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Found 79 results

  1. I finally found some time to finish it over Easter holidays... Warspite, the ship we all know but how much of the hype is still relevant? Is she still strong or is her remarkable reputation something of the past? Here's my Warspite review... Enjoy... And as always any support on YT or Reddit is very much appreciated. And happy to discuss; of course!
  2. 現状、日本の巡洋艦と戦艦の多くが対空砲火の威力不足に悩まされています。史実では、巡洋艦や戦艦は主砲から零式弾や三式弾などの時限信管付きの対空砲弾を発射することができました。そこで、私は日本巡洋艦・戦艦の主砲を両用砲化し、対空砲弾を発射できるようにすることで、対空火力を向上させることを提案します。ちなみに、現在両用砲を搭載しているのは、秋月やフレッチャーなどの駆逐艦や一部のアメリカ巡洋艦です。 中口径・大口径主砲の対空能力 ストロングポイント           ウィークポイント ・射程が長い              ・砲塔の旋回が遅いため、回避されやすい ・威力が高い              ・装填時間が長い ・爆発半径が大きい           ・精度が低い
  3. G'day folks, I've stopped ducking and weaving and have won my battle with technical issues... Here it is, the long awaited Yukon BLUF. I do not cover any of the controversy, this is a ship review, plain and simple... As Objective as I can Subjectively deliver. Happy to discuss her in depth in the comments/things, Please throw me a Reddit thumb as I suspect NA will auto-downvote it.
  4. WOWS内の出雲の艦橋は、これまで多くのプレイヤーから「現実味がない」「ダサい」「キモい」「〇〇〇」と通報されまくっていましたが、一向に見た目バフが訪れる気配がありません。 WG自身も出雲をどのように変更するのがベストか分かっていないのかもしれません。 「日本軍らしく、現実味のある、Tier9らしい威容がある」そんな戦艦とはいったいどのような艦形なのか・・・・ 多くの方が求めているにも関わらず、その姿は明確に示されたことはありませんでした。出雲を具体的にどのようにすればベストなのか? 今回はそのベストと思われる出雲をご紹介させて頂きます。 (詳細は、Abrams1991氏のtwitterにてご確認ください。https://twitter.com/Abrams335?s=17 ) まずは以下の写真をご覧下さい。 twitter上でAbrams1991氏が公開した出雲です。 艦橋は、現在の出雲型の少し前のめりな艦橋の意匠を残して大改装されてます。 戦闘に必須な司令塔も追加され、戦闘部署や居住性が大改善されており、かなり現実的な戦艦らしい艦橋です。 対空砲についても改善されています。現在の出雲のは主砲の爆風や煙突からの遮熱をほとんど考慮せず対空砲が配置されていますが、この出雲では対空砲配置も現実的な配置になっています。 対空砲と連動する指揮装置も現実的な箇所に配置されており、かなりリアリティがあります。 大和型との比較です。出雲が同系列の戦艦であることが分かる違和感のないデザインです。 非常に日本軍らしさを感じる艦形です。 このように「日本軍らしさ」と「大和に通ずる道の最終段階」であることが感じられるデザインにするべきだと考えます。 WOWSに実装されている出雲はかなり奇抜で、非現実的です。 現在の出雲では、多少バフされたとはいえ見た目の悪さから未だ不人気な戦艦です。とても武蔵と同格の戦艦には見えません。 しかし、大改装して現実的かつ威容のある戦艦になれば人気艦となることは間違いありません。 このように艦橋、及び周辺の構造物を一新する大改装案を、「出雲D船体」として提案します。 戦中写真のごとく加工された一枚の写真。大和と出雲が並ぶ姿は、頼もしいの一言です。 出雲の艦橋変更を望む多くのプレイヤーが待っているのはこういった光景だと思います。架空艦であっても、歴史的背景を感じられるようにすべきです。 もし出雲がこのようになれば、多くのWOWSプレイヤーの悲願が達成されるとともに、新たに日本戦艦ツリーに興味を示したプレイヤーがフリー経験値を多く使用するため、WGは収益を得ることができます。 まさに一隻二鳥。もはや出雲型を大改装しない理由がありません! D船体追加について、皆さんはどのように思われますでしょうか?ご意見を頂けると幸いです。 最後になりましたが、素晴らしい力作の画像使用許可をくださったAbrams1991氏に感謝いたします。 この出雲の詳細は、Abrams1991氏のtwitterにてご確認ください。https://twitter.com/Abrams335?s=17
  5. 除一個地圖外,所有BB在 spawn 時都在隊伍最後的位置,做成就是想前出 Tank 都不行,根本沒那個速度,建議改善。至少一台BB應該spawn超前。
  6. S4pp3R

    Marco Polo... ...

    Hey folks So some of you wanted my honest opinion on MP... She's the most balanced T9 premium BB released. (I consider Pommern weak, yet to confirm that). But I wouldn't call her balanced. Because this is with Deadeye and with her wonky dispersion... If you want to pick her up, go for it - for coal. But she’s got nothing on JB or Georgia apart from looks. This is something I am worried about for RM BBs T4-7 as well. They are ok with Deadeye but even then I wouldn't call any of them (including MP) truly balanced. It's the Monarch or Lion canundrum. Let me explain. Their damage potential per shell is quite high but to balance this they have crud accuracy or highly inconsistent dispersion. So over a number of games, sure they'll come up balanced but game to game they aren't. They're either too strong or too weak and it's got little to do with the player. Monarch and Lion pull it off by having absurd HE, RM BBs are trying to do it with SAP. And SAP can get REALLY good results sometimes but generally rolling the dice with AP is better. I am yet to test tech line T8-10, they could be amazing due to shell number but MP is... ... Consistently inconsistently inconsistent. And with any change to Deadeye, they may become 'bad' or at the very least unfun, even for me (I have a history of making 'bad' ships work and enjoying the challenge). Further AP testing with MP required, T8-10 techline yet to be unlocked.
  7. PbKavarovsky

    The right way to play BB

    My god... I have been playing BB wrongly for more than 2000 matches, no wonder why my PR in battleships is so low. Luckily my Dear Lord Flambass showed me the right way of playing BB.
  8. G'day Folks, The last one for 2020; Iowa... So how did I find her? What did I think? See the video but in a word... Enjoyable or maybe Reliable... Monty will be 2021, not sure if a week or two or three... Will largely depend on when my son decides to be born (any day now... ... ... the wait continues). Let me know what you think, in here, YouTube and/or Reddit, all the love is appreciated if you have time. Hope everyone has a great New Years and hopefully we end up solving this pandemic issue...
  9. G'day Folks, So the North Carolina... ... in 2020... How does she fair? Here goes! As usual any YouTube or Reddit loves would be greatly appreciated! I'm trying to get Iowa and Montana smashed out before my son's birth (anytime from now)... Wish me luck!
  10. G'day Folks, Colorado review is live... Sooooooo she's slow, but do her guns make up for it? I answer that question in the video. I didn't mind playing her too much but BBs are BBs... As usual reddit/youtube loves are appreciated and happy to discuss anything in the review on any platform... If you think I'm wrong, tell me - I'm happy for different opinions! Next up is North Carolina, we know she plays differently to Colorado and we know she was good at one point, but what about now with all the premiums... ... Has she been eclipsed?
  11. G'day folks, New York BLUF is here... I expected New York to be a poor mans anything and to have been power crept into oblivion... The results were... ... ... interesting. Like/Comment/Share around but far more importantly what do you think, did you enjoy watching it?
  12. S4pp3R

    Oklahoma - PSA

    G'day Folks, So I just managed to complete the courageous collection and thus picked up Oklahoma... I will not be making a BLUF video on her anytime soon but I thought everyone should know: PSA - play almost any other Tier 5 BB instead of Oklahoma. Let me explain why and what's going on with references to New York and Texas to understand, I'll link my BLUFs at the bottom if you need to know about them. Oklahoma is like the child of an A-hull New York and an A-hull New Mexico. No on looking at her, I thought 'ok so she's an A-hull New Mexico with less guns and poor reload at T5.' Nope... She's worse. So one of the biggest issues with A-hull New York is that she has the old-school USN shells and these seriously lack penetration and reliability (both in HE and AP). When you upgrade to B-hull New York you also get upgraded AP and HE shells. The AP in particular starts maintaining good penetration values at most ranges. A-hull New Mexico has these improved shells as standard, because plainly the old-school shells are so bad they perform REALLY poorly even at T5, imagine trying to hit a Bismarck with them? To top this off, Oklahoma has an abysmal 40s reload. If her shells were actually good, this is less of an issue. The reason for this is while her DPM is low, her alpha-strike is pretty good and most of playing a BB is hitting with alpha-strike. But when you combine this poor DPM with really bad shell characteristics, it makes the low DPM exponentially worse. This is because you are more likely to shatter/bounce more of the shells, reducing the potential damage per salvo. I haven't done a direct comparison to other nations BBs but it's basically redundant. Apart from a minor upper belt increase to 25mm and an impressive turtleback, she still has the 19mm everywhere that New York suffers from. And this 19mm is the crucial point, every BB shell in the game overmatches it, meaning citadels through the bow and stern and full pens in all sorts of other places. Oklahoma tries to trade everything else for being 'tanky' and having respectable AA, she fails at this and is basically a walking XP pinata with unreliable guns. Don't get me wrong, as with any Tier 5 BB, anyone with decent skills will still get results but I would rate every other BB at Tier 5 ahead of her. Having extra 'citadel protection' does not make you tanky when you are still covered in 19mm plating. Almost all gun HE will pen 19mm (120s+) and every BB sized gun in the game will overmatch you with AP (272 mm +) Whereas Texas trades some gun power (in DPM and range) for better turret angles on 3rd turret and better AA; she still has the modern shells which means her guns will still perform. I'm really sorry, I wanted to like Oklahoma, hell if I can make Kansas work, surely I can make Oklahoma work? Yes but she doesn't have an overwhelming broadside weight at tier to compensate for her poor shell characteristics (whereas Kansas does). New York and Texas for reference...
  13. Harder_Senpai

    Tier 10 Kremlin help needed!

    Hello all, Just need some help in regards to this (in)famous ship, but first a little bit of a rant/why and how I got here. I have T6 in French, British, Japanese battleships and T5 in German. I enjoy the French and the Japanese lines exceedingly, however I focused on Soviet BB's first, now this line up until T9 and T6 with the others I have enjoyed all BB's in the lines with exception of German Battleships, all are varied but fun to play, British BB's seem to be more passive unfortunately with my play style, and yes I tend to be more aggressive and push flanks or objectives, with decent results. Now every ship has its weaknesses and strengths and all that jazz but all were comfortable to play and were quick to graspand understand. Except the Kremlin. The Kremlin in 23 Battles has been honestly the most disappointing ship I have ever been in period, not even the Konig is this bad, either I am doing something horrible or something is not right as this ship is sluggish as all hell, has the worst accuracy I have ever had the pleasure of seeing outside of 12-14km (depends on rnjesus), guns that seem big but struggle to either pen, overmatch all the time, AA that is ineffective the moment someone hits you with a couple of salvo's and the best part, melts to HE and fires. At least this has been my experience so far, Now I have tier 10 Soviet cruisers and without a doubt I think the Moskva and the Dimitry Donskoi are superior in tankiness and punchiness to the Kremlin, hell I played ranked with the Moskva and really enjoyed hunting Yamato's, and in general since I only got into it literally 5 days prior to the season ending when I first got the T10 ship I managed to get to rank 10, sure not much but I think its decent for a first try. Anyways, prior to getting the Kremlin, I did the other lines up to T6 and had read the Wows forums and Reddit and all literally point to the Kremlin being this absurd monster that can just solo kill all battles and is completely invincible with the best guns that are super accurate that makes the yamato blush, and to top it off was so extremely powerful that even nubs who just got it can demolish the opposition. I am fair sure there is more nuance to that, but believing this thing was a monster I worked hard to get it and finally did. My first battle I did 60K damage, the second I did 13k damage, the third I did 80K and then it got worse. I tried island humping, tried sneaking into a flank, even holding off moving forward until the team was good to go, and a few times tried pushing caps, but to no avail, back to port I went. HE shells literally rained on me and even when I was not the first spotted or the closest I seemed to be focused on hard, which led to no AA or secondaries in a few salvos, which led to CV's literally getting a free kill (it's a competition to who gets me first now - the fires by cruisers or HE BB's or the CV. The so much vaunted armour, so far holds up to any AP shells but I don;t know if its the rework of IFHE or what but I literally melt in around two minutes to HE shells or less if a CV also joins in. The guns which are so highly praised just seem so lacklustre, I have never been disappointed with any guns on any ship but this one, British, French, Japanese are all able to work well and are capable of damaging ships two tiers above and aiming seems easy and straight forward, even all the soviet BB's only the Sinop had average long range accuracy, but the Kremlin, pfftt, not even decent, hell the Sovetsky Soyuz is superior in my opinion. All the complaining aside, how does one actually git gud in it? Any tips, tactics or even build that you recommend, atm I have mine on - Main armaments 1 Damage control 1 Aiming systems 1 Steering gears 1 Concealment 1 Main battery 3 And while I don't have a ten point captain yet, so far I have Priority target, adrenaline rush and superintendant with the intention of going either the Concealment or the fire prevention skill. So thoughts?
  14. G'day Folks, A new One-off that I've been meaning to do for about a week... (One-offs don't have commentary). Myself and my old man get to work... In Visby and Viribus Unitis. Enjoy!
  15. The L 20 is a series of planned design and successor to the Bayern-class dreadnoughts, and match for Hood, Tosa, and South Dakota super-dreadnoughts. In this, we're going to talk about the L 20e α variant. Oversimplified Background in 1914, the Kaiserliche Marine began planning for the battleship design for the 1916 construction program, which would follow the Bayern-class under construction. The Germans had intended for the battleship to be superior to contemporary Queen Elizabeth and Revenge-class dreadnoughts, and called for either ten or twelve 38 cm guns with higher speed of at least 25 knots. Following the Battle of Jutland, Vizeadmiral Reinhard Scheer pushed for new, more powerful battleships, which in concert with Kaiser Wilhelm II's call for what he referred as Einheitsschiff (unified ship) that combined firepower and protection of battleships with high speed of battlecruisers, similar to what we call today as fast battleship. Scheer demanded that the new ships should have guns of 42 cm caliber, an armored belt of 350 mm (14 in) thick and capable of speeds up to 32 knots, all in displacement up to 50,000 ton. By end of 1916, these designs shows up: Ultimately, L 20e are chosen as the basis for the next battleship built. Though at the end, the ships were never built, primarily the shipyard capacity available had been diverted to U-boat construction. The final design, L 20e α, resulted in layout similar to Ersatz Yorck-class battlecruiser, with eight 42 cm gun in twin turrets arranged in two superfiring forward, and two semi-superfiring aft. Protection were broadly similar to the preceding class, but eliminated underwater belt armor due to time-consuming process and belief that the high speed of 26 knots would make up the vulnerability to torpedo attack, hence making them unnecessary. Original Specifications Displacement: Design: 43,800 long tons (44,500 t) Full: 48,700 long tons (49,500 t) Length: 781 ft (238 m) at waterline Beam: 110 ft (33.5 m) Draft: 30 ft (9 m) Installed power: 6x oil-fired and 16x coal-fired boilers, 100,000 shp (75,000 kW) Propulsion: 4x steam turbines, driving 4x propeller shafts Speed: 26 knots (48 km/h) Armament: 8 x 42 cm (16.5 in) SK L/45 guns 12 x 15 cm (5.9 in) SK L/45 guns 8 x 8.8 cm (3.5 in) SK L/45 guns 3 x 60 cm (23.6 in) submerged torpedo tubes Armor: Belt: 30 to 350 mm (1.2 to 13.8 in) Barbettes: 100 to 350 mm (3.9 to 13.8 in) Turrets: 150 to 350 mm (5.9 to 13.8 in) Deck: 60 to 120 mm (2.4 to 4.7 in) Conning tower: 350 to 400 mm (13.8 to 15.7 in) Bulkheads: 60 to 250 mm (2.4 to 9.8 in) Bow plating: 30 mm (1.2 in) Secondary armament: 170 mm (6.7 in) World of Warships - Possible Retrofit and Aspects of Balance Of course, to make her viable for World of Warships gameplay (i assume she's going to be T8), she needs a retrofit to enhance some aspects of her, especially in anti-aircraft department. In this, i drawn up a sketch based on Bayern's and Bismarck's hull in-game: Note: Removal of 2 x 15 cm (5.9 in) gun Replacement of 8.8 cm guns to 16 x 10.5 cm (4.1 in) SK C/33 DP guns in twin mount, arranged four mounts each side Addition of 10 x 3.7 cm Flak LM/42 in twin configuration Addition of 27 x 2 cm Flak 38 in various configuration Superstructure change with Deutschland-style tower and new rangefinders Catapult Some basic aspects of gameplay i can think of: Hitpoints of 68,500 (based on calculation, it should be 69,300, but for the sake of Bismarck maintaining her HP superiority from all, i reduce it) Main gun reload of 30 sec, based on her big caliber but relatively few guns Accuracy the same as other German BBs, but wider spread due to her turret layout Placement as T8 premium
  16. Dendi_Superman

    IZUMO Help Senpai

    Yes, that ship. Getting straddles , overpens, shatters and bounces. *Shoots a near broadside Alaska, gets bounces and overpens.* F2P player so I would like to conserve my FXP but the temptation is getting stronger.
  17. Ok completely shameless humblebrag here... Spiteful Warspite by @Bex_o7 honestly you folks should like and subscribe to him, his commentary is always awesome (very strongly suggest you check out his MN DD series, very good information on the French Destroyers). You will learn stuff from watching as he often remarks on good/bad plays, angling, aim, etc. Had a ripper of a game in a Warspite, it was finally good enough to be featured (I send him a few from time to time). Anyways, here's the link, enjoy folks...
  18. So I skipped and directly bought Sinop (BB T7) with fxp and I have USSR Commander with 9 skills in reserve. Idk anything about this ship but I will learn how to play it later. Right now, I want to input captain skill, but really need recommendation, especially players who already reach Kremlin (BB T10). I found 2 recommendation from Youtuber Mejash's video and Kestrel_Falcon's post in the international forum. I want to ask from fellow Asian server if you're agree to disagree to this 2 source and would be very helpful if you recommend the skill order to be selected, since my captain only got 9 skills for now. Thanks in advance. Mejash's recommendation Kestrel Falcon's recommendation
  19. Recovery from the wounded pride Tier III – Pre-Gangut dreadnought battleship design [Taganrog > Knyaz Suvorov] By the advent of the first dreadnought battleship in the world – HMS Dreadnought, all major naval nations in the world began to develop and design their own dreadnought battleships in response – a new global arms race arose. Russia was among them, as they were struggling to rebuild their navy to cover up their major losses after their humiliating defeat in the Battle of Tsushima and the Russo-Japanese War as a whole. Before the Russians could build the Sevastopol/Gangut-class dreadnought battleship, it would not come into fruition without going through their design concept of dreadnought battleship and its preliminary design embodiment stage.  International contest on dreadnought battleship design has begun in 1906. And by 1907, two preliminary design drafts were drawn and submitted to the Naval Ministry. One was sketched by P.F. Beshkurchov of Baltic Shipyard (Variant A) and the other one by D.V. Skvortsov, Chief Naval Architect of the St. Petersburg Shipyard. Both were supervised by the latter. The two ship designs were more or less similar in a slight variation in main guns arrangement. In the end of 1907, the dreadnought battleship design specification has finalized to have twelve 12”/52 main guns, 14 – 18 x 120 mm deck guns & steam turbine propulsion system that can achieve the top speed not less than 21 knots. The draft design of 4 x 3 main gun configuration – most likely from the German firm of Blohm & Voss, has won the competition and approved as the final design that would soon become Sevastopol/Gangut-class. And thus, those two preliminary designs were abandoned because they fell short of a couple of design requirements – it has ten 12” guns instead of twelve and designed top speed was unsatisfactory as it may not able to reach beyond 21 knots because the design may not include steam turbines. Named after Prince/Count Generalissimo Alexander Suvorov, the most renowned Russian prominent military leader throughout the Russian military history. As the last generalissimo of the Imperial Russian military, he was the man who have achieved numerous victories in over 60 battles & many of Soviet & Russian military doctrines were shaped by his legacy combat & logistics doctrines & even the importance of military personnel's morale. Possibly a fitting given namesake for captains & admirals to start getting familiar with Russian/Soviet BBs, honing combat skills as well as tactics & strategies management, and most of all, mustering the leadership to lead the division & fleet to be their examples to follow, not just by force alone. Displacement: 20,600 tons (Variant A) 19,900 tons (Variant B) Dimensions: Unknown for this specific design Armor: Unknown Armaments: 5 x 2 – 305mm/52 (12”/52) Pattern 1907 main guns 7 x 2 – 120mm/50 (4.7”/50) Pattern 1905 deck guns – twin gun mounts or 14 x 1 – 120mm/50 (4.7”/50) Pattern 1905 casemate guns A few 75mm/50 Pattern 1892 & 1-pounder (37mm) Vickers/Hotchkiss AA guns Propulsion system: 4-shaft non-steam turbine propulsion system Tier IV – Sevastopol/Gangut The Sevastopol or Gangut-class was officially the Imperial Russian Navy’s first dreadnought battleship class. All four were built since 1909 – 1914 and first served the Baltic Fleet in December 1914 when the Great War already began, while adjustments and tunings on their turrets and fire control systems were still in progress. Named after the Siege of Sevastopol (among the Russians) and the lead ship was named after the Battle of Gangut. Following up with its development stage, she was laid down and began construction based on the final design approved in 1909 for their first dreadnought battleship design project, designed by the German firm of Blohm & Voss. The design has all of the project’s design requirements met and fulfilled. Sevastopol/Gangut-class was known to have her main guns arranged on flat, 'linear' arrangement (lineinoe raspolozhenie) of turrets distributed over the length of the ship as the Russians were sceptical of the idea of superfiring as they discounted the value of axial fire, thought that broadside fire was much more important and also believed that super firing turrets could not fire while over the lower turret because of muzzle blast would interfere with the open sighting hoods in the lower turret's roof. During the Russian Civil War, all three ships except Petropavlovsk (later Marat) were laid up due to lack of manpower. Moreover, they provided artillery supports for the Bolshevik movements and joined the Kronstadt Rebellion. Since then, all four ships were renamed in a communist revolutionary themes. Since then, three ships were recommissioned and continue serving the Soviet Navy – VMF in exception of Poltava/Frunze was left abandoned and never repaired, despite a few proposals such as aircraft carrier and battlecruiser conversion plans were made to reconstruct her. In between 1928 – 1941, all three received modernization refits with a significantly modest AA weapons upgrades, modernized fire control system, increased main gun rate of fire to 2.0 RPM, increased turret roofs thickness to 152mm, new armored decks and torpedo bulges received, installation of catapult for flying boat and overall superstructure & funnels upgrade. In WWII, both ships were restricted on the defensive to fend off German invaders and then supporting the Red Army offensive in 1944. Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya & Parizhskaya Kommuna were both decorated with the Order of Red Banner honor before the WWII officially ended. After the war, two decorated ships were retired as a “school battleship” for a few year until both were stricken from the naval record in 1956 and finally sent to scrap in 1958. Displacement: 23,288 tons (normal) 24,800 tons (full load) Dimensions: Length: 181.2 m Beam: 26.9 m Draft: 8.40 m Armor: Waterline belt: 125 – 225mm Upper belt: 75 – 125mm Deck: 12 – 50mm Crosspieces: 100mm Turrets: 76 – 203mm Barbettes: 75 – 150mm Conning tower: 100 – 254mm Armaments: 4 x 3 – 305mm/52 (12”/52) Pattern 1907 main guns (1.8 RPM) 16 x 1 – 120mm/50 (4.7”/50) Pattern 1905 casemate guns 4 x 1 – 76mm/50 Lenders AA guns 4 x 1 – 47mm 3-pounder AA guns 4 x 1 – 7.62mm Maxim machine guns Propulsion system: 10 Parsons steam turbines on 4-shaft propulsion units 25 Yarrows Admiralty-type water tube boilers Total 52,000 shp (on trial) Total 42,000 shp (in practical) Top speed: 24.6 knots (on trial) 23 knots (practical) Displacement: 23,300 tons (normal) 26,900 tons (full load) Dimensions: Length: 181.2 m Beam: 26.9 m Draft: 8.40 m Armor: Waterline belt: 125 – 225mm Upper belt: 75 – 125mm Deck: 12 – 50mm Crosspieces: 100mm Turrets: 76 – 203mm Barbettes: 75 – 150mm Conning tower: 100 – 254mm Armaments: 4 x 3 – 305mm/52 (12”/52) MK-3-12 triple gun mounts (2.0 RPM) 12 x 1 – 120mm/50 (4.7”/50) Pattern 1905 casemate guns 6 x 1 – 76.2mm/55 (3”/55) 34-K AAAs 2 x 2 – 76.2mm/55 (3”/55) 81-K twin AAAs 16 x 1 – 37mm/67 (1.5”/67) 70-K AA autocannons 4 x 2 & 4 x 1 – 12.7mm/79 (0.5”/79) DShK HMGs Propulsion system: 10 Parsons steam turbines on 4-shaft propulsion units 25 Yarrows Admiralty-type water tube boilers Total 52,000 shp (on trial) Total 42,000 shp (in practical) Top speed: 24.6 knots (on trial) 23 knots (practical) Aviation facility: 2 – 3 flying boats & 1 catapult Tier V – Pre-Izmail battlecruiser design variant (Pyotr Veliky - Peter The Great) Admittedly, I have yet to actually able to get a schematics sample of one of the design variants of the Admiralty's development of the battlecruiser for the Imperial Russian Navy, under Project-707. As far as I know, the design schematics can be found in the Izmail-class battlecruiser book, but it's written in Russian. Nevertheless it's a developing battlecruiser before it eventually be finalized as Izmail. I will update this one once I managed to get a picture of a specific Project 707 design variant selected for the game. Apparently, this one is influenced by a British battlecruiser design with A-B-X-Y superfiring twin 14" (356mm) main gun turret configuration that also in turn used to build the Japanese Kongou-class battlecruiser/fast battleship. But ultimately, due to the Admiralty's great degree of skepticism on superfiring guns arrangement layout, they opted for the design layout of four non-superfiring triple 14" (356mm) main gun turrets that would be seen on Izmail in the final design. Just like how Knyaz Suvorov evolved into Gangut/Sevastopol. Named after Peter The Great. The once-Tsar who then became the founder of the Russian Empire & effectively became the first Emperor/Imperator of the newly-founded Russian Empire. He was famous for Europeanized most of the Russian cultures, as well as modernized & shaped both the Russian navy & ground forces as one of the most formidable European military power to be reckoned with. His name is quite well-known in the Russian VMF even today. (Yeah, he's apparently the Russian Kongou) Tier VI – Izmail/Borodino The first battlecruiser designed, laid down and built for the Imperial Russian Navy before the Russian Civil War and October Revolution stopped its existence from coming into fruition. Like Sevastopol & Gangut, she was named after historical battles such as Siege of Izmail and Battle of Borodino. Four ships were planned to be laid down in May 1912, launched and to be built by June 1915. Izmail was half-completed back then. When the design was submitted and prior to the ship laid down and began construction, she was classified as “battleship-cruiser” – blurring the controversial design nature of battlecruiser and battleship. Construction of the ships was delayed as many domestic factories were overloaded with orders and some components had to be ordered from abroad, however. The start of World War I slowed their construction still further as the imported components were often not delivered and domestic production was diverted into areas more immediately useful for the war effort. After the Revolution, there was plans proposed to complete the construction of four ship and the Soviet Navy even considering to convert Izmail into an aircraft carrier as she was halfway complete. Yet ultimately, all were turned down by the Soviet authority and sold them for scrap. (Let's see how to compete this with Fusou would turn out) Displacement: 32,500 tons (standard) 36,646 tons (full load) Dimensions: Length: 223.9 m Beam: 30.5 m Draft: 8.81 m Armor: Waterline belt: 125 – 237.5mm Upper belt: 75 – 100mm Deck: 37.5 – 75mm Crosspieces: 100mm Turrets: 200 – 300mm Barbettes: 147.5 – 247.5mm Conning tower: 75 – 400mm Armaments: 4 x 3 – 356mm/52 (12”/52) Pattern 1913 main guns 24 x 1 – 130mm/55 (5.1”/55) Pattern 1913 casemate guns 4 x 2 – 100mm/50 (3.9”/50) Minizini twin DP guns 4 x 1 – 63.3mm/38 Pattern 1916 AA guns 4 x 1 – 47mm 3-pounder AA guns 4 x 1 – 7.62mm Maxim machine guns Propulsion system: 2 x 2 Franco-Russian Works steam turbines set on 4-shaft propulsion units (a pair of AG Vulcan Stettin steam turbines for Navarin) 25 triangular Yarrows water tube boilers Total 66,000 shp (nominal) Total 90,000 shp (overload) Top speed: 26.5 knots Tier VII – Kostenko's Project GUK 16-in guns Black Sea dreadnought battleship design circa 1916 [Sinop] Project GUK, on behalf 16-incher Battleship Project along with the one for the Baltic Fleet, was the Imperial Russian Navy's last dreadnought battleship project ever developed which was nearly came into fruition before the Bolshevik Movements brought the downfall of the Czarist monarchy in the empire during the later stage of WWI, which in turn resulted into a civil war between the Communists and White Movement that ultimately had this project abandoned and terminated. Should this battleship project come into reality - especially Bubnov's Batlic Sea Battleship design, it would have been the first dreadnought battleship in the world to be armed with 406mm naval batteries which would have potentially turn the tide of global naval arms race, right before Nagato-class. This promising battleship project was projected to be armed with 16-in main gun batteries on a dreadnought design as one of the project's primary criteria. Only four finest Russian minds participated the project had their design sketches and parameters submitted to the Admiralty for evaluations. This Kostenko's design was among the finalists in the grand naval project for the Black Sea Fleet albeit submitted his work in between 2 - 3 years later, while Bubnov's design for the Baltic Sea Fleet emerged as the winner among the first three participants - Ivan Bubnov himself, Putilov Shipyard and Russo-Baltic Shipyard. However, Kostenko design was semi-official and none of the documents were found from the navy requesting it. It had no chance of ever being built in the conditions of 1916-17 Russia, but this shows a Russian's attempt at designing the post-Jutland battleship. The info on it is fragmentary due to the nature of the situation in 1917-18 in the South of Russia. Kostenko's work did exist. But because of the Civil War, a fraction of his documents were possibly scattered. As long as his design drawing and a table of four different design parameters found intact, this battleship design can be possible to be realized based on the selected parameters that could see fit. This post-Jutland battleship design shall be the Russian equivalent to the American's Colorado, as the last of the dreadnought-era battleship. This one, though, seemed to be taking an intermediate step to depart from the dreadnought generation. A fitting candidate for the technological transition & evolution of Soviet/Russian battleships to the modern standard. Named after the Battle of Sinop, of which was Russia's most groundbreaking naval campaign against the Turkish forces of the Ottoman Empire at Sinope during the Crimean War, where the Imperial Russian Navy utilized high-explosive shells of Piaxhans guns for the first time in history, effectively evolved the naval warfare doctrines since then. Prior to Sinop the standard naval armament were smoothbores that fired cannonballs, shot, shrapnel or other projectiles. Piaxhans guns were slowly being integrated into navies but only the French, Russian and American navies had made a comprehensive effort. These batteries represented a clear evolution in naval technology that broke through the final ceiling of the Age of Sails. Its explosive shells themselves did both kinetic and explosive damage, causing fires. In addition, the new guns were heavier, could engage at a greater range, and possessed far greater penetrating power. Displacement: 44,000 tons (standard) Dimensions: Length: 240 m Beam: 30 m Draft: 10.1 m Armor: Waterline belt: 275mm + 100mm (possibly Krupp) Upper belt: 100mm Deck: 35 – 75mm Turrets: 200 – 300mm Barbettes: 200 – 400mm Conning tower: 300mm Armaments: 3 x 3 – 406mm/45 (16”/45) Pattern 1914 main guns (Vickers built) 6 x 2 & 8 x 1 – 152mm/50 (6”/50) Pattern 1908 twin gun mounts & casemate guns 6 x 2 – 100mm/50 (3.9”/50) Minizini twin DP guns 4 x 1 – 76.2mm/30 (3"/30) Pattern 1914/15 AA guns Propulsion system: 4-shaft propulsion units 15 oil-fired boilers Total 120,000 shp Top speed: 30.0 knots Stalin’s envisioned ultimate warship for the blue-water navy Tier VIII – Project UP.41 related Type “A” Battleship design circa 1936 (Pre-Project 23) [Vladivostok] While Project 21 was approved to be taken as a research material for further studies, the Ansaldo’s Project UP.41 design was taken into consideration for further research as well, which in turn result in entering this preliminary stage for Project 23 battleship development. After all, Soviet naval architects bought an Italian battleship project design schematics from Ansaldo shipbuilding company, of which would also used to develop the Littorio-class battleship As for the pre-Project 23 itself, the preliminary design was likely to be based on the Project UP.41. Another similar design was done for Type “B” battleship – known as Project 64, but armed with 356mm (14”) main guns. Like Project 21, it also designed with the Pugliese torpedo bulges - PMZ. Moreover, the armor scheme was revised by thickening the other hull sections such as deck armors, belt armor and turrets armor. But instead of completely following the Project UP.41 specifications, they use their home-built main, secondary and anti-aircraft armaments. 152 mm secondary guns were used instead of the proposed 180 mm guns. In terms of propulsion, it will be fitted with the same 3-shaft propulsion unit configuration, but with greater power output in order to maintain 30 knots while supporting the increased displacement from its predecessor. Following up from Project 21 development, KB-4 Design Bureau was chosen to further their development progresses, although the lead designers were convinced that only a larger ship could fulfill the ambitious requirements. They did manage to get agreement on 22 November 1936 for a thickening of the deck armor that raised the displacement to about 47,000 tons. Design work continued on this basis and technical work was completed for a ship of 47,700 tons in April 1937, but the designers continued to press their case for larger ships. The issue was resolved by Stalin himself at a meeting on 4 July when he agreed to increase displacement to about 56,000 tons. This forced the project to begin again. Named after one of the navy's historic & strategically-important port cities - Vladivostok. Its naval fortress complex has hardly been attacked & remained unscathed throughout from WWI to WWII & beyond despite being heavily fortified & was already prepared to fend off a large wave of invading naval forces, particularly the Imperial Japanese Navy. Basically a Soviet Littorio & Roma, but better in most aspects & parameters. One would be intrigued to be curious of the odd flattery between USSR & Italy before Benito Mussolini (the Hilter wannabe) came to power & after WWII for some times during the Cold War. It was odd that Vladivostok was given the same 406mm main guns used on Sinop. Probably as a stop-gap option while the more modern 406mm B-37 naval gun was still under development in progress that will be armed on the finalized Project 23 - Sovetsky Soyuz. The “Ultimate” Battleship Tier IX – Project 23 – Sovetsky Soyuz/Soviet Union The ambitious Project 23 development to create an ultimate battleship that can outrival any other existing battleships in the world (in exception of Yamato-class), has went through a rocky and problematic pace as when the Great Purge struck and haunted the Soviet Union, especially when designers had to conduct a thorough revision and a numerous redesigns have been carried out. Before that, an extensive and expensive testing was conducted on the ship's hull form, deck armor and torpedo protection; 27 million rubles were spent on experimental work in 1938 alone. Over 100 models of the hull were tested in a ship model basin to find the best hull form and two one-tenth-scale launches were built at Sevastopol to test the hull's maneuverability. An old steamship was fitted with a replica of the design's armor decks and tested against 500-kilogram (1,100 lb) bombs, proving that such ordnance would generally penetrate both the 40 mm upper and 50 mm middle decks before exploding on the armored deck. The main armor deck was raised one deck in consequence and a splinter deck added underneath it to stop any bomb or shell fragments that might penetrate the armor deck. The underwater protection system was tested on fifteen one-fifth scale models and two full-sized experimental barges. These tests proved that the torpedo belt system of multiple bulkheads was superior to the Pugliese system of a large tube filled with smaller sealed tubes, but it was too late to incorporate these test results into the design as construction was well underway by the time they were completed in late 1939. A revised design was approved on 28 February 1938 and the first ship was to be laid down on 15 July, but even this design was incomplete and would be revised later. That has placed KB-4 in a difficult position. On the one hand, it was proposed to complete the development of the technical Project 23 new version III of the October 15, 1937 onwards, and on the other hand, take into account the results of skilled works on reservation and PMZ, the bulk of which are in the specified term (to 15 September) knowingly could not be executed. It originally launched KB-4 back in July (III) draft for processing is so much more that have not been completed and the main contractors on the armament and the main mechanisms. And so it happened. In the end, the Project 23 was officially laid down as Sovetsky Soyuz-class – Soviet Union. A total 16 ships were planned to be laid down and to be constructed. The lead ship was named Sovetsky Soyuz, and the remaining 15 ships will be named after fifteen Soviet Republics. Before Operation Barbarossa and the Great Patriotic War broke out, only four ships were laid down and partially built so far before most construction works on shipbuilding industry were placed in halt. Even after the war ended, resuming construction on four incomplete hulls was cancelled and were ultimately sent to scrap as they were rendered obsolete. The other three were Rossiya, Ukraina & Belarossiya. Sovetsky Soyuz was supposedly designed to face-off the Japanese Yamato-class, yet still not powerful enough to outmatch the latter due to numerous manufacturing quality problems faced and deficient shipbuilding capacity to support even for an ambitious design such as this. But nevertheless, the Sovetsky Soyuz is still powerful enough to fight Bismarck-class and perhaps the Iowa-class in spite of its inferior performances at a certain degree. Pretentious as it is to the end, at least the Soviets managed to create their own modern battleship design. Displacement: 59,150 tons (standard) 65,150 tons (full load) Dimensions: Length: 269.4 m (260.0 m waterline) Beam: 38.9 m (36.4 m waterline) Draft: 10.1 m Armor: Waterline belt: 220 – 420mm angled 5-degrees Upper belt: 180 – 380mm angled 5-degrees Deck: 25 – 155mm Turrets: 230 – 495 mm Barbettes: 425mm Bulkheads: 75 – 365mm Conning tower: 425mm Torpedo protection: Pugliese Armaments: 3 x 3 – 406mm/50 (16”/50) MK-1 triple gun turrets 6 x 2 – 152mm/57 (6”/57) MK-4 twin gun turrets 4 x 2 – 100mm/56 (3.9”/56) M3-14 twin DP guns 8 x 4 – 37mm/67 (1.5”/67) 46-K quad AA autocannons Propulsion system: 3-shaft propulsion sets powered by 3 Brown Boveri steam turbine sets 3 x 67,000 = 201,000 shp Top speed: 28 knots Aviation facility: 4 – 5 flying boats & 1 catapults Tier X – Project 24 – Kreml After the abandonment of Project 23 – Sovetsky Soyuz, the ambitious battleship project was once again revived as Project 24 – inheriting what were left from Project 23NU, despite that the outcome of the WWII naval warfare have rendered battleship roles “obsolete” in the Cold War era while the West were still retaining a number of battleships in their respective arsenals. The Project 24 would have the one true ultimate battleship should its existence came into fruition, and it would have easily outrival the Yamato-class and even the German H-42 battleship. The government and Stalin himself approved such plan in 1946, and design works began since then. The Project 24 final design was completed in 1950. Initially, designers thought of giving the battleship nine 457mm/55 (18”/55) main batteries prior to the final design, but Stalin personally restricted the design to stick with the 16” main guns in the end. Prior to Stalin’s death in 1953, this project was summarily cancelled. Alternatively, if the 457mm (18”) main guns were armed on Project 24, it would have become their ideal ultimate battleship both Stalin and the Navy’s behalf have envisioned long time ago. Ultimately, the original Pr. 24 with 406mm MK-1M turrets will be used to develop as a premium BB - Slava (Glory/Gloriana) Whilst the namesake given, Kreml, tends to associate with the Moscow Kremlin - the central administrative government complex of the USSR & modern Russia by many. If anyone understand Russian language, Kreml is, in fact, a fortress complex. Unironically, this Soviet Leviathan represents as a cruising/floating fortress with not only being the tankiest, most resilient BB of all with the highest HP, armor & torpedo protection parameter to tank torps better than anyone; but also stands out for having the most powerful naval armaments comparable to Yamato & has 2nd most powerful AA capability comparable to Montana. Kreml not only represents as the King of Battleships, but also significantly grant a historical prominence for the Soviet Navy's efforts to live up their naval ancestors' legacies and be looked upon with pride. (Yammy-chan? Meet your Russian husbando~! ) Displacement: 70,000 tons (standard) Not more than 81,000 tons (full load) Dimensions: Length: 282 m  Beam: less than 40.4 m Draft: 11.5 m Armor: Waterline belt: 410mm Angled belt: 420 – 450mm angled 20-degrees Deck: 20 – 155mm Turrets: 370 – 500mm Barbettes: 415 – 500mm Bulkhead: 100 – 400mm Conning tower: 200 – 500mm  Torpedo protection: 295mm torpedo belt Armaments: 3 x 3 – 406mm/50 (16”/50) MK-1M triple gun turrets 4 x 3 – 152mm/57 (6”/57) MK-9 triple gun turrets or 4 x 3 – 180mm/57 (7.1”/57) MK-3-180M triple gun turrets 8 x 2 – 130mm/55 (5.1”/56) BL-110 twin DP guns 12 x 4 – 45mm/78 (1.5”/67) SM-20-ZIF quad heavy AA autocannons 12 x 4 – 25mm/79 (1”/79) BL-120 quad light AA autocannons Propulsion system: 4-shaft propulsion sets powered by 4 TV-4 steam turbine sets 4 x 70,000 = 280,000 shp  Top speed: 30 knots As for gameplay-wise, as far as I gone through the wiki again, what I can understand about the VMF BBs down the line so far: - They will possibly be having the highest HP that any other factions in general. Armor compositions may not be as good as the German counterpart for earlier ships, but will get better when getting into the last three Soviet BBs - Vladivostok, Sovetsky Soyuz & Kreml. Given their highest HP, they could possibly be better at torpedo protection, but even more so for both Vladivostok, Sovetsky Soyuz & Kreml, which its torpedo protection values could be having the highest due to the application of Pugiliese torpedo defense system & later American-type TDS. Decent turret traverse speed. Unfortunately, most Soviet/Russian BBs' main guns will be struggling hard in terms of max. range. It was said that it supposed to be having the longest range, but reduced to be in the margin of German main gun range. Possible reason being is that a max. effective (acceptable) ranges are given instead, because beyond the given in-game gun range parameter, dispersion would get abysmally worse that it is deem unacceptable. But, their main guns' AP firepower are actually pretty decent, it matches the American firepower & then has the strongest firepower with Kreml (rivals Yamato) Their secondary firepower in overall may not be as dakka-ish as the Germans nor the French, but their total DPS are actually pretty good & wouldn't perform as bad as the Americans, British & Japanese combined. AA firepower may not be performing well on earlier ships, but gets better down the line. At least not worse than Japanese counterparts. But with Kreml, her AA firepower comes close second to Montana's. Maneuverability aren't their strength due to having the largest turn radius, but they got the fastest rudder turn speed to make it up. Top speeds are good & consistently improves down the line. Strangely, they aren't as big as the German counterparts.
  20. So the 8 - 10 have Radar in the same slot as Catapult Fighter. Reload times are sub-standard for tier and spicy 1.70 sigma... Balancing factors? (They will probably buff them later on) Radar that can only detect BBs and CVs. Kinda useless if you ask me. You can read about the upcoming Russian BB line here: Tier 3 - 7: https://medium.com/@devblogwows/low-tier-ussr-bb-7d13efcf866e?fbclid=IwAR1M3T8-oU1BNai13kXGoP9IZQmvEYzbbS383RM7ZCIK_9deKVJnD1KbmTw Tier 8 - 10, and the Premium - Lenin (all of these have radar): https://medium.com/@devblogwows/high-tier-ussr-bb-9e599ee4f4b3?fbclid=IwAR1aWFt9cWNB60qYN7bl_jR4oFP_tQnw-aGANWI7KkZq-m1jjfPq12H9u9g Tier 8, 9 and 10 have more HP than German counterparts. BIAS DETECTED!!! AGAIN, where are the stat posts for the RN CVs??? They were announced EARLIER, right??? UPDATE 1: Surveillance Radar. Interface improvement. Flooding. Flooding has been changed (mostly nerfed). Sell your German and RN DDs now!!! https://medium.com/@devblogwows/radar-flooding-c8711f9e87a7?fbclid=IwAR0ycTR_PWVQpz8GNSKBvnO997oKCMPhKsr0ItByx2NORmoAbwgIjVB9NIo UPDATE 2: Russian BBs confirmed to have limited charges of Damage Control Party. Literally cyka bylat Rush B and die in the first 10 mins -OR- snipe from max range the whole match.
  21. As a side project I've recently been grinding the KM BB line, arriving at Gneisenau earlier today. Konig: Since there are still plenty of CVs at that tier, and plenty of overconfident DDs too, a AFT/BFT captain + secondaries mod makes for constant hilarity. The small maps mitigate the wonky main guns. Farm CQE awards left and right. Bayern: Nice looking ship. Not nearly as fun as Konig. MM isn't as forgiving, the engagement distances tend to be beyond secondaries range. Long distances, really wonky guns, and very slow speed all add up to frustration. You know where you want to be, but a lot of games you just can't get the ship there in time. Scharnhorst: This was the second premium ship I bought, a couple of years back. Lost my first 7 games straight, but I've got the hang of her now. Bar none the best ship for bullying underage cruisers, and a solid battlecruiser in any circumstance. Gneisenau: Sistership of Scharnhorst of course, switching 3x3 283 mm rifles for 3x2 380 mm guns. Some of the AA armaments have been upgraded, and it tops out at 2 kts faster. Quite possibly the most beautiful ship in the game. Now the shiny horse is a fun ship, don't get me wrong, but Gneis plays as a battleship. A really, really, really fast battleship. 32 knots before flags. Go in, hit hard, and get out. Now this is a ship which is always in the right place at the right time. Yeah yeah, I know you trade DPM, but really this BB has so much going for it. Seriously raunchy AA and secondaries, solid armor, ... and torps. It's the speed which brings it all home though.
  22. Paladinum

    German BB split proposal

    Yes, it is. Commemorating the release of Prinz Eitel Friedrich, this is my take on the (inevitable) German BB split. This split is a "when" and not an "if". I just don't care when. I’ll go through the possible setups of the 2 lines first, then the stats of the ships down below. I’m not going through AA for the ships, if anything, I would just compare the AA of the ships to the ships that already in the game. Also protection stats for the ships can be changed/adjusted by WG so I would only mention some details. I put everything in spoilers to avoid unnecessary mouse-scrolling. Just click the ones you want to see. Sources: https://www.german-navy.de/kriegsmarine/index.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page http://dreadnoughtproject.org/plans/SM_Studienentwurf/ And some other sources include someone I know who is a WW1/2 ship nut. A bit of a disclaimer: the estimated HP, based on the ships’ standard/full displacement, for the ships aren’t 100% accurate (but I did some tests and the results are very close). WarGaming may use different sources for the ships’ displacements. It’s a formula(s) I stole from someone I know and I do not have the permission to give them to anyone else. Setup 1: Old line – All-new line Setup 2: THE SHIPS VON DER TANN Tier 3 - Light line MOLTKE Tier 4 - Light line SEYDLITZ Tier 4 Premium DERFFLINGER Tier 5 - Light line MACKENSEN Tier 6 - Light line ERSATZ YORCK Tier 6 Premium or Tier 7 Tech tree/Premium - Heavy line O-CLASS ENTER THE GAME AS TIER IX "CRUISER" (URGH) SIEGFRIED Tier 7 Premium GROßERKREUZER 4541 Tier 7 Tech tree/Premium - Heavy line If having 420 mm guns somehow breaks the line, GK4541 can be substituted with Ersatz Yorck with the better reload, and GK4541 can be a premium instead. HYPOTHETICAL DESIGN FOR TIER 8 Tier 8 - Light line H40A Tier 8/9 Premium H40B Tier 9 - Heavy line FREE XP VERSION OF FdG Tier 9 Premium/Freemium H41 Tier 10 - Light line
  23. Dendi_Superman

    Musashi help

    50k fxp from her. What's her playstyle like? I main German BB , only have stock Nagato for IJN BB. Not many videos on YouTube for her. Or is she not worth the 750k fxp?
  24. Robby_Hermanto

    Question about Ashitaka & Kii

    Hey guys, I tend to have a good credit maker premium ship that currently available for sale (also hooked up by that cashback offer). 1. I read about Makoto Kobayashi camou function on these ships. Is it purchaseable right now? 2. What is the current best credit maker ship that available for sale? Thanks. All answers are highly appreciated.
  25. S4pp3R

    Ranked XP issues...

    So basically after getting to rank 9 I'm down at 11/0. My issue is thus, I get 100k+ damage in Zao + caps, get 3rd XP if I'm lucky, same story with Hindy. I get 100k in Yamato and top XP consistently on losses. This is not even to mention DDs. I'm starting to think T10 XP is very BB biased and subsequently this is why we're seeing games at 10+ with 0 DDs... I'm a good Zao player, particularly in CB or ranked, yet I perform superbly in her and won't top XP on a loss outside a monster game. Yet in Yamato, I'm average, I have what I would consider an average game and I find it easy AF to get top XP on a loss. Thus I reach the conclusion that BB is better for ranking up. Thoughts?