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Found 243 results

  1. dudutx

    Torps bug

    got some bug here while playing gearing here is the vid https://youtu.be/bPlzwKg9t2g
  2. 荷兰科技树已经从V级开始搭载反潜武器(深水炸弹),但是在战舰特性一栏依然显示“未配备反潜武器” Dutch Tech Tree has been equipped with anti-submarine weapons (depth charges) from tier V, but it still shows "no anti-submarine weapons" in the ship characteristics section
  3. Rascam_Games

    Graphical Bug

    My game has been recently experiencing this graphical bug and I don't know how to resolve it.
  4. _Fire_Everything_

    Scorpoid camo sounds bugged

    1. Description When I use the Scorpoid camo on the Yamato, all the game's sounds get weird, until I restart the client. This persists through all games played after the initial one with the camo, even when using different ships. 2. Reproduction steps Apply Scorpiod camo to Yamato, play a match. Can be fixed by restarting game client. This has persisted through multiple game update cycles. And has occurred since I purchased the camo. 3. Result All sounds (such as gun firing) get cut-off or sometimes don't occur at all. It is quite bizarre to shoot the Yammys guns, and have no sound with it. 4. Expected result bang-bang to keep bang-banging, not ba- 5. Technical details Unsure of what files would help with this problem. Please let me know what would relate to sound issues. I have tried removing all mods, no luck, and waited through many patches to see if maybe it got resolved. Below is my Dxdiag, python.log, and 2 replays, one prior with sound working, and the next game where the sound has bugged after the first. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1vBGg2LbhwySe0PYWc_PvHec542fnyi-a?usp=sharing
  5. stick61


  6. _Yukikaze_sama_1


    If you aim at a close range,and suddenly turn it far,the bullets may shoot as the close trajectory and speed,just as a laser gun.And this bug is not stable,it makes us BB players always miss the target.I hope it can be fixed soon!
  7. Majmac

    More Coal Containers

    I always select more coal (both before and after the economic changes). Up until yesterday it all went well. Yesterday, as per usual, I selected "More Coal" for my three daily containers and shut down for the day. Today I opened up the game and opened the containers. No container delivered coal ... any coal! This happen to anyone else? I will see what happens tomorrow, though I suspect it is just a glitch. I am not upset over it, just intrigued.
  8. 在0.11.6的pt测试里面,我发现我使用了钢皮大和导致我的普通金皮价格回归原价5000达布隆(一直没有购买过大和的金皮(任一一款都没有))。我的岛风也没有购买过金皮使用它的价格是200.我认为这是一个很友好的设计,对于已经购买了钢皮并安装的玩家。
  9. Just_Jerri

    Naval Battles Not Registering

    Hello. Yesterday I had an instance where I was attempting to complete some naval battle attempts for my clan, had a great battle only to get back to port to find that it did not register. Shrugged it off, thought it must have just been me. But then later in the day another clan member reported the same thing. It also just happened to me again now while attempting to earn another point towards my clan's naval battles. Yes, naval battles were enabled. Yes, I did beat the previous benchmark that was required. No, the game did not detract my attempt nor add it to the score
  10. Random_Freedom

    Matchmaking timer one digit placed down

    Hi, it seems that something is wrong with one of my matchmaking timer's digits... I don't know how to fix it, but my brother's timer is doing just fine (I even utilized 'check and repair' in the launcher, but it's still the same). For your information, before the matchmaking timer broke, I've downloaded WOWS Legends ribbons mod and everything was fine. Here's the link btw (I've uninstalled it and reinstalled all my mods from ModStation after I felt something amiss) Also, I've been experiencing a high ping value (it often exceeds 100 ms) and an fps drop. Any suggestion on fixing it? I may resort to uninstalling and reinstalling the game as my 'last-ditch effort', but I prefer not to because it's time-consuming. Edit: I've reinstalled everything including all the mods. Both the fps drop and high ping issue have ceased, but the score timer is still broken, like in the picture above.
  11. Ok, the reason I am here is to ask why when I used 'TheTrundlingBao' as an account, instead of getting the III 'Dreadnought' and III 'Nassau', 200 doubloons, 2,000,000 credits, 6 days of premium time and 20x 'Restless Fire' camouflages; I got 4,400 DOUBLOONS, 4,000,000 CREDITS, 30 DAYS OF PREMIUM TIME, but I still only got 20x Restless Fires. BUT the reason I am posting this on a NEW account is because there was one major drawback. I couldn't save my ship XP. So when I got about 500 ship XP and headed to the tech tree to research and purchase the II 'Weymouth', it said I needed 350 MORE XP, WHEN I JUST HAD EARNED 500+ XP FROM A BATTLE! So here I am, with a new account. I didn't dare use that code again in case it failed horribly once more, I instead when creating a NEW account I used 'ILOVEWARSHIPS' code. I got what it said I would, a Diana Lima, 500 doubloons, 7 days of premium time BUT it didn't give me the 2,000,000 credits it promised.
  12. TaskFleet

    I can't close my AA fire!

    I pressed the keyboard "P", but it doesn't work! Fix the bug ASAP PLS!
  13. 如题, 每次退出游戏 都会报错....
  14. 对决模式和万圣节剧情模式要么进去就返回登陆界面,要么进了游戏延迟很高1000+MS,但是随机战斗 联合作战 排位模式 延迟均正常。 后台没有开启任何VPN和游戏加速软件.
  15. 随机战斗模式和排位战模式Ping和延迟都很正常,只要开万诞节剧情模式和10.9新出的对决模式ping和延迟就会不稳定,大多数情况是进游戏就掉线,部分情况是进了能进比赛但是延迟300+ 500+ 1000+来回波动根本无法开炮??[后台没开任何VPN软件和下载软件] 随机战斗和排位模式就很正常延迟均为30左右 所有截图都是北京时间早晨9点30分以前截图
  16. 毛子程序员是吃干饭的吧,回回都有一堆BUG,这回大部分船开出去都没有战绩记录,我打了七把希佩尔一把也没记录上
  17. I cant seem to explain what's happening. But it seems that wows suddenly stops working of some sorts and this PC chinese thing appears at the top left corner. I cant click anything nor can I exit the game via normal means like exiting the game via in game menu. Can anyone explain this situation? Attached the screenshot and a screen record of the game Bug Report.7z
  18. 我1920*1080显示,1680*1050能用,这3行还是不太够用。
  19. slowsoul010213


    如附檔影片,也不是船尾吃魚雷,我的網路也沒有延遲 20210103_161630_PGSD108-Z-23_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay
  20. 用同一台筆電玩了起碼三年,直到0.9.10出現遊戲中會出現HUD失效,所有的倒數,包括維修小組、血包、偵察機、水聽、防空區加強、遊戲剩餘時間都會失效然後卡住,FPS跟ping值則會卡在崩潰的時候的數值。 這個問題我已經用英文跟客服反映過兩次,第一次給的答案是我電腦太爛,但第二次我丟上下面幾場回放紀錄後,給的回覆終於承認是遊戲內BUG,卻拖了一整個版本都無法修復。(下面有跟客服對話的紀錄) 麻煩WG注重玩家遊戲基本體驗! 20201201_172213_PJSC034-Zao-1944_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay 20201201_165555_PJSC034-Zao-1944_19_OC_prey.wowsreplay 20201201_180830_PJSC034-Zao-1944_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay 20201201_171439_PJSC034-Zao-1944_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay
  21. highping100

    讓巴爾 速填BUG

    不知道各位最近有沒有遇到: 開了速填後,秒數沒有減半,讀條變成從上面滑下來再回去的BUG
  22. highping100

    Jean Bart Reload Booster Bug

    It didn't cut half sometimes...
  23. Rowleyleo


  24. PATHAK12345

    Bug Reporting in turrets

    Sorry i couldn't capture at the right moment.But I have not moved the turrets to the right even for a second.But the back turret went straight between the superstructure to the right automatically.Is this a bug?
  25. momorain555069