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Found 18 results

  1. TimurGlazkov

    Narai warning!

    Important message for Operation players! No ships (even the speediest cruisers or the tankiest battleships) should rush to farm the last waves of enemies in Operation Narai. The bots now open fire immediately (that include the destroyer in the second-to-last wave, she will torpedo you!). Slow down, seek cover, isolate engagement or you will become the one getting farmed. Good luck and fair sea, commanders!
  2. RenamedUser_2003248997

    Keep up the good work, WG

    Keep up the active ant-botting WG, this one has been going for 6k battles since March last year. Soz for the name and shame, but the 'player' likely won't mind.
  3. Slaughta

    APAC vs APAC

    OK so 60% WR? this is clearly Aimed at a small group of People my WR in game is not dependent on my effort I can not carry most of a bot team ffs there are a TON of Asian Bots and they seem to be running what seems to be some sort of Incoming Fire alert. -Nerf CV Rocket damage on DD's nobody likes playing DD much now -Oh and the German Ship line has been Power crept -Enough with the Russian Fantasy Fleet already I want to play any Ship and have at least a chance of Doing damage. -Oh and God Damned Box speak in chat and we are the ones getting chat banned for putting our frustrations in game getting Punished for being fed-up with Potato's.
  4. Co-op matches can be a joke sometime in how easy they are because the WG bots act so stupid but for one their targeting is ridiculous. If a player uses a mod to give them aim assist then get banned yet your own bots, by their nature, have computer aiming and fire with basically laser precision. If you are in a CA or a DD its not uncommon to be one-shotted, or close to that, by one of your BB bots on the other side of the map in its first salvo fired at you. Most top WoWS unicums probably can't shot as well as WG's bots, in tier 10 matches it could be understandable for them to be that good a shot, but they shot like that at even lower tiers. Why don't you have some system, that like real players, you bots improve their accuracy after a few shots. Other issues that I feel should be addressed is your bots lack of situational awareness in that they fire torps at a target even if they are on your side and you are between them and the target they are shooting at. There is nothing more ridiculous than the game issuing a warning to its own bots for friendly fire and then turning them pink etc. Yes friendly fire is not uncommon in co-op matches between real players; many DD players are like teenage boys with their systems overflowing with hormones uncontrollably wanting to blow their loads at the first target they see but your bots shouldn't also behave like that. The AI in general needs work as you see things like bot CAs and DDs laying smoke while they steam through it at full speed, bot CVs sitting still while a bot BB from the other side steams up to it and sits there and unloads into it, and every bot with a plane launching them as soon as the game starts even though that clearly does nothing at that point. No wonder newbies coming up through Co-op matches into Random matches etc. have so much trouble as co-op matches play nothing like pvp matches, so they find themselves out of their depth and help drag down a side while chat goes mad at them for their stupidity, which is really lack of experience. Summary: WG's bots are bad, ok. Now watch as the forum trolls attack me over this.
  5. darryll_lazic

    dumb ass bots

    i am sick and tired of this game the bots are ment to have a brain why are they so stupid by dileberalty turning into my torpedoes when they know they are there and i get turned pink for team killing bots have team killed me and they dont get punished this is not fair it should be if you accidently hit a bot its ok but if you hit a human player you should be penalised
  6. Do you think the wave approach in the scenarios is getting old ? Im not saying the scenarios are bad , they are fun and you get to wack up ridiculous numbers. But im kinda bored by this same old approach. What would you say about scenarios that involve killing a massively buffed boss bot , we are currently lacking that. Like trying to sink a 1 000 000 HP Yamato in Ten Go or chase Bismark with x2 stats buff. No way you are gonna single handedly carry this kind of scenario and you gotta work as a team in a boss hunt. Could be fun , and not that hard to implement since they could just blap a boss onto the map for the fun.
  7. icy_phoenix

    New CoOp Bots?

    Who else noticed the new bots in co-op matches. Now they always actively dodge torpedoes, instead of rushing in, will turn away and cap you out as well. Aka much better than typical random players. Enjoy :D
  8. who put bot on random battle in lower tier?? look at the bots! oh gad.... anyway, since i am use new account may be i got bot on random battle.... anyone have try random battle at T3 and got bot too??
  9. pwnies5600

    Saving Private Parks

    So in the spirit of saving NPCs, I wondered if it was possible to save parks and his goliath...
  10. karrablaster123

    AFK Players

    So we all have, at some point in time, come across an AFK/disconnected player. Sometimes that player is a top tier ship and you lose the game because of him. It is not always the player who is at fault. So I suggest an implementation of a feature which enables a bot to take over the player's ship in the event of him disconnecting from the game. Until the player returns, the bot plays for him. The ribbons and the damage earned by the bot will not be credited to the player's account. When, the player reconnects he will take over but the damage and ribbon earned by the bot will not be shone or credited. The game continues to proceed normally. If the player does not reconnect the bot will play the whole battle and the player will not receive any rewards.
  11. potato18

    Co-Op bots ram too much

    Hey guys I'm just reporting this because I just had a battle with all bots on Co-Op and this is happening to me fairly often, you see the bots on the allied team ram the enemy way too much, in 1 battle of 6v6 out of 6 bots on my team 4 of them rammed the enemy and lost and the other two were killed by gun fire or torps leaving me to the last resort you know the "our team depends upon you". I hate hearing that especially when facing a battleship, 3 Cleveland class cruisers and 1 destroyer, can we please change the way bots fight to a more aggressive way instead of just ramming? Please all I want to do is film a video with commentary about different ships but I can't do that because I don't like showing defeat about 18 times a day and only 2 wins.
  12. The map is Solomon Islands. 8v8 Co-op with only 2 human players. As expected 6 bots on my team and 6 bots from the enemy team went YOLO between the 3 islands. It's a quick match, but not a fun one for a slow BB with slow reload and a CV.
  13. legionary2099

    Bots in random is ruining me

    Today , 5 of my matches are made of team that has 1-2 bots on both sides and i am salty and raging right now because they are ruining my game and fun , not to mention bots in ranked match they are complete *****. Once was a bb and an Atlanta blue lining and do nothing for the whole game, another was a carrier launch suicidal strikes and then yolo straight towards enemy team. The last time was a bb broadsiding enemy at max range without changing course the whole game. They are driving me crazy with this kind of farce. Any help or WG response to these cheating players ?


    Umm so this has been really grinding my gears for the past couple days on the PT server umm the bots on Co-Op I have reason to believe they're cheating right in front of our eyes because 1 I was in a battle with my favorite ship the Yamato and after I sunk I used free camera mode to look at the other ships and I noticed the Yamato that sunk me had his turrets pointed in different directions his most frontward facing turret was in my direction while his second turret was facing to port (left) and I find that unfair cause I cant do that nor can anyone else so why do bots get special treatment oh and here's a laugh for ya I was just in a battle with again my favorite ship the Yamato keep in mind it has 18 inch guns!! well I was facing a bot Montana and as we both came around opposite sides of an island I narrowly dodged his ram and shot his broadside at point blank range under 1 km away and I couldn't believe my eyes 6 ricochets?!?!? and he was broadside to me flat facing broadside and I hit his mid ship and no penetration what so ever come on guys please fix this. p.s. sorry about my grammar I was ticked off when I wrote this and I don't really care about my grammar as long as I get my point across

    Bots! 0.5.8

    Okay I am sick to death of these bloody bots always cheating I mean the first time Wargaming.net recognized that the bots were more accurate and so they fixed it but it seems that this bug has made its way back into the game I just played a match on Co-Op with all bots my team all bots the enemy all bots I am the only human in this match at the end of it all I am left as last hope which always happens to me but thats not my problem my problem is the Hindenburg!! I was firing rounds from a Yamato class battleship at less than a kilometer away it was broadside and I was facing forward onto its side like I'm about to go in for a ram and I get no citadels it fires at me front on no sides of my ship exposed only the bow I am not exposing port of starboard and he gets 2 citadels? so anyway it maneuvers around me okay thats fair then it gets to within 0.3 Kms of my ship so close my guns cant follow it because the camera is panning so fast to follow it that my guns cant keep up then he torpedoes me so close it was insane cause I thought torpedoes have an arming distance well let me tell you something I was well inside the arming distance which means its torpedoes should have just hit me and not exploded thats how close it was so how did that bot Hindenburg manage to get a full torpedo salvo on me from that close and blow me up yet if I was to try that myself they wouldn't be armed and just hit the ship without exploding.
  16. simonchengyin

    Pretty good graphic

    Just playing this Game for 2 hours Destroyer ship compare to NF2 or other battleship game the gaming engine is awesome however the money of the ship and score is pretty low per match add me to the division ID:simonchengyin , play together Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: worldofwarships.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 54ff46d6 Fault Module Name: worldofwarships.exe Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 54ff46d6 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 00908da7 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1028 Additional Information 1: 0a9e Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789 Additional Information 3: 0a9e Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789 Read our privacy statement online: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=104288&clcid=0x0409 If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline: C:\Windows\system32\en-US\erofflps.txt wowslauncher.exe c:\games\world_of_warships\ 3564 avp.exe Denied C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky PURE 3.0\ 2015/3/13 下午 08:18:31