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Found 4 results

  1. well run through quite a few game trying different build and different play with these super light CL using DD guns on PTS , confirm my suspicion , the so call Cruiser skill set that offer alternative, well it offer no alternative , especially for the T10 ships, on Live the ca be spec double range , brawl ( if you dare ), single range and support ( full AA build using AFT ) , but the skill change take away almost all possibility to specialize , cause the range just do not cut it , no even for the two T7 ships ( cause they got MM into T8/T9 games ). Alanta and Flint had no option to spec the 6th slot upgrade , and are stuck with it. Smolensk and Colbert , both at 13.8KM stock range simply will not cut it in a T10 game if not spec any range mod .. so they are pretty much forced to spec for the range upgrade and then this force the skill se to be spec for allowing gun effectiveness , and this take away its ability to spec for support whether its AA or close support for DD And then we look at Austin, 8 sec reload for similar school of small guns but at stock 9% fire chance , and 15KM range , well and unlimited Main Battery reload booster consumable. I really cannot apprehend how WG can be so screw up with the spec .. if your base reload is so lousy as to be needing unlimited supply of the consumable , then you might as well buff the reload even if its only a second ... and the range , so WG had acknowledge these CL need that range stock at 15KM at T10 ... hmm ... and then we had I think Smolensk / Colbert need some major shuffle of spec to allow the range but reel in the rainbow somewhat, as of now its further encouraging rainbow spamming and pretty much force them to cause spec for close in support, do not work ( no skill good enough for survival build ) , spec for AA, do not work, since you can do nothing with that 13.8KM stock range ... and guess what its not just the high tier, and mid tier, even Svetlana at T4 suffers , its aT4 and in the past it could spec AFT to extend the range to at least able to match peers , and its already handicapped by its 10 sec reload on 130mm when peers are having something like 7.5, 6 sec on 150/152mm , even the IJN 140mm reload faster. WG might wanting Austin, Smolensk, Colbert to adopt what they call that Ragged play style, but no I do not think it would come to be , so long their T10 BB can range out others and still effect their shoots, then they will and ten hen Cruiser CA/CB will do likewise and then all others are forced to be likewise. That will be the range the game are to be played, and the new skill set further that, so unless they change a load of skill for DD / CL , otherwise the so call customization / specialization will not come to be , they need to made Cruiser able to play at Cruiser distance. Even USS CL and Royal CL are finding it hard if they do not spec for range these days, And they need to made BB less range specialized , and DD able to force into their effective range while keeping their Stealth so they can utilize theirs ; Yoshino, Ashashio, and 20KM Shima saying hi here , with Gearing , Halland also on the gang
  2. It happen more than 1 times already, I got my Captain another point and I want to assign the points to a new skill, but repeating the game refuse citing " Transaction error " , check that bottom right corner of the screen capture , I had to exit the game entirely , and log in / re-launch the game before it will allow me to
  3. Shojinn

    Captain Skill bug

    I have spent all 10 points but they are still there. I can even open the confirmation box when click on the 5th stage skill. Luckily it's just a graphical one. No changes has been made ie. I don't get any more points :v Anyway hope this will be fixed soon
  4. Anti Aircraft Guide Recommend Ship. - US Cruiser Tier 6 or above. (High performance Anti-Air guns) - Why US cruiser? Because US Cruiser have better Anti-Aircraft gun but IJN cruiser have better main gun. [1] What are Anti-Aircraft guns? - In naval battle, Anti-Aircraft are important to protect any warship from any air raid even enemy scout plane and naval battlefield is too large only main gun won't enough to destroy enemy fleet. The Attacker aircraft can do this better than main gun of warship. So anti-aircraft gun are important to protect our fleet. [2] Parameter of effective to against Air attacks - This parameter will show how much effective of Anti-Aircraft guns to protect your ship and your allied. (US cruiser will have this parameter more than IJN cruiser) [3] Range of Anti-Aircraft guns - When expand AA guns topic you will see list of AA guns and point them to see performance of AA guns. - Then point at AA gun It will show DPS (Damage Per Second) and Firing Range. - Dual Purpose have light damage than AA gun but long range. [4] Recommend skill (Captain) - Basic firing training ---> Improve 10% of AA guns effiency (improve Damage Per Second) - Advance firing training --> Improve 20% of AA gun firing range (can use with AA guns Modification2) [5] An upgrade of Anti-Aircraft guns - AA guns Modification2 ---> Improve 20% of AA gun firing range (use with Advance firing training will improve AA firing range 40%) **Tier 5 or Above - AA guns Modification3 ---> Improve 20% of AA guns effiency (improve Damage Per Second) (use with Basic firing training will improve AA guns effiency 30%) **Tier 9 or Above