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Found 226 results

  1. 毛子程序员是吃干饭的吧,回回都有一堆BUG,这回大部分船开出去都没有战绩记录,我打了七把希佩尔一把也没记录上
  2. I cant seem to explain what's happening. But it seems that wows suddenly stops working of some sorts and this PC chinese thing appears at the top left corner. I cant click anything nor can I exit the game via normal means like exiting the game via in game menu. Can anyone explain this situation? Attached the screenshot and a screen record of the game Bug Report.7z
  3. 我1920*1080显示,1680*1050能用,这3行还是不太够用。
  4. slowsoul010213


    如附檔影片,也不是船尾吃魚雷,我的網路也沒有延遲 20210103_161630_PGSD108-Z-23_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay
  5. 用同一台筆電玩了起碼三年,直到0.9.10出現遊戲中會出現HUD失效,所有的倒數,包括維修小組、血包、偵察機、水聽、防空區加強、遊戲剩餘時間都會失效然後卡住,FPS跟ping值則會卡在崩潰的時候的數值。 這個問題我已經用英文跟客服反映過兩次,第一次給的答案是我電腦太爛,但第二次我丟上下面幾場回放紀錄後,給的回覆終於承認是遊戲內BUG,卻拖了一整個版本都無法修復。(下面有跟客服對話的紀錄) 麻煩WG注重玩家遊戲基本體驗! 20201201_172213_PJSC034-Zao-1944_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay 20201201_165555_PJSC034-Zao-1944_19_OC_prey.wowsreplay 20201201_180830_PJSC034-Zao-1944_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay 20201201_171439_PJSC034-Zao-1944_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay
  6. highping100

    讓巴爾 速填BUG

    不知道各位最近有沒有遇到: 開了速填後,秒數沒有減半,讀條變成從上面滑下來再回去的BUG
  7. highping100

    Jean Bart Reload Booster Bug

    It didn't cut half sometimes...
  8. Rowleyleo


  9. PATHAK12345

    Bug Reporting in turrets

    Sorry i couldn't capture at the right moment.But I have not moved the turrets to the right even for a second.But the back turret went straight between the superstructure to the right automatically.Is this a bug?
  10. momorain555069


  11. lucknight_1

    0.9.8 Freeze bug report !!!

    Hi everyone. I got a serious freeze bug. Every time I enter the game and play for about 5 minutes, the game is freeze. Sometimes I may be able to play through a battle without a problem, however sooner or later the game will be freeze. It will freeze immediately if I enter the dry dock. This bug severely affects my gaming experience. And I'm very upset about it. It has been happening since after the game upgraded to a new version (0.9.8). After 3 days freeze bug still there, nothing change. I have tried many ways. Like repairing the client, reinstalling the game. I don't use a mod so I don't have a mod to delete. I have also run the game in "launch game in safe mode" but it didn't work. If someone has ever encountered a problem like me and successfully fixed it, please share your approach. I appreciate it. If Gm had read my post, I would have run "generate WGcheck report", and the report file attached. Please help me fix this bug. Thanks for read and thanks for your help. WoWS_report.wgc
  12. Hello everyone, A friend of mine (@Alcor_1) and i noticed that his Musashi's traverse time jumped from the listed 56.2 ish to 38 second. After consulting others & testing (and with help of LWM at Discord), it was apparently caused by the fact that the Expert Marksman value is swapped. So rather than the 0.7 degrees/second buff listed for all gun caliber larger than 139 mm, the values were 2.5 degrees/second. And for the reverse, DD-caliber gun received only the 0.7 buff. Some lads calculated that Kremlin is now capable of 18 s traverse time. No joke. Wargaming, pls fix
  13. 關於新推出的信號旗X-Ray Papa Unaone, 其效果為「延長發煙機的啟動時間15%」 可是我發現它有時候會突然消失欸。 . 例如我開基德(KIDD, VIII),在裝備有發煙機修改型1升級品的狀況下, 要是再加上X-Ray Papa Unaone,就可以多出六秒的發煙時間; 但是最近我戰鬥到一半的時候,發煙機的螢光綠色數字(啟動中)狀態倒數, 在「還有X秒就會結束」的時候,突然就提前結束了,進入冷卻CD的黃底白字, (提前倒數結束的具體時間我忘了,印象中有遇到過9秒的) 而且還不是每次都會這樣,大約平均每五六次才會發生一次, 請問還有人遇到和我一樣的狀況嗎
  14. zexiaobai


  15. 在游玩凤翔和兰利的时候发现了这一问题,当我被击沉后,在观战视角切换到友军航空母舰的飞机时卡死,可以看到飞机被防空炮击中后冒出的烟雾和火焰,但整个画面是卡住的。而且在退出战斗回到港口后也无法进行任何操作,无法退出游戏。
  16. 問題是這樣的,我在PVP戰鬥中發現有一些帶有引擎增壓的艦艇,在高速航行中並不會發出黑色濃煙。於是自己測試多次,最終確認,(帶有引擎增壓的艦艇)在常規動力情况下一切正常。一旦開啟引擎增壓,黑色濃煙會消失。完全看不見。希望能在0.9.5可以修復,謝謝!《另外厚臉皮問問:找出BUG有沒有獎勵呀?^-^》
  17. Hi Wargaming, I would like to report that the promo Event "Hololive" is not working. The mentioned article is in this link: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/general-news/hololive_commanders/ All instruction had been followed correctly. I need to download the DMM Game Player and then create a new account. Here is the screen shot of my new account logged on to the DMM Game Player. As seen in the screenshot, the World of Warships Client was downloaded, and ready to launch. The writings on the orange button is: ダウンロード版でプレイ. In latin: Daunrōdo-ban de purei. Translation: Play the Downloaded Version. Upon launching the game, there is a message error that presented in the following screenshot: I choose "Yes" to continue running the script and see what will happen next. There we go, lets launch the game: The writings on the orange button is: プレイ. In latin: Purei. Translation: Play. After the game is completely loaded, this is the message I get: The message is: まずは DMM アカウントをリンクする必要があります。DMM アカウントのリンク用ページへリダイレクトされます。 In latin: Mazuwa DMM akaunto o rinku suru hitsuyō ga arimasu. DMM akaunto no rinku-yō pēji e ridairekuto sa remasu. Translation: First you need to link your DMM account. You will be redirected to the link page for your DMM account. After click "Ok", I was directed to this page in my browser: From this point, I start to get confused. Questions popping on my head. I believe to post in the forum is better than asking the support (which I don't know what language should I write; should I write in Japanese or English?). Here are the following questions: If the requirement to get the reward is create a new DMM Account, why should it is necessary to create a new Wargaming Account too? If the purpose at the end is to link a Wargaming Account to a [new] DMM Account, why should it is necessary to create a new Wargaming Account again? If the purpose is only to link a Wargaming Account to a [new] DMM Account, isn't that mean I just can link my existing Wargaming Account to the new created DMM Account? Ok, I choose a path in the dark assuming that I might need to link my existing Wargaming Account to the new DMM Account. So, I choose "Continue as Robby_Hermanto" After click on Continue as Robby_Hermanto, the link direct me to this page (again): At this point, the conclusion of the progress is "halted at step 2". The game won't let me in although I do login with a new DMM Account. Step 3 is not possible to be done although the requirement in the previous step had been completed. And then, requests are coming up: If linking a Wargaming Account to a [new] DMM Account is mandatory, please include the information in the instruction steps. Please specify the instruction: Do Players needs to create only a new DMM Account or do Players needs to create both new DMM Account and new Wargaming Account? Please specify the instruction: How to link a Wargaming Account to a new DMM Account. Any help is greatly appreciated. You can talk to me in English, Japanese, Mandarin, or Bahasa Indonesia. Thank you for the kind support.
  18. Enemy_penetrated


  19. HobartAWD

    Clan bug this morning

    Anyone else in a clan have any grief when logging in this morning? For me and many others you log in and the game does not recognise you are even in a clan. Yesterday all was working ok. Clan chat gone. Naval battle button gone. Clan bonuses gone. Clan name on patch gone. However while others have said the game tries to get them to join a new clan, for me the list of members in our clan still shows up when clicking the clan tab. Looks like the server isn't syncing with accounts properly. Apparently restarting the game has worked for many, but no luck for me as yet. Going to try restarting again and then submit a ticket.
  20. Aphoe_Nixit


    在本周的行动拯救raptor中,我多次发现了弹药船自动寻路bug。 图1弹药船停在E7,导致被击沉。 图2弹药船在向后移动。
  21. pandapanpang

    Game abnormal(BUG?)

    After game update, personal ID, gold coin, silver coin, show loading. After the game is over, the ship displays the battle (the first game has been over for at least 30 minutes).
  22. Update:给客服提了工单后经过几天已经回复,收到了700*2点石油,确实是系统的问题没有发放。 最近和朋友建立了一個軍團公會,參與了2次軍團海戰。 按照軍團海戰的說明,準備階段可以獲得800石油、戰勝對手可以獲得700石油獎勵、每10個星星可以得到50石油獎勵。 按照以上計算:(800 + 700 + 50) * 2 = 3100点石油 可是實際情況我只得到了1700石油獎勵,應該是(800 + 50) * 2的結果。 那麼請問700石油獲勝獎勵到底是什麼時候發放? 以下截圖為兩次海戰記錄:
  23. 如題 我朋友離開分艦隊後就變成這樣 不能離開分艦隊同時無法加入戰鬥
  24. Takeda1230k


    根据观察发现,在预览尚未建成建筑时必定会发生如下问题: 若尚未建造建筑超过两级,先预览后一级,待图像显示后,光标移至前一级建筑,后一级建筑贴图没有消失,前一级建筑ui会覆盖在后一级建筑ui上。 不是什么大问题,不影响体验,仅供分享。 第六级现代设计局与第五级旧式楼道设计局发生重叠 研发中心右上角公园同第六级研发中心楼房重叠 干船坞第六级锤头起重机同第五级的地面重叠 其他情况应该也存在,图片仅供参考。