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Found 4 results

  1. Rina_Pon

    Potato analysis

    Games shift dramatically on weekends, everyone has experienced it. Essentially you can expect 2-4 of your team to be unreliable, i.e. potatoes. To account for this, you have to play more conservatively at high tier, and as more of a lone wolf at low tier. I had the opportunity, after dying mid game in my Myoko in a T9 match on Hot Spot (happens), to follow a Lenin around for the final 10 minutes of the match. He had caught my attention earlier by his strange positioning. It was a fascinating experience. Lenin, T8 premium Russian BB. He had the fancy Camo, naturally. And he was a Potato. The anatomy of a T8 Potato by Rina_Pon 1. Cannot hit anything. Forget Russian dispersion, literally he had no idea how to lead his guns. Volley after volley fell long or short. 2. Spectacular lack of map awareness. Continued to track a red ship 20 km away behind him, despite an undetected enemy JB coming around the island less than 8 km in front. Not only was he not paying attention to the JB before he went behind the island, it took him a good 20 s after the was detected on the other side before he even started to turn his turrets. 3. Blundered into every speculative torpedo spread sent in his direction. 4. Did not even attempt to cap, support, or push, despite red having flipped all three caps by the 13 minute mark. Played the entire match in the same style as I would play a Mogami: i.e. cruising in and out of cover behind islands, looking for safe opportunities to snipe. There's a difference though, and I mean besides the obvious fact that playing Lenin in this style is beyond clueless .... when I'm in the back in a Mogami, I'm 100% focused on supporting my front line ships, positioning and targeting for maximum effectiveness. This guy ... 100% oblivious to the world outside his targeting reticule. He sees a red ship and spends the rest of the game shooting at it. So I realized at last what makes a potato potate: its not just a lack of knowledge about ship strengths, features, and combat mechanics ... let alone ignorance of team tactics, map strategy, or game objectives. Its that they play the game in greatly reduced terms, as running battle carried out at long distances between them and a single enemy ship. Bearing this in mind I suggest you have to play more conservatively on weekends, since in terms of providing direct support or utility these ships are as good as AFK.
  2. I've had Izumo for a while now and I am starting to wonder just why WG put her in the game, she is by far the worst ship in the upper tiers of the game, not to mention she has worse concealment than Yamato. Her only purpose seems to be as target practice for Zao's, Baltimore's and Moskva's. I'm curious why the Tier IX IJN BB wasn't the 'Number 13' prototype. I know there are plenty of threads on this already but I find it strange that they put such a useless ship at Tier IX when the other nations Tier IX BB's are far more superior in every aspect.
  3. so what now? Should we wait for the Armor Piercing bombs soon so i can sip the BBabies tears?
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