million experience. Captain retraining at that level then takes 5 million experience. Even if I halve it with the 200k Academy Training it will still take 2.5 million experience. This amount is simply too much just to retrain the captain. Why? Because to train a new captain up from scratch to 18 points would take something like 1.4 million experience. Thus, you really can't retrain 18 skill point captains without spending doubloons as getting a new captain levelled up will be FASTER. What do you guys think? Video as proof:
  16. I checked both the wiki & this forum (search function didn't work well), but couldn't find the answer. I have a quick qn for the vets. What is the penalty when a captain is re-trained to another ship. Does he just lose some XP of the current level? Or does he lose skills? Or...? Thanks for helping me understand this...
  17. Post .5.3 poll What do you guys think? I'm running the 12km ones but they don't seem to have a very noticeable success rate over the stock 10km ones... I got last stand, and am planning on torpedo expertise since i dont really need to use my smoke often.
  18. As above, do state your reasons because i'm curious to know As well as making a non-rant thread to help people out with these low sample size polls Idk how to edit thread name so yolo
  19. Commander_Dusty

    Captains skill dilemma

    After reading DeathSkyz post on the Captains skills I've got to the dilemma of the 4th tier skill for my USN DD captain Is it more worth it to pick Last stand or Advanced Firing Training? Last Stand: Pros: USN DD's like all DD's have fragile modules and will periodically experience rudder or engine knockouts, and that is not good when you need to get out of a sticky situation fast, also when going for torpedo runs that last thing you want is a damaged engine or rudder after you just repaired it from a lucky secondary shell hit. Plus USN DD's have less camo to fall back on if hit and disabled so being able to run, albeit at reduced ability is better than not being able to at all? Cons: If your engine gets knocked out at close range to the enemy, running at low capacity will not help, you're screwed anyways so waste of 4 points? Advanced Firing Training: Pros: Guns are the USN DD's primary weapon choice, plus they have decent AA for such ships (plus AA bombard ability in next patch) so anything to help the DD's fire at longer ranges and stay hidden/invisible is a plus. Cons: USN DD's have guns which fire rather high arcs and make it difficult to judge the lead on far targets, you may well need a massive lead for anything past +10km which could easily move out of the way before the shells land, so is it worth having a skill that will may have low hit rates? Plus increased AA firing range may not be useful for DD's that need to stay stealthy?
  20. Hi All, I am at a level to select a Tier IV skill for a captain for my BC/BB. Looking at the selections, I note that the Demolition Expert states that it provides a +3 percent change to cause a fire. Does this apply to AP shells? I could not find the information relating to a specific shell type on the wiki, and presume it is either HE or AP (Bombers as well for those CV lovers). Could anyone please confirm that is the right assumption, or if it is incorrect any only apples to HE shells for ships. Thanks in advance, G