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Found 4 results

  1. Camera Mod Lite Version : Maximize Zoom in/out camera in port Default view Max zoom out Max zoom in Download >> http://www.mediafire.com/file/hg03bzsx4i7vbsq/CamMod_Lite.zip/file Extended Version : Far zoom out Max Zoom out Download >> http://www.mediafire.com/file/219ar6k6trirr2x/CamMod_Extended.zip/file Install >>
  2. kani_cream_syumai

    [] Zoom out mod

    戦闘中、自艦の表示状態でカメラのズームアウト操作時、最大ズームアウトをより遠く、つまり自艦の表示を小さくすることができるmodを製作、配布しておりますので、告知致します。 魚雷戦向け仕様zoom out mod および more zoom out mod ダウンロード: zoom out mod - camerasConsumer.xml Download WoWS版 more zoom out mod - camerasConsumer.xml Download WoWS版 使い方: ダウンロードして <WoWSをインストールしたフォルダ>\res_mods\<バージョン番号>のフォルダにcamerasConsumer.xmlの名前で置いてください。 ご意見、ご希望、ご質問、不具合報告はこのトピックかwebサイトのフォームでお送りください。
  3. Rocdocta

    Ship detached from camera...

    This has happened alot in this latest patch. The game loads. i can steer and shoot etc. But the camera remains where i started and the ship moves away normally. This mainly happens with the Schohrs, Also i have been stuck at the new game loading screen till i quit WOWs.
  4. Calderhunt

    Kongo camera bug

    Issue: Kongo camera does not transition to weapons group camera Screenshots: Ship: KongoMap: Two Brothers, The StraitOccurrences:TwiceTested: Bug occured on both attempts. Severity:Not much of a hindrance, but pagodas may get in the view from time to time.Details: The camera did not transition to the weapons group camera when zoomed close enough to the hull in 3rd person view camera. Instead it stays stuck over the middle of the hull (and as shown in the screenshots, the tip of the pagodas of the ship are zoomed too near), though any further zooming in does transition into binocular zoom. This was also reported in the NA forums :- http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/47715-kongo-camera-issue/