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Found 1 result

  1. BunnyDragon

    Capture the Flag!

    This post is anyone with a hilarious or absolutely stupid, or even just wanting to brag about what you got post about the past British Battleship Missions. Brag- I got all the flags! Yeah Baby! Absolutely stupid/Hilarious part - I got my final flag with the Danae with under 20,000 damage done. I go in, manage to kill off a another badly damaged Danae and shoot up a destroyer before dying to a Myogi and South Carolina firing blind into a friendly destroyer's smoke, (following my tracers most likely) and killing me. I had some hits and under 20,000 damage. By this point in the game, it's been 4 minutes with about 16 mins left on the clock. I log out and do something else as my luck for the last 5 battles had been very similar. I would like to thank my team in Random battle that day, for being so crappy and sucky, that I finished either in first or second place out 12 people, just so I can potato my way through the last mission. Freak, I just thanked a team for being awful, what am I coming too. Wait, even better, I just remembered, I potatoed the last requirement for ALL OF MY ARP SHIPS AND THE FLAGS FOR THE BRITISH BB'S.