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Found 4 results

  1. G'day Folks, Starting to get some more stockpiled videos out. This one I felt was worth posting because Bayern and London aren't common ships you see gameplay of and some folks may have them and not play them. Enjoy!
  2. Aeseir

    Bayern not what it seems?

    So been trying my hardest to climb the german BB tree, but I have to admit the novelty is starting to wear out. I am aware that german BB have ridiculous dispersion and that they are generally tanks (armoured giants). Aim is to get close enough to see the whites in their eyes then blast them to oblivion. Sadly I am not seeing any of the blasting from my end. I've played probably dozen Bayern battles in a row where i have been wiped out in moments, and have not been able to even penetrate CV. Usually I will be within 10km of target, and at 45+ degree angle to them (they usually go full bowside). Every other ship has been able to penetrate me easy, from a massive range with most shells hitting, yet even with perfect aiming at 8km (fighting a fuso) i am getting bounces or nothing in fact. It has really killed my mood for this game to be honest. Is anyone experiencing similar problems?
  3. karrablaster123

    AFT for Bayern bug

    Issue: AFT on Bayern increases main battery range Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/F1OEl Ship: ​Bayern. Might occur on other ships.Map: ​AllOccurrences: ​All the time Tested:Severity: ​Unfair advantage to Bayern Players Details: Main battery of Bayern range increases from 16.6 to 17.7 when captain is trained for AFT
  4. Ensign_Brendoonigan

    My latest dilemma -

    So anyhow I have the Bayern (yeah) but I'm wanted peoples thoughts on starting a new captain or retraining the Konigs captain. I thoroughly enjoyed the Konig and with a 10 point captain she sure was a lot of fun In fact she's so much fun I've decided to keep her.... But I'm wondering if it would make better sense to retrain him in the Bayern and start a new captain again in the Konig. I had a game with a dragon flag earlier in my Konig and I received 9k commanders XP (first win of the day but no premium) so maybe this is a better idea as my main priority is to continue climbing the ranks until I reach my goal in this line, the "Bismark". NB: I will be playing the Bayern in ranked, and hopefully the Bismark as well. any help appreciated.... Ensign