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Found 1 result

  1. Monolith_Preacher

    Remove St. Louis 100% unhistorical

    "I can't believe it! They destroyed muh beautiful Tiger!" -sad Wehraboo in WoT after being blasted by some fictional tonk THIS is the same ****** feeling that I get even in CBT. I've been waiting for so long... Waiting for OB T to start and get that problem fixed but the devs did not even care. I'm greatly pissed on how my Tenryu in CBT AND EVEN OBT got blasted by this 100% Pirate Ship ripoff. Who's the culprit? It's all fun when cruising around with the tenryu, popping 14cm peashooters and launching torps, regardless if your teammate is heading to the line of fire. And then, you'll see this approaching you head on.. and you'll hear some Welsh-born British pirate shout "FIRE!"... Followed with the gunfire of those unhistorical 15.2cms... And when you took considerable damage considerable = 80% of your HP gone in one salvo after taking that, you can hear the crew shout "YEEEAAAAHHH!" while drinking rum... And you have 4 seconds to evade BUT NO! YOU ARE DEAD! YOU HAVE FOUR SECONDS TO GO BACK TO YOUR PORT >:E Solution 1.) Move to Tier 11 - seriously, this ship is 100% fake. Much like the Waffletiger in pixel tanks. I'm not alone with this issue. Even EU showed their discontent of meeting that futuristic pirate ships minus the .50 cals and RPGs http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/18766-st-louis-needs-to-go/#topmost 2.) Replace it! - With what? of course, St. Louis fans would get butthurt so lets give them a good replacement. Something more realistic and fit to match against Tier 3 ships: A Brig or a Frigate if you guys would still whine about it >:E It's more fitting to have some real ship for a very historical game. Rather to have something made of nanomaterials with a 18th century design with a bunch of pirates to make it fit for the game's timeline 3.) Keep whining - Just like in WoT, instead of getting nerfed like russian tanks, the St. Louis will have a Naval Ram or mines... Or a Torpedo ram... well done WG. I'm so done with your balancing mechanics That's all P.S how2ninjatext in the new forums ? _(:3