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Found 4 results

  1. Rina_Pon

    DPM is overrated

    A lot of ship discussion, especially comparisons of gunship DDs, focusses on DPM. I think this unfairly makes some DDs look worse than they are. DPM, damage per minute, is simply the number of guns x rate of fire x maximum damage per shell. Even on a basic level, there are other important consideration: penetration and fire chance for example. More subtlely, range and turret firing arcs are significant factors, as are the velocity, accuracy, and travel time of the shells. Finally, there tangential stuff like whether the rest of the ship's traits such as concealment, speed, and nimbleness define the optimum engatement range, and whether the gun characteristics are well suited to this distance or not. All this to say: Blykawica continues to get a seriously bad rep. and it is totally undeserved. I've said it elsewhere but to repeat here: American smoke, French speed, Russian guns (almost). That's some serious potential to work with. Downside are poor concealment and mediocre torps, sub-par AA, and (even after the buffs) modest firing arcs. So yes, it is a well-balanced DD but I can't see why it would be considered an unusually difficult DD to play and do well in. Well, maybe I can. It is a hybrid DD, neither a slealthy torpboat nor a close in gunboat and, unlike Russian ships not really a solo flanker either. So some players might take a while to find her role. Blys is a mid-range opportunist and as such requires fairly good understanding of the game dynamics in order to know where you need to be at any given point in time. But a bad DD she is most definitely not.
  2. ShiraYukira

    Blyskawica or Sims?

    For the current 2 tier 7 DD in the premium shop i don't see them or more like i don't "notice" them in my battles could someone give me a detailed run down in each's pro-cons and which one is prefered over the other (optional) thanks ^_^
  3. i miss my chance to buy blyskawica few weeks ago. i wonder if she will return again some time in the future? (sigh, i should have brought her instead of atlanta)
  4. https://asia.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/ Oh i'll be comming back now. I want me a Polish DD. So is anyone else excited for this historical ship?