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Found 11 results

  1. cellum95

    What is This?

    I checked the Pacific War Campaign in its entirety and I noticed this mission on the right-hand side. Highlighted it with a red circle. How do you even access that?
  2. I got a "Congratulations upon your anniversary in World of Warships!" email yesterday where in part they talk about campaigns, text as follows: Sea Wolves is a program made to thank our long-time veterans. It consists of two parts: The "Honorary Service" campaign, which congratulates those veterans celebrating the anniversary of their first battle, counting from the game’s launch (September 17, 2015). A Commander eligible for two or three years of service reward at the campaign’s start will also receive rewards for previous stages. The “Personal Fleet” campaign, congratulating those Admirals inclined towards collecting ships, and particularly those who have assembled more than 50 ships in their Port—a number that amounts to having an impressive personal fleet! Thank you for being with us! Now I have had the "Honorary Service" campaign from the point I unlocked the ability to do campaigns, however far back that was, but I have never seen, nor now have a “Personal Fleet” campaign and I have well over 50 ships so what is it? It can't be that Collectors Club patch, emblems and flag etc. as that is not a campaign. PS: The big question is what to I buy with the 30% off coupon that I got with this email... ??? Only get 2 days to use it.
  3. The campaign had rewards of 7 days of premium. The thing is, I still have many premium days & decide not gonna finishing the campaign, save it for the future. I am worried if there some kind of resetting the campaign when it didn't progressing at some time. The question is in the title ... can I hold on the campaign till I'm ready to accept the rewards ? (It mean, I won't play the very last mission until I need that 7 days of premium).
  4. In the Yamamoto Campaign, Misssion 4, Task 3, Earn 7 defended ribbons. T9 F Der Grose, Green cap, enemy BB enters, cap starts turning red, hit 7 times easy, only 1 Defended ribbon earned. just wondered if anyone else had same or have i missed something :P Thanks
  5. My favourite detonation ship :- In my New Orleans :-
  6. Progress stuck at one kill(?) EDIT: NVM, I misread. You need 10 BB kills, not any ship.
  7. Asamiya__

    Repeatable campaign tasks

    "If you liked one of the tasks, or other tasks seem to be very difficult to complete, you can select the same task over and over again. In this case, you will earn stars every time, but you will get the reward for this task only once. If you have a Premium Account, you can select three tasks simultaneously. Otherwise, you can select only two tasks." From Campaigns in World of warships - December 15 2017 does this applies to Limited time campaign?
  8. I can't complete both Bismark and Dunkirk collection. I got about 30 duplicates for each collection that why I cann't complete and earn the rewards !!!!!!!!!. What can I do for this ?
  9. Hi guys. Some of you guys must wonder. Where do i get the third pin for Graf Spee campaign The task is repeatable but the rewards arent! Cheers. Topic edited as requested. ~lengxv6
  10. 1. Description Science of Victory Campaign Campaign 8 - Task 3 has an error/bugged reward 2. Reproduction stepsA sequence of the player's actions which triggered the bug. in port click campaign menu open science of victory campaign select campaign 8 select task 3 3. ResultIn-game experience resulting from the bug. the reward is shown as 500 credits 4. Expected resultIn-game experience which should have occurred if no bug is present. the reward should NOT only 500 credits possible intended reward should be : 100.000 Credits or 500 Free Exp 5. Technical details Screen Shoot