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Found 22 results

  1. So i bought 3 containers from the azur lane collab, only to find out that the commanders (Jb, littorio and Yat Sen) are all missing. They aren't in my reserve, nor are they on my other ships. They're just missing. I've opened a ticket to the support centre, and now I'm just confused.
  2. Kuckke

    Can't move in Game

    I have started an co-op battle, at begin , we can't move ships, we can fire, lauch torp , only cant move. I only wait the game end and got penalty for AFK. Pls fix it.
  3. So I have gone over many ships to re-do commander skills and Smolensk (BOO HISS ) was the first. Trying the new build with no IFHE in coop and it is pretty good. At the end of the battle I noticed I got an unsporting conduct warning. Ok, but How? To my amusement it says I shot down an allied aircraft. So do I need to go to the gulag until RTS CVs return to repent for my dishonour shown towards friendly planes? Secondaries were changed to not deal team damage due to them being AI controlled. Why is AA not the same? Anyway ever seen this before?
  4. First Operations are disabled because of some critical error. Then we have two daily mission chains (I'm not complaining lol), except only one gives Royal Navy tokens. Then then UI bugs out in port and I can't left click anything. Or it does not even load properly and gives me this nonsense. Seriously what is up with all these crazy bugs and glitches WG??? Sorry for the MS paint nonsense, but I think it reflects the high quality of patch 0.9.1. Oh and I had to kill the game via the task manager because the game won't let me quit.
  5. slashdash2

    the new "tk" system

    so i got pushed out of smoke by my teammate (im in asashio hes in harekaze) in coop battle today trying to grind out the varyag quickly and i was shooting a an enemy dd. because he rammed me me rear turrets ended up hitting him and made me turn into a "team killer". because i hit him i went from full health down to 1k from about 4 shells from my 2x2 rear turrets. thats pretty bull considering 1. my guns dont even do that much damage and 2. he pushed me out of my own smoke and i had nothing to with it. i assume this is a bug but not too sure just leaving feedback
  6. Lynman_Alpha


    Hi guys! I need your urgent help... I've been playing World of Warships for about 5 months and this problem just happen for the first time. I launch the game smoothly but when I start "Battle", the problem starts. Whenever I am the one who will be loading, the game crashes. I don't know why. Here is some of my laptop's specs: OS: Windows 10 Home System Model: Aspire E1-470 Processor: Intel Core i3 Graphic Card: Intel HD Graphics 4000 Memory: 4096 MB RAM DirectX Version: 11.2 Please help me....
  7. HobartAWD

    Zero damage torpedoes

    Any one else had this happen. I have had this happen so many times but due to being darn annoyed forget to take a screenshot. Only have these 2 screenshots. Scenario is this: You fire a perfect spread of torps at a DD or CL and they look dead on, so you turn your attention to the next enemy ship. You notice 4 or 5 torp hit indicators, but then realise the ship is not sunk. How the blazes does a DD survive 4 or 5 torp hits? I know when I'm in a DD I very very rarely (like 5%) survive taking 1 torp, but I'm left on 15% or less health from 100% health. Does this game model dud torps? Seems like only 1 torp from both my screenshots did any damage, all the others were duds. Both times enemy ship was hit by 4 or 5 torps but not sunk. In the Lo Yang game I sunk the Hatsuharu with guns after 5 torps didn't do the job, but in the other game a friendly Nurnburg had to finish the enemy kamikaze that survived 4 torps, only to then kill me with 1 torp.
  8. So I was playing WoWs and then the game suddenly crashed. The game then kept on crashing every time I restarted it after just 5 seconds. I attempted to uninstall and reinstall the game multiple times, but then the launcher would not open at all. No idea what's happening. My computer is a macbook 15 inch running version 10.11.6 with an AMD Radeon R9 M370X graphics card.
  9. ellofiend


    Hello all On the second day of public testing (No.2), I went to login to the PTS but an error popped up. It stated: App::init: BigWorldClientScript::init() failed! Then it stated the system info and the memory info. I have read at least eight forums across the servers and I tried all of these solutions that "supposedly" work but nothing worked. I have sent a ticket to WG about 3 days ago and have received no reply. I have experienced this before but I can't remember what I did or if it fixed itself. The error came up during the loading page and before the login page and there is no way to avoid closing down the game because when I press the X or OK button it closes down the game, and when I dismiss it, the game won't load. If it helps I have been using a different Wi-Fi for about a week as I have been traveling. I would like to be back on the PTS and also finish the Mikasa challenge but this is really biting into my time PLEASE HELP, MODERATORS AND TECH EXPERTS This is an error that is reported all the time and from numerous people let alone the people that haven't reported the error or have fixed it themselves.
  10. This keeps happening, and it's driving me nuts. I was in a fully upgraded Langley, when an enemy Langley fighter squadron decided to engage my fighters less than minute into the battle. Since my fighters are fully upgraded, it should be an even match right (both squadrons are from the same ship)? No. In just 40 seconds, my whole fighter squad had vaporized, and I only managed to take down one of his fighters. Now his remaining 5 fighters are going for my two other helpless squads. And even though they were above 5 or so tightly packed friendlies, none of them were shot down by any anti-air. Now that I'm defenseless, the enemy's torpedo squad finishes me off in one salvo of torpedoes (I have fully upgraded anti-air gunners in crews). The on board AI anti-air did not shoot down any planes, and Langley + 6 Torpedoes = dead. Like how is this even possible??? If two fighter squadrons from 2 Langleys and with similar upgrades (mine was fully upgraded) engages each other at the same time, you would expect all fighters to all die at the same time, or maybe 1-2 to survive on one side. How is it possible that one Langley squadron gets taken down completely, while the other Langley fighter squadron only loses 1 plane? (And there's 6 planes per squadron!). This is totally unfair. Is someone bribing the RNG?
  11. Apex1o1

    Replay Bugs,

    Question, I have a Replay file that is glitching out and not playing, (checked previous/other matches and they play fine) Are they any possible fixes for the file or is it just unfixable.
  12. Commander_GALEN

    no reward in public test?

    Nevermind already solved, dont know how to delete this post Issue resolved. Thread locked. ~amade
  13. Commander_GALEN

    Cant play Public Test, missing wows.exe?

    Help please! A noob question It is my first time to finished downloading PT cant open because of missing wows.exe??
  14. Issue: Fighter Aircraft stucks. Screenshots: http://i.imgur.com/argCxGm.jpg (1080p) Ship: Ranger VIIMap: North - Random BattleOccurrences: OnceTested: It might appeared again.Severity: It is annoying, cause its the main aircraft for defense.Details: Fighter aircraft stuck after a few Alt+Click as shown on the image, the fighter aircraft only spin on the area.
  15. FenrirApalis


    After the 5.3 update, my game crashes at least once everytime I play. Now I have moved into tier 9 this is really annoying because I would sometimes crash at the start of the match and by the time I load back in I am already dead. 150k gone because of a glitch. And it happens way too often, fix this damn thing seriously
  16. Okay, I've got some weird issues with the water mesh having weird "water spouts", like the deformation properties are getting messed up. Apparently Aslain's WOWS modpack isn't compatible with so I disabled it. However, as you can see in the pictures below when I was sailing on my Furious Taco (Furutaka), I've got very strange things that seem to be water effects "stuck" on the 2D interface. I hope it's just patch issue and it's not my graphics card failing. I haven't had any problems with, but maybe the .1 patch was a bad bake? I don't know. The fact these objects will eventually go away once I've passed them on the map and then reappear is giving me the feeling that something's broken in the engine. EDIT: And no, these objects are not left overs from shells that missed. I didn't even get fired upon for 5 minutes, and yet these randomly appeared. Moved to bug reports. ~dead_man_walking
  17. Stormkeeper

    Planes stuck on nothing

    Issue: My fighter squadron was stuck on an enemy squadron. It wasn't taking damage from the enemy squadron, nor was it inflicting damage on it. It was taking damage from ships below, however. Screenshots: Attached belowShip: LangleyMap: Big RaceOccurrences: It has occured once, maybe twice, so far.Tested: No.Severity: As the bug appears to be sporadic, it doesn't stop me from playing. But as a Langley captain, having my sole fighter squadron stuck and unresponsive can have a major effect on my game.Details: On Big Race, while captaining the Langley, I ran into an issue where an enemy fighter squadron had mine tied up, and even though it was down to two fighters, it would not die. My fighters too took next to no damage from the enemy fighter squadron, but continued to take damage from the ships beneath them. I realized that despite the enemy squadron having only two fighters left, there were still six enemy fighter models in the air. Later on in the game, my teammate's own fighter squadron came and downed the remaining two fighters, but my squadron remained stuck. My ally's own fighter squadron was fine though. The minimap still registers that the enemy fighter squadron is still present, and that my fighters were engaged in combat with it, and on closer inspection there were still six enemy fighter models in the sky. I also encountered a similar bug, though I wasn't in the Langley. I was in my Gremayschy, and I came across a Zuiho at close range on New Dawn. His own bombers were stuck in their landing animation. I attached a screenshot of his bombers stuck just above water level as well.
  18. legionary2099

    Fighter bug

    Hi everyone , today while i was playing the tier IV Langley a bug occured. Bug: Fighter got stucked in one place while combating another Langley fighter squadron , the other Langley squad got chewed up by AA so it doesnt appear in the pic , but my fighter squadron got stucked there for the rest of the game and won't respond to any command given . It just stay there. It also happen to the other Langley squad as it just stand there and wont do any damage ( the 2 of them stuck together and wont do dogfight or respond ).
  19. elind21

    Sound Tearing Bug Open Beta

    Hi All, Having the same issue as some people elsewhere in the world and it appears to have been continued from Closed beta. When firing guns, or coming under fire, the audio starts to tear. I am running an Asus Laptop with AMD FX-7600P 3.6GHz with onboard Radeon R7 Graphics, 8GB DDR3 RAM, Radeon R5 2GB Graphics, Windows 8 64bit, 1TB HDD, AMD HD audio + Realtek HD audio. And YES my drivers are updated. Running the latest patch of WoWS. Low graphics settings (1080p), Low sound quality. Sound recording attached, audio profile shows not overdubbing. Cheers, elind21
  20. I got a few times since till now it still exists that I got disconnected right at the beginning of a match. Not even the match loading page were shown and I got kicked out to the log-in page. That were not be a problem if I could get back to the game immediately but the thing is that I just CAN'T GET BACK no matter how many times I restart the game, the network router or my computer. What happened was when I tried to log in, it dropped like 10 sec after loading, and when I retried, it just stuck there and keep loading. Turns out I can only get in the game after I can't get back to the battle. I thought they fixed this problem on the current but apparently it still exist.
  21. It happen when i was switch between ships.
  22. Dear all, I'm sure everyone here is enjoying the game like I am at the moment! However there are bugs etc as we know it... *CTB* the game is not perfect obviously... so my issue at the moment. I have seen people violating these bugs called beaching, when you beach a cruiser or a battleship at 10% hp the hp bar doesn't seem to drop! I have encountered 7 players so far who have done this, i am not sure if its on purpose or accidental but when this happens it's either your team will lose by trying to engage them or the timer runs out anyhow. Therefore i would like point out to the dev team that this is a current issue atm.. trust me it's hell frustrating when this happens watching your team clueless trying to engage a low health battleship/cruiser trying to finish him off but ending getting destroyed instead.