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Found 3 results

  1. I've seen this pop up several times, including very recently where players fail to understand the point of the Blacklisting otherwise known as a Message Filtering system in the game. The filtering system is NOT designed to stop players from playing with or playing against other players. The system is designed to stop a player reciveving messges from players they have filtered (Blacklisted). It doesn't stop messages being sent, it just stops the reception. It works the same as any form of filter, be it physical or digital. A fishing net for example, water goes through, large fish do not. Think of the balcklisted players messages as the fish. They will depart from somewhere but not make it to their destination because of the net. Now the feature is useful when used appropriately. I myself have used it in the past to block messages from players who were either too salty, or too immature. One example was during a Co-op game, a player who lost their ship in the first few minutes exclaimed in chat that I was, to put it less crudely, 'Taking a Hipper up the Stern without consent'. Granted I was a little peoccupied dealing with a very angry Montana in my Zao that I failed to notice the Hipper coming up behind me. However not wanting to be distracted by their poor attempts at humour, I blacklisted the player that said it. That is a perfectly good reason to filter someone. However, blacklisting players in droves can be detrimental when they are trying to contact you about specific things, for example the entire right flank has disitergrated and they need your help to fill the gap. Even if they send a message, you won't be able to read it. The same issue appears if a player wants to invite you to a Division or a Clan, they can send the invite but you can't read it. In Co-op, this doesn't really matter as the chances of being overrun by the AI is negated by having an overall understanding of their attack pattern. However, in Random, Ranked, Clan or any special event where you are not facing AI enemies, blocking off communication with the team can be a terrible tactical move and will increase the chances of your team either losing or you being sunk early.
  2. I've noticed over the past weeks larger numbers of players jumping into co-op than there used to be, not including the ususal pink ships that pop in from time to time. No, I'm talking about players coming in from Random because the sea is a little too salty. Now, the problem isn't that that they spam chat, ram other players at the start of the match or even team kill their allies by accident beacuse they didn't look at the minimap. That I don't care about because it happens to everyone, except probably the chat spamming but that can be easily muted. No the problem is players failing to understand how ships work. Or more specifically, turn. There have been too many times in the past few weeks where an ally BB or CA slides alongside my Tirpitz or Yamato and either requests support or informs me that they're going to support me. Now, I don't ask for support in Co-op nor do I offer it becasue in almost every case, the player team doesn't need it. But I digress, the issue is the player slides alongside me so close that I can't turn without either ramming them or beaching myself and in case most people don't know, German BB's don't have reverse, at least not one that works properly. And my match ends because the AI DD's suddenly notice two ships locked together and fire their salvo of torps, leaving both myself and the idiot that doesn't know how ships work to take the whole salvo. or failing that an enemy Minotaur rains down pain on both of us.With me unable to return fire because the idiots bridge is in the way. If you're used to helping others in Random, Clan or Ranked, that's fine, but Co-op is different, capping is optional, the enemy will prioritise ships with torps and most players don't ask for support unless they genuinely need it and definitely do not need to see another BB slide in so close that they can't turn or fire their own guns, both main and secondary. Now I know some might say 'but It's only Co-op, who cares' and to those people I say this. Random is a repugnant swamp filled with mounds of toxic salt and is home to numerous team killers, the same team killers that players in Co-op have to deal with as they sort through their 'punishment'. An hour long timeout in Training or tutorials would be a better option than dumping them into co-op. I find joy in shooting at the AI and not being shot by my own allies or the odd unicum in a Moskva or Stalingrad that rips apart half my team before anyone shoots them. I enjoy the quick games, most matches barely last over 10 mins and I especially like the near silent chat that isn't filled with rascist bullshit and the mindless stupidity of some players. But most of all I enjoy playing where there is no real pressure to win, most players know that the match is a foregone conclusion so there is no need for people to fill the chat with their 'strategies', again Capping is optional unless absolutely needed. It's when other people who predominantly play the other gamemodes prevent Co-op players from playing how they want that it becomes a problem, and planting your BB just off my port side, then matching my speed and preventing me from turning or firing does not help! If you want to play like that, fine, go back to Random or Clan or Ranked and prevent your team/division from playing the game. Just keep your desire to be an utter nuisance out of Co-op. TL;DR: For anyone who tries to play Co-op matches like Random, Clan or Ranked and ruins Co-op players games.
  3. I recently started replaying WoWs again and for the most part everything has been relatively okay. However I'm starting to think that some of the old vitriol is coming back. Namely in the form of Racism and discrimination. I am well aware that it is not allowed nor condoned by WG but is there a way for the chat filter to pick up if a derogatory word is used and penalise the user for it. For the latest example, I just managed to capture it, my team was losing badly, I was left in my Zao defending against a Montana, Hindenburg, Yugumo and another Zao with a Kraken. At the very end of the game a chat message popped up from an allied Montana that got itself sunk about halfway through the game. Is there anyway for WG to at the very least force a chat ban through the chat system itself?