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Found 3 results

  1. All, Regarding new players, each class has strengths and weaknesses. You'll learn them as you go. I've prepared some notes below for your general reading, to hopefully provide you with some guidance on what to expect for classes and trees, and how to perhaps assist gameplay improvements. It's an opinion piece only.....not an extensive guide. It's aimed at newer players to help with ship selection. Just click on each spoiler below to see nation detailed information, and / or read summaries underneath for each class. (NOTE: DD = Destroyer, CA/CL = Cruiser Heavy / Cruiser Light, BB = Battleship, CV = Carrier) US Destroyers IJN Destroyers For all Destroyers Turn your AA off by pressing the P key (you'll see 2 small yellow icons appear to the left of your HE ammo, indicating AA is off). Only turn on your AA if you are fully spotted by aircraft (i.e. they're above your head). Do not drive in straight lines. Ever. Do not expect to gun duel with anyone and live. It's the other stuff shooting at you, because you are lit, that will probably get you. US Cruisers IJN Cruisers For all Cruisers As you get into higher tiers (5 and upwards), you should be thinking about how you support your team. One of your first roles should be to position yourself as AA cover for those who need it, for the first few minutes of battle. This may mean hanging within a grid square or so of your CV(s).....because the enemy will be sending strike aircraft your way, and you can demolish their first wave in a CA/CL. Very important overall that you pick your targets. Don't pretend to be a DD. They're better at it than you ever will be. Be a shepherd for your fleet instead. Either destroy DDs, or at least drive them (and their torps) away from your herd. Use sequential fire, HE, if and when you can. Hard to avoid a storm of HE, regardless of what ship you're in. HE is your preferred ammo type, but AP can be useful against the right targets (sometimes BBs). US Battleships IJN Battleships For all Battleships People whine about BBs all the time, but you have to play them carefully or you will die pretty quickly....and it will be your own fault. Finding yourself without CA AA cover, being attacked by DDs that pop out from islands 4km away.....these are things that you can avoid. Battleships are awesome and difficult at the same time. Nothing gives you the warm and fuzzies more than firing a broadside at a CA and wiping out it's 30,000 HP in the one salvo. But, nothing is worse than sitting there watching torps coming at you, and knowing that you have stuffed up and you can't possibly turn in time to avoid them. Forget chasing DDs and enemy CVs.....you're slower, you have less spotting range, and a half decent enemy will kill you before you have a chance to curse their name. Your position in your fleet is "foundation"......pick that area of the map I mentioned, and head towards it.....then adjust strategy along the way. US Carriers IJN Carriers For all Carriers NEVER send your fighters too far away from your ship, unless you know where the enemy CV strike aircraft are. Don't always think that you have to kill the enemy CV(s). It is handy, but if you lose your aircraft doing it, you're useless. Enemy BBs are also very juicy targets, and can be game-changing if you remove them. Learn how to use the ALT key to drop torps. Sometimes, "bait" aircraft are useful. That includes baiting a lone enemy fighter flight into combat with two of your fighter flights......cut off his line of retreat by sending stuff out wide and behind him. Hard to explain this skill, but very effective. Sometimes, it's better to try and hit the strike aircraft on their return leg home, instead of trying to chase them on their inbound leg. This means sending your fighters to the line of retreat for their strike aircraft. You may not stop this attack, but you'll probably be able to wipe them out so they can't attack again. CVs are pretty game-changing, in the right hands. Be aware that any DD worth his salt is going to be trying to break through your lines to hunt you down, and the average player knows exactly where you are on the map. Don't lose sight of the strategic picture, and move your ship accordingly. Overall Advice Division up when you can. Mad if you don't. Don't be afraid to use Co-op to get to know a particular ship, before hitting PvP with it. Try to avoid being the first person spotted. It draws enemy fire for some reason..... Learn and understand your Commander's skills. Research, talk to others......before you allocate them. However, it isn't that expensive in Dubloons to reset if you muck it up. (note - the detection one is handy, even in a BB......sometimes you need to know when there's a DD nearby....) As I said earlier, not an extensive guide or anything....there are plenty of other considerations, but this is just a guide for those who are starting up. Just my thoughts and playstyle. Folks are welcome to disagree with my tips here, but remember - this is my list of things. Each person might be different across a multitude of areas. Cheers. Noppers.
  2. detonate_me_daddy

    We need some better tutorials

    I'm not sure if WG implemented any better tutorial since I started. But I feel like the current tutorial is not working. First of all, game modes, before a player is allowed to enter PVP or even PVE they should be given tutorials on EACH game modes and WIN the battle in order to get into the actual game. Yes, there is, on the game loading screen, a line which tells you what to do in each game mode but 1st hardly anyone READS them, 2nd currently the game only have 4 languages available we are in god damn ASIA server!! And after they get a new type of ship, they should receive a tutorial on HOW to play it. Like Destroyers should try to hide to an extent and use the white line to guide torps, BBs should stay with ur cruiser teammates. YES there is a line on the matchmaking screen telling you what each type should do but again hardly anyone reads them And CVs.....................when i started playing CV there is no tutorial whatsoever, I only got to know it when my friend who plays CV tells me how to launch planes and how to manual aim. With such a poor tutorial system, of course the gameplay experience will be bad Seriously WG do you even try??? Yes you implemented a tutorial page but It need the user to click themselves and watch a video and so no one bother to watch it, WHY? because it is not complimentary! Actually implement some REAL tutorial rather than implementing a in-game online video plugin.....
  3. A simple guide born out of the frustration to most CV captains I've seen and being a beginner one myself' maybe some sharing may improve gameplay. (I hope ... ) Step 1. DON'T HIDE IN THE CORNER ! Simply because EVERYBODY knows you're there. They may not see you yet, but it narrows down where they need to look and send the bombers. Also hiding behind an island may block level line of sight, but since planes ignore terrain its only a matter of time until you are spotted. Step 2. Learn the AUTOPILOT Having established that staying in a corner isn't a great idea, this means you should get moving. But steering a ship and coordinating planes will take alot of multi-tasking and hotkey effort. So to lighten the load ... Use ship-autopilot ! Setup a course following your teammates with waypoints, slow or fast it just means a) you are not in the same spot than before hence it may take enemies longer to find you or get closer to you. b) you are closer to teammates who can help or escort you c) you are closer for returning planes and hence shortening attack times. d) at least you are moving than starting at zero speed. It helps to minimise torpedo and bomb hits, Step 3. Battle awareness. Because you can launch planes, and they move faster than ships ... means you have additional duty to find where the enemy is, If you know where the enemy is before they know where you are, as a CV you can avoid them better. As any other ship, with the information provided to then setup your attack formation better. This is especially important in the early phase of battle because if enemy DDs are found and destroyed early ... the battle can shift in your team's favour fast. (Not foolproof advice, but the key is giving your team the knowledge to react properly) Step 4. The attack. Attacking is what a CV can do well, but its down here instead of being the top piece of advice. Why? Because if you can preserve yourself well, then its easier to concentrate on the attack part. When attacking, try to aim for 'loners' (preferably BBs and CVs) for the simple reason that its much easier to eliminate enemies who cannot protect themselves well. You have your protection secure then attack, they don't have their protection secure they become prey to you. Another thing about attacking is that its a process in itself ... i) move planes through the best gaps in defense ii) estimate plane to target approach iii) setup attack ahead of approach point iv) try to ensure planes can come back alive That's enough for the moment ... I'm not too experienced a CV captain, however I do hope that its something to start improving the play quality of anyone starting CV. For vid reference ... you can watch some guides from generous early players (included below)