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Found 2 results

  1. Sorry, a noob qn: Is there any way to see how many battles had been fought in each individual ship? WOT has this, so I've been searching for it in WoWS... Afujintaro
  2. One of the reasons I enjoy playing WoWS is the historical element. Ships are carefully and accurately detailed, ship histories are there for those to read and its obvious time has been taken to "get historically accurate". But one area where this lacks is the type of battles available. Naval history has plenty of events which could be used as a game mode but the game has only the standard FPS style capture the flags/hold the point type battles. here are some of my suggestions for some variations on the battle types (all are based on battles that happened in the Pacific in WW2). Convoy/The Tokyo Express - One side has to escort ships into the battle zone. The other side has to stop them. Points are given for each transport destroyed or delivered. Decoy/Breakout - one side has to reach a certain point on the map unknown to the other side (ie take and hold) while the other side has to stop them. Find the Carrier - Both sides have to seek out and destroy the other sides carrier. Each side has to defend their carriers. Full victory can only come from taking out both carriers on the enemy team. Night Fight - Teams fight at night in reduced visibility. one side is restricted to destroyers and cruisers while the other side cruisers and Battleships. Starting points on map are random Carrier Battle Delux - 4 carriers per side, no BBs. Only DDs and CAs as support. Sink the Yamato - Top tier BB is the target for one team. Rest of the team has to protect until a designated exit point on the map appears. All of these require a bit more than just taking and holding a point or sinking all the enemy ships. They require some tactical thinking and mirror some of the naval fighting in WW2. If these kind of modes were available I would play WoWS all day long.