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Found 1 result

  1. EvyL

    Action off Lofoten

    I'm baaaack~ Well, out of hell that is being UNABLE TO BOTES AND BLUE BAWKS BECAUSE LOCATION. time to badpost a bit. This engagement was one of the gigantic topluls I ever remembered but it did serve some things to prove: mainly silhouette identification is sometimes off (you'd probably know this error when Hood shot the lead ship she thought was Bismarck but it was Prinz Eugen, the mis-identification being that both ships had similar silhouettes) and that early radar needed a whack of a spanner (I'm pretty sure Britbongs and ANZ guys use this instead of "wrench"). I PRESENT TO YOU THE ACTION OFF LOFOTEN Well... yeah~ Ever since WW2 began in earnest and the Germans were busy steamrolling to France at this point, some of the madmen in the German High Command decided to pay a visit to the land of vikings, cold that can seep to your very bone, and crazy ass volcanoes by hiding it under an "exercise". And oh what better way to 'visit' by resorting to cassus belli that the Brits went in neutral ground to rescue their prisoners in a ship. So the op Weserübung was in place where some elements of the Kriegsmarine that werent busy being pirates (after hearing that Graf Spee was ganked and had to commit suicide at Montevideo, doubt it), they were to start linking up for a task force for the op which the Brits were also rather suspicious for a good reason and decided to mine the crap out of entry points to Norway or any available and easy access to the Atlantic because the last thing the Brits needed was a battleship raising the jolly roger on their sea lanes, and the Britsh Isles are pretty much self explanatory why you NEED THOSE THINGS OPEN AND NO PIRATES TRYING TO KILL YOUR MERCH SHIPS. On a task force patrol, Glowworm encountered Admiral Hipper as she was also sailing towards Narvik to secure the port and you pretty much know what happened that involved smoke, guns, fire and last ditch YOLO by the destroyer. Glowworm got lost but was part of the main unit led by Renown and several destroyers. Lessee: Scharnhorst Gneisenau Yeah the Twins were there as they were sent out on a run so that they'll be caught deep in the heat as the Brits at this time were actively prowling to blast the hell out of any surface ship that even so much as dared to sail. Reason for them sailing together is to prevent any British response to the Germans 'visiting' Norway since they expected a small flotilla to help cover the Norway landings, Hipper and several others already running up to Narvik at this time, and won't expect the capital ships to just sail on by. Also remember that these battleships were very high profile AND scary: they pretty much outranged any capital ship that was still sort of not fully fitted during this era but as their equipment was quite lol, they couldn't make full use of this. they WERE, however, fast, which helped in the ability to get the hell out of dodge at the cost of the environment giving the battleships hell. For the Brits: Renown *breathes in* B O I Yeah I won't hide my fanboying on this battlecuiser, actually. I just kinda like how she looks. I ain't gonna say "ERMAGHERD BESTEST BOTTLEKROOZA EVAR" or somefin like that but I just genuinely like how she runs, how she would have behaved both as a battlecruiser and as a reformatted battleship (yeah at this time, she should have pretty much been more or less a reformatted battleship), and how she served. One of the things you need to remember is that Renown had superlative guns, 381's vs the 283's of her enemies yet had fewer of them because one does not simply cram 381's on a triple mount turret AND on a battlecruiser even but at this time period should have range issues since the Brits still would have resorted to optical gunnery despite new stuff like radar input. Oh and she was also fast as she was originally a battlecruiser before her 38-39 reformatting at 32.6 kts which would have enabled her to catch and gun down the Twins, but sadly didn't exactly have the reach or the munition to wipe both out. Normally, Repulse was also nearby leading her own escorts of destroyers but Renown found em first and kept shooting. And several G, H, and I class destroyers were part of the unit, Glowworm already dying after pinging contact. Well this is a beautiful place to start slinging shells nearby of. Gneisenau detected a large ship in her scanner yet couldnt identify it at 3AM with the added problem that Norwegian waters werent exactly visual friendly at times which the large ship, turning out to be Renown, opened fire at the very distinct silhouette which the Twins realized was pretty much a capital ship, a battlecruiser, chasing after their asses and proceeded to plot solutions... if not for the fact the battlecruiser managed to bead Gneisenau after some close brackets and straddles that resulted in the battleship losing her main director and some more which disabled turret X and Scharnhorst moving in to screen her sister which also compounded the problems the sea wasn't exactly on their side as well (note that as I've said during the badposts for these lasses, the Scharnhorsts had some issues with brutal seas as it messes up a LOT of their systems) and it also messed up hydraulics and electricals on their turrets which had resulted in gunnery deviations or straight up missing like a butterfingers. the most "WHY AREN'T YOU MOVING IN?!" inducing part of this was the fact that Renown's destroyer escorts couldnt even dare to line guns, let alone a torpedo run, because the sea just went angry so they had to slowly pull back and let Renown keep her guns firing yet even she wasn't safe from water problems as that, combined with her shelling in rough weather, had damaged some components on the battlecruiser which also limited her ability to direct effective fire in some way. It ain't really helping that the Twins charged into a storm that was brewing in order to escape Renown... yet the battlecruiser gingerly charged into the storm as well and it was bound full of crazy to the point that Scharnhorst at this time should have suffered some issues at A turret as well as her radar started going sideways. the persistent battlecruiser caught up to them and also started opening fire but the Twins had to pull back for good and run West, seeing as the silhouettes over the horizon might be bigger ships and it was a sort of rule to German battleships then to not get in the shit with ANY proper battleship the Brits had i.e. Queen Elizabeths, Revenges, those pesky KGV's that could also chase them to hell if need be. thing is... those silhouettes were the destroyers Renown was with that had to pull back lest they be swamped by the storm and they couldn't afford to lose more as Glowworm already died YOLOing Hipper and failed after pinging contact. and adding the fact that Repulse was sorta far away meant the Brits only had to wait and intercept the Twins coming back from the Atlantic since they were sure as hell they'd come back after that beating by nature. The result? Gneisenau lost her main fire control, some aux directors and turret X as well as environmental damage from attempting to charge into the storm to lose Renown's pursuit. Scharnhorst lost her radar because of the storm as well as both having internal problems because water likely seeped in the hull and may have messed up some wires and stuff. Renown was hit twice by Gneisenau but were simply overpens as it was a superstructure hit. Both sides got something out of this in their own way: the Brits damaged the hell out of the Twins which forced them to dock at the time that Bismarck was supposed to be sailing like a boss due to the damage they took from the angry seas which meant two less capital ships to worry about, and the Germans got their bit on what the Twins were supposed to do which was distract any responding capital ships that might have jeopardized the Norway op (*cough*Oscarsborg Fortress kills Blucher*cough*) by them baiting them out to chase the shit out of them. WHERE MUH BRIT BATTLECRUISER, WG Derp.exe -reboot