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Found 2 results

  1. Are we all super hyped for the final missions? Designed by WG to bring salty tears to everyone's eyes! Trying to kill steal every BB? Check! Queues made up of 75% DD, 20% CA/L, 5 % BB, Check!! Playing endless shiratsuyu games - Check! Giving up on securing 10 BB kills and getting the 90k single torpedo damage game because every game is just full of DDs - Check! Resigning yourself to grinding the 75 EXP mission 3 times - Check!!! Yeah, I don't think I will be playing BBS for the next week or so, I really dislike the way WG structures these missions. Having a high torp damage mission stacked with a kill 10 BB mission is just going to totally screw with the game makeup. Better remove def AA and mount hydro from every ship that can I guess. Although ironically, having only one or 2 BBs per game would be a lot more 'historically accurate'.
  2. Thyaliad

    At long last

    So at long last, I finally completed all the missions for the Science of Victory campaign. Now on to the Honorable Service campaign!