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Found 13 results

  1. 在游戏内部分好友即使在线,但是也看不到他online 的状态,名字颜色一直是灰色的,而部分好友就是正常的 上图这张是我的界面看到的,显示【BTC】的成员全部没有在线 上面这张是我朋友的截图,有几个在我的界面显示不在线的人已经是在线状态。 而且无法邀请好友进入分舰队或者被邀请。 两张截图时间是相同的,因此不存在虚假截图的问题。
  2. dinh_19

    Narai free xp issue

    When i finish narai operation and done all secondary tasks, the 10000 free xp award shown up. But when i came back to port, only regular free xp from ship added (~1000 free xp) and after restarting the game, it still didn't change. Is this an issue or i done something wrong? Thanks
  3. 6 months ago there was a time when games would regularly stop (become unresponsive) at the "team screen" with the circle spinning and the map showing all my team mates moving. Well it's back! The last three nights this bug has resurfaced and it's driving me nuts. The only solution is to kill the game via control-alt-delete and restart it. Tonight it happened twice in a row - both times on the Trap map. The first time the game also hung on the second log in - taking 3 very long attempts before I could join. Seriously WG this is unacceptable - fix your server/game/client! Edit - further games both Co-Op and Random on multiple maps had this hang-on-start bug. I noticed it begins with "Waiting for Players" while the countdown counts but the only play not highlighted is me - however the server HAS connected me because it is sending my client the map updates as ships start moving.
  4. 版本 :0.6.14 模式:劇情 狀態描述: 航母起火一次後,滅火,又起火,等到時間到了自動熄滅之後,所有的飛航編隊都無法起降 我確定船沒有燒起來,但是飛機無法起降。 現在有大破之後無法起降的設定嗎?
  5. It`s really a funny bug I just find today as you can see in following pictures i click into IWOA and return KÖNIGSBERG then interesting things happed my parts tree went wrong I hope you can fix this bug
  6. It`s really a funny bug I just find today as you can see in following pictures i click into IWOA and return KÖNIGSBERG then interesting things happed my parts tree went wrong I hope you can fix this bug
  7. The first half is evidence that what kind of problems occurred. The second half is the way to recover the UI, without reboot client. to administrators I cannot determine where should I post this. (It's a solution for players, and a bug report.) So, if this post unmatches here, please move to appropriate section. Bug report _
  8. Moved to other thread. Duplicate Thread. Closed. ~dead_man_walking
  9. Locked into an aerial view at beginning of battle. The battle countdown timer and the battle clock both read 00:00. Am able to use WASD to steer ship but unable to use items such as hydrophone using the Y etc. Unable to use the chat. Didn't try firing for risk of friendly fire. Included attached screenshot for reference. Reproduction Steps: 1. Select the Murmansk 2. Enter the Battle 3. Problem occurred as soon as I loaded into battle Technical Details: Bug occurred at roughly 4:40 pm AEST. I have had several disconnection issues in the past few days particularly when loading into battle. Only reinstalled the game a few days ago.
  10. I update my Osx 10.11 to macos Sierra, in game i can not use Shift to open sight when I press the A or W. I'm sure at Os X 10.11 is working.
  11. young0114

    Cannot invite or be invited

    Hi, I met a bug, which I cannot invite my friend, and my friend also cannot invite me. We both clicked the "PLUS" button but nothing happened and tried everything we can do, please help, thanks.
  12. agentmario

    ARP 金剛語音錯誤

  13. all match i see the Enemie and Team Run to slide end of map but speed no drop to slide end of map very fast to move Left and right many time ??