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Found 2 results

  1. RenamedUser_2003248997


    On a massive losing streak for 3 days, I started checking both teams stats at the end of every 'fun and engaging' one sided battle. I've done this for a week, close to 100 battles and it looks like MM stacks a majority of low stat 'players' on one team and a majority of reasonable to good/great on the other. This may just be a statistical glitch and it's only a small sample but surely over the course of 100 battles there should be more than maybe 10 - 20 actual decent battles..the rest are just crap. I've seen the same with radar cruisers as well, often one team has an advantage. Has anyone else seen anything like this or is it just me trying to work out why I feel jinxed lately with typical superasiawinnerteams?
  2. Some bad games in Minekaze later and I decide that I want to learn because I'm having such a hard time on this server sometimes. So I made this thread so I can post replays whenever I'm feeling down and frustrated and want to know whose faults and what I can do. (version 0.7.7) To start, two bad games in Minekaze, I just want to torp stuff and speed the grind to Akizuki and therefore KTKZ and Harugumo. 20180805_133959_PJSD004-Minekadze-1920_13_OC_new_dawn.wowsreplay 20180805_135923_PJSD004-Minekadze-1920_41_Conquest.wowsreplay