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Found 4 results

  1. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    I know I'm a potato

    Okay before people start to bag and say git gud, Der i know that and Der yes i am trying to improve my game hence why i ask for advice but I think some people need a swift boot up the butt. So yesterday, i was playing with a person who had teamspeak and all was good couple of games then i took the Benson out, we tiered up to T10 and i guess i struggled, still scored more than he did but i just could'nt do anything with this ship as radar, spotters and hydro and frankly no support. When i fired I had 4 ships fire back and i got smashed and i just vented OMG i hate this ship it just doesn't seem to do anything i wanted and i spent all game running from shots, slow torps, bloom guns very little i could do. So he told me i have no idea how to play DD's or more to the point US DD's and he pointed out all the things i did wrong, i went are you for real? He said you need to get out in front and smoke us up (which did but then hydro was turned on and on) I told him i did that and every time i was getting smashed by at least 4 ships and he said your job is to get out in front and keep spotting even if you die .... i went there is no fun in that i want to shoot and torp if i can. Well US DD's are not for torping and all you need to do is keep avoiding shots. OMG i said mate these are T10 Cruisers and when you have 4 of them shooting nothing is going to stop them from hitting you at 8kms. So he told me i was a shite player basically. Anyway i decided to just ignore it and the next game i played with my Win/Win Leningrad it was a utter shocker .... yep i sent torpedoes to an island while he was already dead and watching me, any reason why you fired torps into an islands? OMFG he got into my head and it made me the worst potato i have ever been. The crazy thing was only earlier yesterday i had one of the best games and i told him, but he said that is not how to play a US DD You shoot from range WASD hack and you take on DD's and you spot for everyone else that's it. I said well thats boring and i wouldn't play DD's if that is all i am supposed to do. So how does one play Benson when they are playing T10 .... and you are getting smashed by 4 cruisers? Thank you in advance.
  2. Saw this guy in the Benson launching sekrit ww2 guided missiles
  3. And if so, do you have any advice for getting the very most out of the ship in ranked battles? I'm currently at rank 7 after about 150 battles with just over 55% wr in the Benson (I've stopped trying to play anything else in ranked as I don't get nearly as good results) and I still feel like there's something I'm not doing quite right in it. Especially the first few minutes of the match, and the initial encounter, I always seem to come out of it with less health than my opponent, even when I've positioned carefully, have tried to organise fire support, and I'm nailing my volleys. Map specific advice would be great too. North, for example, starting as the top team, how best to approach A cap? I never feel confident trying to contest it from the north due to the position of the islands making it harder to manoeuvre back out again than on the south side. Cheers!
  4. Pseudoscope


    Hi guys, After getting my Benson (tier 8 US DD) I've been making next to no credits. Is this the issue at higher tiers with all ships or is this just the benson? I like to brawl somewhat with it and it is required as the only thing it has is decent guns, so my repair costs are usually quite high. Anyone else got some experience with the topic?