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Found 3 results

  1. thunderhawk_k

    BAN - no mods used

    i use no mods but I receiver below mail yesterday.... "Dear player! We have detected that one or more prohibited World of Warships client modifications have been used on this account for the second time. The account will be suspended for 7 days. Please refrain from using any forbidden modifications in the future. A repeat violation will lead to a permanent ban of this account." for honest used aslan mod pack once only once and i uninstalled it, (around five months back it's a crap). now they send this email saying I'm using a mod. i hate mods. also they are saying this is the second time. I don't know WTF they are talking about. i attache screen shots i took while playing please check them,am i using any mods there? i dare them to prove it... is their anyone who can help me regarding this matter ?
  2. [login info removed] what 3rd party program?? so in game CV aim assist is count as aimbot..... oh nice WG want to ban every CV player that play T4~T5 after manual aim removed...... DONT PLAY CV!!! anyway, like every Indonesia player did.... got banned mean new account.... 1 dead.... 1000 arise! Nyahahaahaha its time to statpad properly :V poor lower tier newbie...... btw, i dont use any mod or 3rd party program cheat.... if i really use cheat, MY STAT IS GOING TO BE SKY ROCKETED INSTEAD OF becoming more worse actually i am quit so bye Evading sanctions. User sanctioned. ~amade