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Found 12 results

  1. Hello. I have not posted here for ages, but as far as getting WG's attention this seems to be the best place to go about it. So without further ado... Can we get more updates on WG's efforts in clamping down undesirable behaviour? I'm talking things like people botting, AFKing, CV rigging, and even those that suicide in scenario to get quick 5-stars. I'm sure many of us have seen it for ourselves and quite a few of us have reported them, but what happens to them? I have reported a LOT of those guys above (won't name which ones exactly) but have heard nothing about them. I understand its WG's policy to not share outcomes, but unless I find out from somewhere else that the offender has been banned or not, its quite disheartening. So... can we have that "Bot/AFK" thread back? The one where WG used to say how many BOT/AFKs were flushed out each time? That would go a long way in making players know that their reports actually matter and not seem like they have ended in limbo. That's all, frankly. Discussions are welcome but keep it civil. I don't want this thread locked and sent down the drain. Edit: This is the aforementioned Bot/AFK thread.
  2. I don't know how to report this incident to WG. then I post here. from my replay you can see a player named Mr.A (fake name) Just move forward and backward for a short distance throughout the game. In my opinion I think he used the bot to farm EXP. 20180608_231709_PRSC107-Schors_25_sea_hope.wowsreplay
  3. 1. Description Friendly bots in co-op launch torpedos at my ship and not in direction of enemy ships. Friendly bot torpedos are often launched over 90+ degrees away from path needed to hit any enemy ships. 2. Reproduction steps Playing co-op and friendly bots launch torpedos directly at my ship when there are no enemies anywhere near my direction. 3. Result I get hit and die from torpedos launched from friendly bots. 4. Expected result Friendly bots should not torp team mates. They should launch torpedos in the direction of the enemy and not in the direction team mates.
  4. HobartAWD

    Please fix bot A.I.

    I just achieved the goal that was the reason I started playing WOWS. I unlocked and bought the Yamato. Yes she does not disappoint. Only my second T10 apart from the Grozovoi. Kicking around in co-op just to get a feel for her and get comfortable playing her in all situations. Just now in co-op. Had a Henry IV launch torps straight at me, easily 90+ degrees away from the launch path needed to hit Montana, the only surving enemy. Close range so nothing I can do, I take all 3 on the nose and flood. I get a 40k shot off against Montana but I'm already low HP, damage control is 17 secs away and despite healing, the flooding wins and I die. Henry stay broadside and gets deleted by Montana's next shot and we lose. Maybe the bots are programmed to be aggressive kill stealers. I dunno. Seriously though why have the game mode if it so broken? This isn't the 1st or even the 150th time I have seen this nonsense or something else completely absurd related to bot A.I. Just the first that it has directly cost me a game. Also there are reports of the current operation Hermes being bugged as the Rouan French BB you are escorting has a tendency to run aground and cannot grasp reversing and correcting its course. You lose the operation every time this happens. I personally have had it happen once already in only 5 play throughs. WG any chance of improving bot A.I for the extremely popular co-op and operations mode? Maybe before the next dozen overpriced premium ships come out. Not to mention the huge game performance FPS drop and screen freezes with the current 072 patch. Getting people to buy prem ships etc... and play the game is obviously way more important than the game actually working properly.
  5. seiji09

    AI Glitch in Operation: Hermes

    DESCRIPTION ROUAN beached itself mid-game, therefore we were unable to complete the scenario. REPRODUCTION STEPS Enter battle and play the scenario as normal Storm started from northeast direction (not sure if storm path has any influence on Rouan's path, but i'll add this anyway) RESULT Rouan beached itself during the 3rd(?) wave; the one w several tier 7-8 battleships. EXPECTED RESULT Rouan DOES NOT beach itself in the entire duration of the scenario; or Rouan gains ability to self-right in the event of beaching. TECHNICAL DETAILS Time of occurrence: about 13:25, 5-10 minutes into the match Time match started: 13:20 Screenshots ^people tried pushing Rouan to nudge her off, but to no effect. i don't have the replay function on, and Dxdiag has been locked by the admin cause I'm actually playing in a net cafe. python.log
  6. All support ships just stuck on repairing the 'RAPTOR' engine progress. And the 'RAPTOR' stuck behind island after his engine malfunction. We got no repair and can't continue with mission progress after the Kongou and her squad spawned.
  7. 開局掉頭直衝A1,然後停在那裡不動直到結束
  8. jim_865


    I had MY account block for being a BOT the someday I spent around $30 on it THE people who run THIS SITE will not answer my tickets and it's being 2 or 3 week ago that it happened SO PLEASE THINK REALLY HARD BEFORE SPENDING YOU MONEY on this game.
  9. 最近明らかにbotではないのかと思われる空母が頻繁に出没しており、そのたびに通報チケットを切っていますがなんの動きもなく、一向にbot空母の減少がなく、非常に残念に感じています。 現在のゲーム内での通報システムではあまり効果がなく、フォーラムなどの上のバーのサポートというところから入ってマイチケットを切ることで報告・通報ができるとのことでしたが、私は昨日初めて知りました。以後、そちらのほうから報告させていただこうかと思います。 「bot使用が確実視されるプレイヤー」に対する「それ以外の人間のプレイヤー」が制裁を行うための手段についてご意見させていただきたいと思います。 私が新たに導入してほしいと考えている制度は、「対象プレイヤーをその時点での戦闘から強制的に除外する」ための手段をその他のプレイヤー達に与えるためのものです。 詳細は ・「投票制」として、そのプレイヤーを除外するか賛成・反対の投票を対象プレイヤーの味方チームが行う。 ・賛成多数、もしくは一定以上の賛成が集まった時点で対象となったプレイヤーはその戦闘から強制的に除外。残った艦は自動的にHP0で轟沈扱いとするが、点数の変動は行わない。 (・反対多数、もしくは一定以上の反対が集まった時点でそのプレイヤーは残存が決定。以後その戦闘中は除外されない。) ・ゲームから除外された場合、そのプレイヤーは経験値、クレジットの払い出しは行われない。(艦の修理費はHP0として計算する。弾薬や航空機・魚雷の費用は除外された時点での計算とする。) ・悪用や乱発を防ぐため、通報や賛辞などと同じように使用制限回数を付ける。もしくはそういったプレイヤーには使用不可などといったアカウントごとの制裁措置を新たに設ける。 (・投票の場はチャット欄として、Fキーの5・6の了解・拒否をそのまま流用するか、ずらして11・12に新たに賛成・反対を設ける。) 上記のようなものを提案したいと思います。
  10. I just had a rather strange battle while in my Zuhio. The enemy CVs (also a Zuhio) sent their planes to the southwest spawn from the north and his planes just circled there until they got shot down by the CA that were there. These planes beelined there and ignored all ships including 2 juicy targets (BBs) they encountered. I was east of this location so i put my fighters between its planes and my ship but they never came. while i completed my first strike on a newmexico that sank. I completed 2 additional strikes in the time it took to find their CV in the NW corner of the map and as soon as i spotted the CV all of its bomber came out and started attacking the fleet while i engaged the fighters. Now I know its is possible that the player/bot could of just playing possum til enough of my planes got swatted out of the sky but it is all a bit too odd that they ignored viable targets at the start and stopped over the top of a known spawn location. Also it is more than a little odd that I did not see its planes once they were shot down the first time until I spotted the CV I had time to rearm my planes twice between them getting shot down and when they launched off the CV. Is this an example of bot like behavior or not? I decided to err on the side of caution and report it as bot.
  11. in this hour more than 80% of CV specially Shoukaku are bot. Whats going on ? Game manager should do something or emergency patch is needed urgently
  12. 自分が気が付いたのは最近ですが、明らかに動きのおかしい空母が朝晩に出没しています。それらの空母に見られる共通点として ・航空機の出撃後そのまままっすぐ敵陣の前まで直進し、発見した艦に向けて攻撃して帰還するを繰り返す。駆逐艦は見る限り無視している。対空砲や対空防火スキルを避けた移動や逃げたりといった行動は見てる限り一切おこさない。すぐ近くに敵の駆逐艦が現れた場合は反応を示さず、その駆逐艦に対しての攻撃を行わない。 ・戦闘開始から終了まで、そして戦闘時間中に雷撃機や爆撃機の攻撃に抵抗を見せない。火災や浸水時に応急修理班を使用しない。 ・どんな戦況であろうとも機械的な航空機の操作のみで一切の艦の移動が行われない。 などがあげられます。 空母は他の水上艦とは違い、ストラテジーゲームのようなゲームシステムになっているため航空機さえ動かせればどこでも攻撃が可能なので、ある意味プログラムで動かせばどうとでもなるでしょう。ですが、上記のような動きを見せる空母が頻繁に出没している現状では、空母以外の艦種を使用しているプレイヤーに空母に対する不快感や疑問を覚えさせ、空母を実際に使用しているプレイヤーの空母離れを引き起こし、最悪の場合はこのゲームのプレイ人口の減少を招くでしょう。 このゲームは非常によくできていると思います。だからこそ、botなど不正を行うプレイヤーたちのせいで寿命を縮めてほしくないと思っています。早急な対応を期待しています。