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Found 62 results

  1. x1xReaverx1x

    WEB COMIC SERIES Iron & Blood

    Hey all. This is a new manga style comic starring the spirit of the infamous Battleship Bismarck and a group of highschool students, as they battle a monstrous entity from the pit and his minions. Known only as "The Beast" This being aims to consume all life in the universe. Issue 1 is complete and comes in 3 acts plus a preface. The Preface and cover of Act 1 is released. The page will be updated every Wednesday and there is a Iron and Blood site in the works. DISCLAIMER. Will feature SUPERNATURAL THEMES, violence, horror, as well as a lot of tongue in cheek humor. Maybe a bit MA rated so discretion is advised PS, I am the Author and i will ask you to look beyond any spelling mistakes lol, I will love feed back etc..... My comic is also endorsed by World of Warships on their facebook page and there are references to the game sprinkled throughout as well as some historical "Easter eggs". Feel free to give it a like or a comment. If you see me in game, feel free to say hello. "Spoiler" Bismarck will be aided in later issues by other vanquished vessels. *Cough HMS HOOD, IJN YAMATO cough* Feel free to pop over to FB and give it a like. Iron & Blood A lot of commentary and future competitions will be announced there. If you join the Iron and Blood facebook group, you will get any updates a week early for your perusal Here's the link Iron and Blood FB Group Hope you enjoy Iron & Blood :P Here is the Prologue and the cover of act 1.
  2. LeoProZ

    French BB weakspot?

    Hi, I'm new here in the forum, but let's get to the point. I just realized high tier French BB actually have a small exposed part of it's citadel. Does anyone know abt this? Here is the exposed part of the citadel. Here are my testing. At close range. And longer distance. Another way to get French BB annihilated lol.
  3. ...you can finally afford a M U S A S H I !!! 😃
  4. So WG indirectly buff DD in terms of decreasing maximum AP pen damage ( above 280mm AP shell) from BB & certain CA. What do you think? Does it heavily affects BB players and encourage BB to be more situation awareness for changing shell type rather than just spamming AP? I have seen lots of disagreement from players reply in Development blog. Ps : i m a BB player anyway.
  5. waichung1823

    Which BB line worth to grind?

    Im just 36K XP away from NC for US BB line and i just stopped grinding for UK BB line after getting KGV lately because I heard from others that Monarch is bad and the Conqueror are community most hated ship. Right now i still have 3 nations BB line left which are German, IJN and Baguetta. Among these 3, which BB line is much better to grind first? Current Progress for the 3 nations
  6. After looking through the forums, I found some of the builds for Jack Dunkirk to be unclear/confusing. So I plan to use him for BBs like Nelson and Warspite so I want to know the ideal way to spec him without a confusing explaintion.
  7. waichung1823

    How to KGV?

    How to KGV? I had watch many YouTubers' replay but still i am struggling to make it work. The AP penetration against battleship is bad and entire match i just shoot HE.... And deal small damage lol I heard from someone said that KGV is a schanhorst without torpedo tubes.
  8. Robby_Hermanto

    Question about Ashitaka & Kii

    Hey guys, I tend to have a good credit maker premium ship that currently available for sale (also hooked up by that cashback offer). 1. I read about Makoto Kobayashi camou function on these ships. Is it purchaseable right now? 2. What is the current best credit maker ship that available for sale? Thanks. All answers are highly appreciated.
  9. waichung1823

    Which Premium BB is the best?

    Which premium BB is the best? I m interested in the cashback offer. And also am i able to purchase it through steam?
  10. I have been grinding Both US and UK BB lines til tier 6. Rite now i have enough experience for purchasing tier 7 BBs but i don't have enough credits. So which one is more worth it, Colorado or KGV? Ps : I am a noob, pls share your experiences with both of the ships too. Thanks
  11. coldsteelfury

    Soviet Cruiser T9 Kronshtadt

    I just played a game with my T8 T7 Myoko and encountered the premium Soviet T9 cruiser Kronshtadt. I can't believe what just happened. I shot this ship multiple times broadside with 203mm AP shells. Distances varied from 14km right down to 10km. My shells either shattered or ricocheted. A small percentage of shells did normal penetration damage. No citadels. The enemy Kronshtadt made zero attempt to angle itself and happily shredded my full health highly angled Myoko with impunity, it's AP shells ripping right through my Myoko (even when angled at less than 30 degrees). IJN CA's are meant to have the biggest guns in the game in so far as cruisers are concerned. It is utterly ridiculous that a Myoko can rain AP hell upon a lazy broadside cruiser several times (and that's the keyword I'd like to emphasise: cruiser) and do absolutely bugger all damage. Most shells couldn't even do normal pen damage, the armor on a perfect broadside was so thick that the 203mm AP mostly shattered or bounced. Crazy! If WG want the Kronshtadt to be impervious to AP fire from other cruisers, then WG should classify Kronshtadt as a battleship (just like other battlecruisers like in the IJN BB tech tree). What an absolute cheat ship. Being outplayed is one thing, but false representations is another. Having a so-called cruiser show perfect broadside at close/medium range and multiple times shrug off virtually all damage from heavy 203mm AP cruiser guns is beyond belief. Now I have to memorise that Kronshtadt is not a cruiser but a battleship in disguise that cannot be citadelled when broadside. It's ridiculous. We're not talking T10 Yamato here, we're talking about an alleged cruiser in the same tier bracket as my Myoko. The German Graf Spee is a "pocket battleship" cruiser which has a half cruiser and half battleship personality, but it will take citadel damage if the captain presents a broadside. But I guess because the Graf Spee is German that's the difference. WG loves to create these Soviet vessels with magical powers. We get it guys. You're patriotic. But calling the Kronshtadt a cruiser is a sick joke. Honestly I'd love to have a cruiser which can rip through heavily angled targets with its guns and cannot be penetrated broadside by other cruisers no matter how stupid I am. It must take a "tremendous" amount of skill to pilot a cruiser with magical powers like that. Talk about a troll ship. /rant
  12. Subete_Yoi

    British Battleship Dreadnought

    British Battleship Dreadnought bask at her glory! Specifications: Type: Dreadnought Battleship Displacement: 18410 tonsLength: 160.6 meters Breadth: 25 meters No of shafts: 4 Engine: 18 Babcock & Wilcox Boilers Power: 23000 h.p. Top speed: 21 knots (39 km/h) Armament: 5 - Twin BL 12 inch Mark X Guns Whooping 27 - Single 12 Pounder 18 CWT Mark I Guns 5 - 18-inch Torpedo Tubes Armour: Belt: 102 - 279 mm Bulkheads: 203 mm Barrettes: 102 - 279 mm Turrets: 76 - 305 mm Deck:19 - 76 mm Conning tower: 279 mm Torpedo room: 152 mm Info: Fate:Scrapped 2 January 1923 After reading back, I can already sense that there are tons of mistakes that I might not noticed. So dear historians and warships experts, do tell if there's any inaccuracy or something to add or point out. Don't want to spread the wrong info in the historical section now, would we?
  13. It seems like I can't put the secondaries to use unless I get closer to the enemy (which would get me killed sooner than I'd like). I guess I gotta sit back and let the DD's and light cruisers clear out the front lines since I cant retreat from the battle zone (cause the secondaries are basically useless at targeting enemies that are far away). Any suggestions are welcome :)
  14. Disclaimer: This is all just my opinion. Take it as you will, a guide, a gospel, a potato, but this is purely subjective. So I've played through almost the entirety of every battleship line in the game. (With the notable exception of the French T9 Alsace and T10 Republique, for now) With over a thousand battles in BBs, I think it's safe to call me a battleship main. (Take that as an insult or a compliment however you will) With battleships having the lowest entry skill level in the game, most new players do tend to gravitate toward the battleship line of their favourite tech tree. For those who stand undecided on which line to start with, here is a basic description of each line with a brief guide on what playstyles they bring to the table. (Keep in mind the date this thread was created) I will not be going over the exact specifics of each and every value and statistic for every battleship because that would detract from my point of how these ships feel to play and also make this thread way too long. I may touch on premiums, but not all of them. First up, the United States Navy Battleships: Guns And Layout: USN BBs start already in the classic 'dreadnought' configuration, with their primary turrets all aligned down the middle and able to fire all their guns on either broadside. All US BBs follow a two-front, two-back configuration (AB-XY) up until tier 8. At tier 8 and 9, the ships move to an AB-X design, and tier 10 rounds off with AB-XY. The guns themselves are good. Armour Piercing rounds have good damage and gun reloads are average to long (30s for most, with 35s being the highest). Velocity is a bit on the slower side, but that can be compensated for with an increased lead on target. High Explosive is good, with decent penetration and fire chance, but in most cases, shooting AP is better. Also, tier 9 Iowa (Tech Tree) and Missouri (Premium: No longer available) and tier 10 Montana are able to mount the artillery plotting room mod 2 upgrade that gives them ludicrously good accuracy, allowing you to hit those devastating strikes on distracted broadsiding cruisers (and even battleships! #feelsgoodman) Armour and Speed: US BBs start off in the classic 'tanky dreadnought' form. Heavy armour, covering all the ship's vital areas and low speed with slow turning rudders. The ships themselves have alright turning circles, making maneuvering less of a problem as long as you can get to grips with the lack of speed. At tier 8 however, there is a shift in playstyle. If low tier American battleships are heavy duty tractors, high tier American battleships are V8 muscle cars. The line drops some of the armour for more speed. This does make their turning circles wider, however. So turning to retreat is a more perilous affair. Angling is very much recommended as such. Usually having your bow pointed around 30 degrees from the enemy can help you bounce most of the damage you can't avoid. Gimmicks: The US Battleship line really puts all its card on the table right from the start. The only real gimmick ship is the T9 Missouri with its 9.9km radar and ridiculous credits multiplier, but that ship is no longer available. (TL: DR) US BBs Are a comfortable entry point if a bit slow at the start. Keep yourself angled in most cases and you should have enough time to react to incoming shots. USN AP does tend to have slower shell speeds, so adding a bit more distance to your lead is advisable. Highlights: Wisconson and Arkansas Beta (12 guns at T4. Wew.), New Mexico and Arizona (BLAPPING T6 Cruisers), Alabama (A more maneuverable North Carolina), Missouri (There's a reason why she's been removed) Lowlights: Colorado (OSOI), North Carolina (Jarring transition and a turning radius larger than the moon) Next, the Imperial Japanese Navy. First pick for weebs who came over from Kancolle: (This includes me) Guns and Layout: The IJN line starts off a little bumpy. Kawachi is an oddball with its pre-dreadnought era layout and Myogi will frustrate players with her low output and bad accuracy. But things pick up with Kongou (desu~) at tier 5. Their guns are good, with good accuracy tier for tier and only slightly worse penetration compared to American battleships. Once again, armour piercing is preferable to HE. Their gun layouts and angles do force them to show a bit more juicy broadside when firing though, so do be aware of your surroundings because if you don't, some cheeky BB will chunk your side and send you back to port quickly. Armour and Speed: IJN ships sacrifice some of the tankiness of the USN battleships for increased speed and better handling at said speed. Battleships are defined by their armour, and the IJN's philosophy of spreading their armour evenly across the entire ship lasts up to the Izumo at tier 9. At tier 10, the armour reverts to something more similar to the American line, with heavy armour covering only the most vital of parts. The IJN line sports the best torpedo protection in the game, able to block a significant portion of a torpedo's damage should a metal fish hit the ship's belt. The best way to mitigate torpedo damage, however, is still just to avoid taking hits in the first place. Gimmicks: Izumo is the big stinker of the IJN line. She has fewer guns than her predecessor (Amagi at T8 has 10 410mm guns, Izumo only has 9 410mm guns), Her layout is very alien (All three turrets mounted up front with the third turret being rear-facing), and her handling is just... horrible. However, after the darkest night comes the brightest day. And that brightest day manifests itself as the tier 10 Yamato. Mighty 460mm guns that penetrate everything short of a bow on Kurfurst, good accuracy, on par with the American BBs, heavy armour with the all or nothing design, and the best torpedo belt in the game. (Though dodging torps is still the best way to deal with those metal fishes) (TL: DR) IJN BBs Make a faster alternative to USN BBs. Their weaker armour and exposed citadel make duelling less advisable. Bait the enemy into chasing you, angle against them and punish them for showing too much side. Highlights: Fuso (The OG shotgun at T6), Amagi and Kii (Stands on her own as one of the most powerful T8 ships when it comes to primary armament), Yamato (Need I say more) Lowlights: Myogi (Slow, inaccurate, long reloads. 6 shells per salvo at t4 is just... pathetic), Ashitaka (Wargaming censored the name of this ship. Yeah), Izumo (THIS SHIP) Third on the list, Ze Krauts. The KriegsMarine: Guns and Layout: Germans are good at consistency. Past tier 3, all their ships As such, their ships remain relatively similar in terms of playstyle. German shells also have consistently inconsistent accuracy. Some salvos can be perfect, striking citadels from the most unlikely of angles. But some can completely miss a broadside target, even under 10km. German AP is heavy but somewhat fat. So even the slightest angling can bounce those shells. HE has good penetration values, but poor damage and the worst HE fire chance among BBs. Their turrets have good turning speeds (With the exception of Bayern), giving them better reactivity against enemy ships coming from unexpected angles. Of note are the secondary armaments on these ships from tier 8 onward. With secondaries capable of reaching over 11km, the 150mm and 100mm guns can do a surprising amount of damage to any ship foolish enough to wander within range while detected. Armour and Speed: From tier 3 to tier 10, The Germans get heavy armour, a (more or less) impenetrable citadel and poor deck armour. Bow on, high tier German battleships can tank even the almighty Yamato and her 460mm guns. Speed steadily increases for every tier until tier 8, trading health and armour for turning speed and turning radius. The tier 10 Kurfurst is the largest ship in the game, as such, she has one of the slowest rudder shifts and largest turning radii. This makes dodging torpedos more difficult, but still not impossible. Gimmicks: German ships seem like the obvious pick for one thing: BRAWLING. German battleships do excel in close range battles against larger enemy ships. With their secondaries on par with strapping a light cruiser to your side with the right upgrades, great turret traverse from tier 7 and heavy German armour protecting their citadel, Germans should get in close to fight. From tier 8 and up, German BBs also get Hydroacoustic Search. This effectively nullifies your lacking torpedo belt weakness for a good minute or two. That could potentially save you from two full salvos from a Shimakaze. (TL: DR) KM BBs are the best duelers when it comes to battleships. They are almost indestructible as long as you can angle and your torpedo dodging is on point. Outside of 14km, your effectiveness drops so keep it close, but not too close. Highlights: Gneisenau and Scharnhorst (TORPS ON A BATTLESHIP), Bismarck and Tirpitz (YE GODS THESE SECONDARIES) Lowlights: Stock Freiderich Der Grobe (This thing can't turn for sh*t) Now, a slightly (very) controversial line, Her Majesty's Royal Navy: Guns and Layout: Layout wise, the ubiquitous dreadnought configuration reigns. However, Royal Navy Battleships bring the most interesting curveball to the Battleship lineup when it comes to ammunition. Their Armour Piercing shells have shorter fuses, which makes them less effective at penetrating battleship armour but more effective in penetrating cruiser and destroyer armour. However, their High Explosive shells have the highest fire chance of all battleships in the game. For every salvo, you are almost guaranteed at least one fire on your target, should your shells hit the target. Some might argue that these ships can get by firing purely High Explosive. That is true in some cases, King George V can farm witherers if you match up to T9 and get lucky. However, Armour Piercing can still be deadly in ranges under 12km. To do very well, switch between ammo types as and when appropriate. Armour and Speed: RN BBs have weaker armour, but have underwater citadels, making critical hits almost impossible. That means RN ships tend to get away with more when it comes to close range duelling unless torpedos are added to the equation. RN Ships are very weak to torpedos. Their belts do little to block torpedo damage and a hit almost always also incapacitates additional vital systems. With the exception of Duke of York with its hydro, these ships have little defence against metal fishes. Keep your WASD hax on and never drive in a straight line for too long, especially if you've been detected. Speed and maneuverability are about average. Gimmicks: Borderline overpowered High Explosive aside, at tier 9, RN battleships gain a 'super heal' similar to high tier British Cruisers. This allows them to heal up to 40% of their healable HP, which sounds like they are literally building a new ship every time the heal is active. It also has to be noted that RN Battleships have the very powerful AA, even better than American and German AA. (Japanese AA is, of course, the worst) The state of the RN battleship line is a point of contention, but arguments against the line are very well founded. They are by far the easiest battleships to do well in thus far, with the least punishing design and playstyle. (TL: DR) Best for newbies so far. High explosive is ideal for long to medium ranges and against angled targets, but AP is still something to consider. Keep your ship angled and you should be fine. Just don't eat torps. Highlights: Duke of York (Yeah, I like it. It's a good damage dealer with hydro.), Conqueror (Holy crepe the damage you can do with this thing) Lowlights: Queen Elizabeth (All the cons of Warspite with none of the pros) Finally, the newcomers. The Marine Nationale: Guns and Layout: MN battleships are weird. They start off pretty normal, then you get to tier 6 and 7, where the gun volumes get increased hard, then suddenly it gets cut down by half from tier 7 to 8, then you get Alsace, then whatever the Republique is. In general, French battleships have lower calibre guns which have better penetration and higher shell speed in exchange for raw damage. This might lead you to think that they are good for punishing cruisers who show a bit too much side, but those who have tried fighting a Prinz Eugen in close range will know the pain of using these ships. These shells are good against cruisers in medium to long range but will overpen those teenage ships like no one's business in close range. Against battleships, these shells can penetrate sides and superstructures well, but a fully angled ship will bounce every AP shell you throw at it. HE is good. Not RN levels but serviceable in damaging angled targets. Of note, tier 7 Lyon. This shotgun will shred anything it sneezes at, or miss everything but one shell. Armour and Speed: In terms of Tanking, French BBs are similar to RN BBs quite a bit. Squishy outer armour with an underwater citadel protecting them from critical hits. However, French battleships boast the highest battleship speeds tier for teir. Additionally, tier 8 and above get access to *Spood Beest*, allowing you to retreat from the battlefield faster. (Dem French Jokes. Kek.) Turning radius and turning speeds are about average for battleships. Gimmicks: The Classic French gimmick is SPEED. Except this time, you can actually impact the game early on because you have survivability and heavy pen-ing guns on your side. In that sense, MN BBs could utilise their speed to get in and take the initiative away from the enemy and surprise them from unexpected angles. This will, of course, require a DD spot for you, but with the new spotting counter, that should happen more often. Another thing French BBs get are almost KM tier secondaries, reaching out to the same distance with almost the same level of output and damage. Spec-ed right, a French bb could go toe-to-toe with a German bb in close range. (TL: DR) The French are fast and exacting. (with the exception of Lyon and Normandie) They have the potential to surprise enemies with their speed and penetration power. HE has great volume when shooting against angled targets. And with it's protected citadel, you can brawl and go head to head with any enemy you please. Just watch those torps. Highlights: Lyon and Alsace (DAT. SHELL. VOLUME.) Lowlights: Richelieu (Eh. The output is a bit lacking) In summary: (For those who have fallen asleep halfway through) The British line is the most newb friendly (But quite boring after a while) The German line is the manliest (And the most fun) The American line is a Jack of All Traits (But does not really excel at anything) The ~Weeb~ Japanese line is for those who do not care for Angling (When you get the Yamato that is) The French line is for the other kind of manly man (The one who prefers a coffee jacket over going bare-top) I hope my opinions have helped those who are as yet, undecided. And for those who have already been there and done that, I hope this was at least a good read. I may do more of these if people wish for me to do so. (Cruisers next probably. I haven't had enough time on all the dds) Until then, Fair winds.
  15. I would have bothered to raid for Nevada but I have this feeling Old Falling Apart Grand Lady of the Fleet needs the love. And its a long time since I badposted I PRESENT TO YOU USS PENNSYLVANIA (BB-38) ... not THIS Pennsylvania (not bad, Azur Lane) ... well I can understand Jeanex/November's Pacific (SOMEONE PLEASE GRAB V1-3 OF PACIFIC PLS) THIS Pennsylvania. Well what do you expect for Arizona's big sis? Apart from the engineering hax that was Nevada, it could be said that the Pennsylvania class were a logical step on how2battleship by the Americans and I must say, for a Standard, she's... well... "plain". I mean she's a standard dread, appearance wise. Has two more guns than Nevada, also uses the All or Nothing as the Nevada, has the same oil fired engine type as Nevada, uses the same barrel and feed system, if not improved, as Nevada.... she's basically filling what the dread lacked, maybe more. Pennsylvania has about 14 inches of belt, 3 inches of deck which kinda increased to nearly 6 inches after SURPRISE BOMBSECKS that was Pearl Harbor, about 15 inches thickness max on the turrets and 16 inches of conning tower. Dakka wise, she had twelve 14 inch guns, an array of 5 inch secondary guns (note that these secondaries are for hot ship to ship action), some lumpy 3 inch guns and submerged torpedo tubes, and had some bits replaced and added like Hotchkiss saluting guns, the torpedo tubes removed because putting submerged torpedo tubes on dreads is a stupid idea later on, and had MOAR AA guns added like Bofors, Oerlikons and a few DP 5 inch guns. The lumpy dread could run at 22 kts flat which was standard for a dread of her type back then but... due to her new oil combustion bit, it was getting rather tedious to run after her with a tanker just to bunker up than coal but hey, TECHNOLOGY HURR. Speaking of tech she also was a recipient of radar hax early on... although in her case, its not the same as the '43 onwards radar where ships go "I know where you are, how big you are, and I can accurately math my guns to where you are" but rather its basically "I know where you are" and honestly, for a venerable dread such as her, its more than enough. About Pennsy's facelift.... The hyperboloid masts were as she was built with and while there aint anything wrong about the lumpy superstructure, because WNT ratification, they needed to update their ships that were still able and worthy which Pennsy was slated for and replaced her hyperboloid masts with the typical tripod masts which she and her little sister were given. As she was in 30's. Note the solid tripod masts. She got her second facelift which removed the aft mast and gave her a more "proper"-ish dread look: ... that makes her look like a Brit battleship from afar. A Royal Sovereign/Revenge amirite? After the usual shakedown, she was slated to join as an element of the American fleet operating with the Brits but because of her being newer, she had to stay behind and start training her bits, ranging from sailing and gunnery to outright positional and you could say her tenure was rather... not that uneventful since she was operating as a lumpy battleship, had the occasional overhauls and upguns, sailing as a tub for the Pacific Fleet where she was to sit her sorry hull at Pearl Harbor and finally was slated to be one of the battleships with the new iteration of radar hax which was... for their time. You already know what happened when the IJN decided to yell out "aloha" to the Americans at the naval base... Two destroyers near her got decked bad while she got some hurt herself. If memory serves, Pennsylvania was one of the responding AA fire when the gun teams were scrambling on the deck to man empty AA guns to start filling the sky with lead and she got hurt when one of her mounts, an AA mount or was it a secondary, blew up from a bomb strike and iono if it was a thing or not, she was also expending rounds to cover Nevada which was trying to run away (the lumpy battleship should have steamed past the stricken battleship row at this point) from the aerial assault in drydock and after some operational checks as well as repairs, went back stateside to a heavy duty shipyard to begin repairs and overhauls. After a while, she looked like this: .. on the stages of her refit which gave her some more room to cram in sensors and stuff as well as a place to chuck in more AA guns. She spent most of her time letting her guns sing at shore bombardment and it wasn't even funny to see the after-effects of her handiwork as she'd pummel the living shit out of the area. She nearly got torpedoed and while she didnt exactly get torped in Pearl, thank god for drydock, what do you think an old yet refitted dread would go on when she was torpedoed? Also was one of the bombardiers standing by for offshore artillery by forward observers and she wasn't with her clumsiness: she collided with a destroyer(?) and a transport once during the hectic maneuvers and she earned one of her nicknames, "Old Falling Apart", when she shelled Guam so intensely and so hard that she was starting to chip off metal and stuff falling about that the men thought she was shooting herself to death from all the ordnance she lobbed, in fact, she would likely be the one to nearly expend her ammo during the pre-landing bombardments than any other so much that any standing hard target, some skub hiding in a cliff face or hardened bunker, would think twice even staying. She started to show her age after some incursions of running back for repairs apart from bunkering and resupply and she was one of the battleships at Leyte who shore teams counted on (I forgot her callsign during Leyte) since a volley from Pennsylvania hitting ground targets can make them unexist and it was during the Leyte operation she got attached to Oldendorf's fleet which had the venerable Ghosts of Pearl Harbor. Sadly... she didn't exactly get to fire since she was behind the line as well as it was rather hard to acquire firing solution in the dark with older equipment and unlike West Virginia which had better gear that zeroed in on Yamashiro earlier which the others used as base point for their own firing solutions, Pennsy was forced to remain silent because firing obstruction AND it was hard trying to zero in the night with her older gear. She got a taste of aerial assault of torpedo bombers after her facelift and had some bit on guns... inherited from Oklahoma. She broke one of her screws and ran back home limping under one screw until she was decent to fight again... and after the war ended, she was slated for the Atomic Bomb tests to see if a battleship can into surviving nukes. Technically speaking, the battleship survived but the projected crew are boiled alive so there's that... and then Baker test... which kinda ended her as she listed and capsized... but not without railing in eight battle stars to her name... not a bad set for a dread her age. In-game wise, I expect her to be tier 6 as her sister Arizona albeit her 1943-45 is the final hull with decent rudder shift and turn radius. Her guns ain't stellar but they're enough to whack the crap out of someone and should be feeding the same improved 14 inch shells as New Mexico and Tennessee . The AA suite aboard should be sound enough to be at least Texas level although its likely Pennsy will be a reward ship, same as Shinonome. Derp.exe is over
  16. 1. Description T8~T10 german battleship missed their aircraft on catapult. link about the bug report 1 year ago. Another link about bug report more than 1 year ago. Other players found this bug too. 2. Reproduction steps Except Tirpitz and other nation's ships, T8~T10 german battleship in match rounds before launched aircraft or in ports. 3. Result There should have aircraft model on cruiser's or battleship's catapult. 4. Expected result This game doesn't display aircrafts on T8~T10 german battleship's catapult. 5. Technical details No mod is installed on my game.
  17. Hey_Potato

    Missouri Income

    I realised that the credits earn from Missouri is significantly lower as compared to few months back. Was there any changes to the credit multiplier effect which I am not aware of? Just an average game but with such result a couple of months back I am certainly to earn at least 800k basic credits with premium a/c..if with zulu flag should be around 970k credits.
  18. S4pp3R

    PTS - No FN BBs

    So jumped into PTS, it is asking for me to play an FN BB for one of the missions, yet there are none in the Tech Tree...
  19. Teostra

    how to Lion?

    i'm doing badly in this ship with 37% wr, the shell dispersion are completely random, even hitting stationary targets at 14km is relies heavily on RNG, the AP feel good if it actually hits and connect, but it doesn't, so is the HE and fire chance, doing only 2 - 3k every salvo is dissapointing, everytime i shoot feels like rolling a dice andhoping it would get good result, and the economic also feels weird, i feel like it has pre buff CV economics, strugling to get good base exp despite in a good games, is Lion really a waste of time exp and money? i should have kept my KGV
  20. HSF_Akeno_Misaki

    Yamato Haifuri skin error

    Hi, As I was playing on the PTS server, I noticed that in the HSF Yamato skin, the radar mounts aren't the same and don't match up to the more modern rotating radar mounts that are shown in the anime. I've added some pictures for comparison. I would like to know if you could fix this. Also is there any news on how the skin will be available as I would prefer it if it would be in a bundle with the Yamato premium skin so that those who have the skin wouldn't feel cheated that such a good skin (+50% commander xp) would be available for free.
  21. HSF_Akeno_Misaki

    Yamato radar rotation

    The large radar finder on the Yamato rotates as per where you're shooting, but can these radar dishes on it rotate independently on top of the radar finder, like they do in the log-in video shown. Thanks
  22. HSF_Akeno_Misaki

    Yamato radio rotation

    I believe that the two radio antennas on top of the IJN Yamato tower should be animated to rotate, much like the rotation that is visible on US battleships such as the USS Alabama. It should be pretty simple and will add some life to the Yamato in my opinion.
  23. With the introduction of RN BBs the player base has been introduced to battleships that are essentially floating flamethrowers, the like of which hasn't been seen since since the invention and lost of the greek fire by the byzantine empire. Community contributors quickly reported on their abilities to set other ships aflame, and the forum's quickly filled with post of the ships' superiority compare to their counterparts. A week later, the waves of posts have subsided, the win rate for the Conqueror sits at 54% on EU,52% on SEA , and 55% on NA[1]. But is this the cause of the superb HE shells? We'll look at the chance of setting a ship on fire(at least 1 fire) per turret(Assuming all the HE shell hits): Großer Kurfürst with 420mm : (1-(1-0.41)3) = 0.795 Großer Kurfürst with 406mm : (1-(1-0.38)3) = 0.762 Montana with 406mm : (1-(1-0.36)3) = 0.738 Yamato with 460mm : (1-(1-0.35)3) = 0.725 Conqueror with 419mm : (1-(1-0.48)3) = 0.859 Conqueror with 457mm : (1-(1-0.63)2) = 0.863 I've chosen to use a per turret value as we already know the chance per shell, and it is NOT possible to only fire 1 gun on each turret. Noting that dispersion value of each ship would affect the effective chance of setting fire, we can say it's been "balanced" to be roughly similar. Although, in the event that only 1 shell hits, the probability would favour the shell with higher fire chance. Next, we'll look at the chance of setting fire per ship salvo making all the previous assumptions Großer Kurfürst with 420mm : (1-(1-0.41)12) = 0.9982 Großer Kurfürst with 406mm : (1-(1-0.38)12) = 0.9968 Montana with 406mm : (1-(1-0.36)12) = 0.9952 Yamato with 460mm : (1-(1-0.35)9) = 0.9792 Conqueror with 419mm : (1-(1-0.48)12) = 0.9996 Conqueror with 457mm : (1-(1-0.63)8) = 0.9996 From the 2 data sets[2] we can see the RN BB managed a lead of roughly 10% in the chance to set fire per turret, however, per salvo, the difference is almost negligible. So, if the difference is only roughly 10%, why the sudden outcry? I put forward my hypothesis that it is the emergent properties of a whole branch being encouraged to use HE and the influx of players jumping on to this branch in the relatively short span of time, and the confirmation bias of other battleship's captain. From what I can tell, WG hasn't made any changed to the RN BBs in 6.11 as they wait for the statistics to "stabilise". A major point not discussed is the penetration of HE shells and how they affect fire chance. [1]http://wows-numbers.com/ships/ [2]http://wowsft.com/
  24. Is Fire Prevention or Concealment Expert more useful to battleships as a 2nd (or 3rd) 4-point skill? For me, Advanced Firing Training is an automatic first 4-point skill on a battleship. All battleships, not just German ones, could do with better secondaries and AA radius. German BBs of Tier 7 and above then take Manual Secondaries as their 2nd 4-pointer. However, when getting to second 4-pointers (or 3rd on German Tier 7+ BBs) the choice isn't clear-cut. Fire Prevention would seem an obvious choice for BBs but you can largely achieve the same result through good management of the Damage Control Party consumable. Concealment Expert is not an obvious choice for BBs but it is very useful. If you already have decent stealth, eg Warspite, by adding this you can sneak up on cruisers, unleash a broadside and then disappear after 20 seconds. It is also useful for when you want to get your secondaries into action, as you narrow the gap between being seen and the enemy being in secondary range, so receive less fire before unleashing the secondaries. Even long-range snipers with poor stealth, eg Japanese BBs, could do with an extra 2 or so kms of concealment. Thoughts?
  25. SanguinusXII

    Montana vs Yamato

    I don't know if I'm just crap at BBs but I have real trouble dealing with Yamatos in the Montana, even more then i had in the Iowa. So I've had enough of bashing my head against the wall so I figured I would ask for others opinions before the salt content in my body eclipses water. I try to sneak up on them when possible but the opportunities to do so are rare due to Monty's speed and concealment and the only way I've had any luck with when dealing with a bow on Yamato is to approach at an angle to try and mitigate the dreaded bow citadels (coughbalancedcough) and attempt to citadel them through that sweet spot where the citadel armor is flat through the side of the bow underneath the front two turrets, this usually costs me a very large chunk of my HP and is near impossible to pull off against a competent captain or a Yamato with escorts because you end up burning to death or with torpedos shoved where they really don't belong. TLDR: How do you all deal with Yamatos in your Montana. Thanks in advance EDIT: To clarify; I love the Montana and the issues I'm having are infinitely more likely to be captain error rather than her. I don't want anyone to think I'm bashing the ship. Thanks again for the advice