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Found 6 results

  1. XxxGr1ffinxxX

    Black Friday

    The black ships are back I already have Tirpitz, normal though. Yes, i know different people enjoy different ships, but anyway what are you favorite ships of the pack? Good credit grinder, good captain trainer, xp/free xp earner? oh and just to let everyone know, I know the parameters of basically all the ships. Thanks for explaining her gun armament, torpedo armament, etc, its not being rude, its saving your breath would love to hear everyones thoughts
  2. I just got the black friday mission for my graf zeppelin b, play 2 random battles and counter is not moving at all!! It said play a battle of any type except clan and training, I did 2 and it still did not move! Am I doing something wrong here?
  3. Bloodeagle113

    Alaska B without BLACK CAMO????????

    I recently purchased Alaska B from the premium shop directly, however it didn’t came with the black camo. Is’t just me or someone has the same problem too?
  4. I bought the 2x standard black friday container for 250 doubloons in the armory. In the list of items that can drop from the container it says 14 days premium but I only got 24 hours of premium time. Either the container is bugged or the information on the drops is incorrect.
  5. why does the in-game premium shop (the shop when you go via in-game link) have to data on the basic/discount/supreme bungle data can see the info if I login in via internet, but not via game. just reporting the bug
  6. Tier 3 to 8 premium ships should be on discount, so why is Mutsu not on discount? Indianapolis is also affected by this.