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Found 3 results

  1. coldsteelfury

    Scharnhorst Tactics

    Hello Would like some advice for my Scharnhorst: (1) When entering brawling distance with an enemy BB who maintaining a rigidly front on or angled silhouette, my 280mm AP shells richocet. Am I better off trying to aim my AP at the superstructure or switch to HE? (2) In the above scenario, am I better getting in as close as possible or coming to a stop and pummel each other at short range? Which is better for Scharnhorst? (3) What's the best way to do a torpedo "drive by"? I find that I need to get extremely close to the enemy ship before launching torps to avoid my fish getting dodged. But the problem is as soon as I angle out to get into my torp's firing angle I cop a brutal AP broadside. I normally win the fight at this range but I take some extensive damage. Is this the best way to do a torpedo run (I.e. angle out, fire, angle back in)? Or should I literally aim my bow at the other ship and attempt to scrape the side of their hull whilst moving past them before launching torps? Will the "scraping past" technique mean I cop fewer hits and will my torps have enough time to arm? Or will they bounce harmlessly off the enemy ship because we're too close? Advice please.
  2. Have been trying out the current Brawl 1v1 mode. Seems more fun in a way than Random. It has its moments and it also has its ho hum games too. Here's one where I never even saw the other guy. Map was Two Brothers and I went straight through the middle gap and waited and waited for the other guy to show up. He was in an Amagi and seemed to have wandered off around to one side trying to avoid the middle gap. Oh well, a win is a win I guess. How have other peeps been finding the current Brawl season?
  3. Playing Peek a Boo with one guy ... With RPF and the cap, you can easily estimate where the BB is 🙂 And where you should not be 🙂