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Found 2 results

  1. are you even think about some weird stuff bad advice behave? if you watch think deeply, there is simply some mistery involved on bad advice! there are a few theory about the real self of bad advice captain. what is that? # A Rogue Mercenary well, as you can see... there is a lot of scene Bad Advice using paint on his face including this scene whut? also what nationality he has? he command Conqueror and Bismarck!!! what the?..... # The Misterous Fish this fish is really FISHY!.... well.... if this fish is really smart, why the heck it leave Bad Advice and command its own ship? # is bad advice captain really noob? well, this is the most intriguing after all. if you watch carefully, bad advice INTEND TO LOSING! even if you are very noob there is a moment when you can just do nothing and win the game. but look : he just need to do nothing to win the game! even a VERY VERY NOOB PLAYER WILL REALIZE THIS! but?? WHY?? and here another evidence : the bad advice IS INTEND TO SPARE THE ALMOST SUNK ENEMY SHIP! if you are noob and greedy, you will want to kill as many ship as possible! (just look at Bad Advice character for lust of killing in "never cap never surender") and there is more mistery if you watch and think it carefully! Obviously HE IS NOT NOOB! HE DID EVERYTHING ON PURPOSE! # a former unicum WoT player? look! this is common tactic in WoT, and HE WANT TO TELL THAT WoT TACTIC WONT WORK! at least we know he used to be WoT player. and the photo in the last minute tell us that he is soldier! (i suspect he is mercenary) # if He is not noob, WHY HE DID THIS? ah nice question, finally we got the conclusion! HE WANT MONEY! WG simply pay him for every Video he made about warship! here is the proof! there is subliminal message "W" with 2 arrow symbol when he command the Plane to attack enemy CV ! if you play CV, ITS IMPOSSIBLE to create CURVE WAYPOINT! well.... he want to tell us he just did this on purpose because WG pay him! Conclusion : Bad Advice is actually unicum in disguise, until now... no one know about his true identity..... _____________ this is my last thread as Skarhabek, since WG ban my account because saying i am using "aim assist" mod. later my friend told me it wasnt aim assist mod.... it was "navigator" mod..... hell sheet, he should tell me earlier about the mod name..... LOL i called it aim assist and got banned because using it. of course.... i still play warship with my new account.
  2. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    [FANART] Bad Advice: Dread-Not

    After viewing the latest bad advice episode, so a mad engineer/captain/commander rebuild ships that are broken and RASPUTIN was built, so zombie ships? an image pop up in my head and made this as the result. Just saying HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! sources:DeviantArtPixiv