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Found 6 results

  1. I finally found some time to finish it over Easter holidays... Warspite, the ship we all know but how much of the hype is still relevant? Is she still strong or is her remarkable reputation something of the past? Here's my Warspite review... Enjoy... And as always any support on YT or Reddit is very much appreciated. And happy to discuss; of course!
  2. G'day Folks, Finally managed to finish this bad boy (it was basically done then I had a kid and 10.0 dropped, so had to redo it)... Videos will be a little less frequent but I will still do them fairly regularly, I'll just have to juggle them with Dad duties. Leme know what you think, as usual all the YouTube and Reddit loves are appreciated. Honestly go nuts, this will be the last BLUF for a little bit while I try and update channel art/templates... We'll see how far I get though as it entails redoing the Intro, video graphics, etc etc...
  3. G'day Folks, Finally got around to finishing this sucker... Well, that was interesting... I didn't get the same results as New York... Hope you folks enjoy! As usual if you have the time YouTube and Reddit comments/likes are always appreciated, I'll always engage with you! What do you think? How did you find New Mexico? Interested to hear your opinions, because I know there's a couple of people out there who may not agree with me and I'd love to understand why...
  4. G'day folks, I'm at a decision point... I am starting BLUF scripts this week, I need to know... New York - Montana first or Kansas-Vermont? Second option will likely be the other, then RM BBs after that. When we finish those we'll work out what to do next... (I want to look at CA lines, USN perhaps, KM or RM...)
  5. G'day Folks, So here we are, BLUF for Albemarle... @Project45_Opytny, @dejiko_nyo. Video includes a build, including comments on other options and as with the more recent additions there's noob-o-meter and skill-o-meter rating as well. Shout-out to @Rub1c0n, who features in chat at around 07:26. For those with reddit, please see the reddit link and comment/upvote - see if we can crack the salt-wall. Thoughts?
  6. Good Morning Folks, Got a new video for you all to digest... New series of reviews (I needed something to do while the IFHE/CV changes settle before another UN-EFF-IT). Thought I'd start with RN CAs, so first cab off the rank is Hawkins... ... ... The usual Language Warnings... And please show me some reddit love, the echo-chamber dwellers are a hard nut to crack... Thanks folks, I really hope you guys enjoy this, if you have the time, comment on reddit/YT and let me know in those if you like/don't the video... Otherwise I always enjoy discussing with you guys in here anyways...