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Found 3 results

  1. BunnyDragon

    Capture the Flag!

    This post is anyone with a hilarious or absolutely stupid, or even just wanting to brag about what you got post about the past British Battleship Missions. Brag- I got all the flags! Yeah Baby! Absolutely stupid/Hilarious part - I got my final flag with the Danae with under 20,000 damage done. I go in, manage to kill off a another badly damaged Danae and shoot up a destroyer before dying to a Myogi and South Carolina firing blind into a friendly destroyer's smoke, (following my tracers most likely) and killing me. I had some hits and under 20,000 damage. By this point in the game, it's been 4 minutes with about 16 mins left on the clock. I log out and do something else as my luck for the last 5 battles had been very similar. I would like to thank my team in Random battle that day, for being so crappy and sucky, that I finished either in first or second place out 12 people, just so I can potato my way through the last mission. Freak, I just thanked a team for being awful, what am I coming too. Wait, even better, I just remembered, I potatoed the last requirement for ALL OF MY ARP SHIPS AND THE FLAGS FOR THE BRITISH BB'S.

    yay bristh bb in live tech tree

    yay this mean there not far off from the finished product yahoo LONG LIVE THE QUEEN
  3. i was looking at the new pacth coming up then i spied a juciy reward You will also be able to try out these following ships in the Public Test by completing these tasks: - British Tier IX Battleship Lion: Win 3 battles using Tier IX Battleships in Random or Co-op battles sweeet - German Tier VIII Battleship Tirpitz: Win 3 battles using Tier IX Destroyers in Random or Co-op battles - Japanese Tier VIII Cruiser Atago: Win 3 battles using Tier IX Cruisers in Random or Co-op battles