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Found 5 results

  1. _neppu

    As my penance... I shall...

    I am a man strongly depises the passive play. Then I am reminded from Drakon of my camping and unsportmanlike behaviors. I brought an undue discomfort to fellow DD teammate. I brought a disgrace upon my clan's reputation. I cannot live with such dishonor.... As a penance: I have committed this sudoku puzzle in vain hope to restore the honor upon myself and my clan.
  2. Was taking my Fiji and Essex around to farm exp and let just say my team is make of complete BS. Fiji experience : 1 v 3 win make 3 kill clean the weaker lane only for the stronger lane to lose even when the other team was outnumbered by 3 ships. Essex salt : run strike , meet fishing team of neptune and mino +cv, crippled completely when those 3 split themselves to 3 cap rendering me unable to touch them. Yeah complete crap when they keep sitting in cap and the AA murder my planes when i try to root them out ( their team go together in a big blob so no better target.Honestly, nep + mino AA is completely retarded, not even DM is as dangerous as them in AA role.Only able yo nuke 2 BBabies in yammy to lose the game. So salty switch to AS loadout , win the air all the times , get clear sky stopping 75% strikes; perma spot cv and dd only to meet a picnic team that love camping near cap. Last game win the air totally ( no strike connect on my team), only to look at the chat and see: you noob cv go back to the training room. Guess what , with total air dominance the potato wave lose the surface gunfight and come back yapping at me. Honestly i am so tired today with this kind of fiasco happen in the game and fishing div completely broke the essence of randomness. So i have done my job with flying colors and just where can i improve when idiocy run through my team head. I am completely at a lost on how to carry those kind of weights . Rant end , guess i will take a walk and go pop on some dogs in the bath
  3. Okay so we introduced new economics because the top tier are camping every single game how we solve it ? NEW ECONOMY!!!! yay *APPLAUSE* then we get a new game mode called epicenter which encourages camping with marshmallow on a bonfire literally... the strategy in the gamemode is literally camp...camp...camp until some people decided to push which usually is one by one and they will get picked out to counter this they camp...camp...and camp i personally find this gamemode so bad that i rather go to port instantly like its just bad... (side note, i don't exit game i have to wait like a idiot) being offense is okay but with the type of players we are seeing you are gonna die so your choice is to wait until everyone move or just keep camping.... and watch your teammate do bad moves and got themselves killed... next thing is we successfully capped the entire circle all 3 of them , WAIT we haven't event win yet ... SERIOUSLY? capping those circles are a pain how come we haven;t win ? please some one have to explain to me why its so painful to see this gamemode? my only suggestion is that capping the circles fully => win else its just ........ not reasonable.... next thing is to give us the option to not play specific gamemode like in WOT ( side note if you are gonna say WOT = WOT not WOWS , its Wargaming just do that)
  4. ...just all stop, camping, and firing. I noticed this tonight in the 3 tier 9/10 battles I fought in my Iowa. Yes, I repurchased the Iowa to see if the FC mod made firing better instead of using the mod that lowers the reload time. Anyway, I watched Yamatos, Tirpitz, Izumi, and other BBs move up to closer range, stop put angle on the hull and fire, fire, fire at targets that came within their firing arcs and range. Even with CVs in the game, they almost never moved if they did, it was all back full. My question is why? It doesn't make any sense to do something like that. I shot up 2 Yamatos killing one, nearly blew another Iowa out of the water in 3 salvos (someone snaked the kill on me before I could get it), and a North Carolina that moved around at 1/4 bell (speed). I sailed back and forth zig-zagging always at an angle as I moved pushing up when possible and falling back when needed. I never took any huge hits, mostly bounced and a few hits from some Flamers (Mogamis). This 'tactic' if you want to call it that just simply boggles the mind. I cannot fathom doing this myself. How is this even smart to do? Can someone with more time in tier 9 enlighten me to this...ahem...WoT 'tactic' that seems to be used?
  5. We've all seen these in 7 out of 10 battles. BBs camp the blue line at the edge of the map, and when the enemy draws near, they attempt to maneuver but get stuck instead, and end up eating a hail of shells due to their lack of motion. But, what would be an effective solution to fix this problem? I dedicate this thread to brainstorming possible ideas and finding a plausible solution that's both practical and non-game breaking. Here are a few potential ideas: Make the line bigger and thicker, if players are having trouble seeing it. Add an audible alarm and on-screen message if players approach the end of the map, similar to landmass collisions. This might be helpful for those suffering from tunnel vision when they zoom in and aim. Use a system similar to World of Warplanes, where autopilot takes over and bounces you towards the opposite direction once you hit the edge of the map. Use a system similar to Battlefield 2, with a soft border that you can move outside of, and a timer is displayed on the screen telling you how many seconds left until the game automatically kills you. I prefer this method, because it resembles a "carrot-and-stick" approach - if a bad player suffers the harsh penalty enough times, they'll eventually stop making the same mistake. Strict punishment systems are proven to have good effectiveness, just look at Singapore's legal system. Alternatively, have soft borders that give players a gradual and steady loss of HP until they return to the map, if the idea of sudden death after a timer feels too extreme. There's still a "carrot-and-stick" theme, but players are more likely to have a natural reaction to it. Anyone have anything else to suggest?