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  1. [] Azur Lane Mod "ARASHI" This content is still in constructing. Some of Interface still displays normal version of WoWs. For quick error reporting, please use the discord server link at the bottom. Hello, everyone who likes Azur Lane and WoWs! It 's happy to say new Azur Lane Mod (aka ARASHI) reached final level of development. So I 'd liked to introduce my mod, ARASHI. This Idea was started from patch (2018). At that time, I just wanted to make Azur Lane Mod that looks like Official Collaboration Mod. So I tried to unpack WoWs & searching Azur Lane 's in-game interface things to make this mod. Well, this is my first full-package mod so there 's lots of things to now but I 'll keep working for ARASHI mod. I hope you guys enjoys this mods and grab a victory in the battle! Special Theme for 0.8.4 Scherzo of Iron and Blood (EN) 黒鉄の楽章、誓いの海 (JP) 메탈블러드, 음표&맹세 (KR) Join my Discord Server! https://discord.gg/tt9A76D Download ARASHI Mod JP based "ARASHI" Mod (Click the text!) EN based "ARASHI" Mod (Click the text!) KR based "ARASHI" Mod (Click the text!) All-in-one "ARASHI" Mod (Click the text!) How can I apply this mod into my game? Screenshot of ARASHI Mod : Video of ARASHI Mod : https://youtu.be/OFjTYRK_dO0 In this Mods .... Various types of Login Screens Modified Loading icon Modified "Battle!"Interface (which mean top part at the port that you can check your credits, free exp, etc.) Modified Premium account screen Modified 'TECH TREE'screen Modified 'CAMPAIGNS'screen & task screens (WIP) Modified Battle queue screens Modified profile screens Modified browser screen Etc ...
  2. Download link: https://github.com/kenchen123/HPbar-AzurLane/archive/v1.4.zip 4/19 V1.4 It's a mod which replaces the original ship's HP bar. For example, You can find other style images for the same ship in other folder, like "same class", "party" and "wedding". Other optional theme: 1.Halloween 2.China dress 3.Christmas 4.Party 5.Same class 6.School 7.Summer (swimsuit) 8.Wafuku 9.Wedding 10.Other Now I list all I've already done. Japan 鳳翔 Hosho Wafuku 瑞鳳 Zuiho Shouhou Halloween 龍驤 Ryujo 飛龍 Hiryu School Same class, Souryuu Wafuku School 翔鶴 Shokaku Same class, Zuikaku 大鳳 Taiho Party 加賀 Kaga Wedding Wafuku Summer Other, BB Kaga 扶桑 Fuso Wafuku Same class, Yamashiro Party, Yamashiro Christmas, Yamashiro Summer, Yamashiro 金剛、海霧金剛 Kongo / ARP Kongo 長門 Nagato Wedding 三笠 Mikasa School 天城 Amagi Wedding, Akagi Wafuku, Akagi Summer, Akagi 出雲 Izumo Wafuku 陸奧 Mutsu 海霧霧島 ARP Kirishima School 海霧榛名 ARP Haruna School 海霧比叡 ARP Hiei Other 夕張 Yubari 矢矧 Yahagi Agano 古鷹 Furutaka Same class, Kago 青葉 Aoba 妙高、海霧妙高 Myoko / ARP Myoko 海霧足柄 ARP Ashigara Wafuku 最上 Mogami 伊吹 Ibuki Wafuku 愛宕 Atago Wafuku Summer Wedding 海霧高雄 ARP Takao Wedding China dress Summer 海霧那智 ARP Nachi 神風、神風R Kamikaze / Kamikaze R 睦月 Mutsuki Christmas 吹雪 Fubuki Party School Other 曉 Akatsuki Other 秋月 Akitsuki Nizuki 初春 Hatsuharu 白露 Shiratsuyu Yuudachi Wedding, Yuudachi Wafuku Same class, Shiratsuyu Other 陽炎 Kagero Yukikaze Other Same class, Kagero Halloween 朝潮 Asashio School United States 博格 Bogue 蘭利 Langley 遊騎兵 Ranger 列星頓 Lexington Saratoga Summer Same class, Lexington 企業 Enterprise Wedding Christmas 科羅拉多 Colorado 北卡 North Carolina Same class, Washington 亞利桑那 Arizona 西維吉尼亞 West Virginia 阿拉巴馬、阿拉巴馬ST Alabama / Alabama ST South Dakota Party, South Dakota 麻塞諸塞 Massachusetts 聖路易 St. Louis In Azur Lane, she is belong to Brooklyn class. China dress Wafuku 奧馬哈 Omaha 亞特蘭大 Atlanta San Diego Christmas, San Diego Same class, Atlanta 鳳凰城 Phoenix In Azur Lane, she is belong to Brooklyn class. 紐奧良 New Orleand Quincy Summer, Quincy School, Astoria Other, Vincennes 海倫娜 Helena Wafuku 克里夫蘭 Cleveland Party Halloween Wedding 印第安那波利斯 Indianapolis Same class, Portland 威奇塔 Wichita 班森 Benson Laffey Wafuku, Laffey Other, Laffey Same class, Benson 尼可拉斯 Nicholas In Azur Lane, she is belong to Fletcher class. Christmas Other 弗萊徹 Fletcher Bush Same class, Fletcher 辛姆斯 Sims Hammann Summer Same class, Sims 馬漢 Mahan Cassin United Kingdom 厭戰 Warspite Christmas 伊莉莎白女王 Queen Elizabeth Party 君主 Monarch Party 約克公爵 Duke of York 胡德 Hood Wedding Summer 納爾遜 Nelson Halloween Same class, Rodney Summer, Rodney 利安德 Leander Ajax Same class, Leander Party, Ajax 斐濟 Fiji 愛丁堡 Edinburgh 海王星 Neptune 貝爾法斯特 Belfast Wedding Belchan 阿卡司塔 Acasta School 賈維斯 Jervis Javelin Summer, Javelin Other, Javelin Gallent Glowworm Germany 齊柏林 Graf Zeppelin Summer 鐵必制 Tirpiz Summer 格奈森瑙 Gneisenau 俾斯麥 Bismark 沙恩霍斯特 Scharnhorst 卡爾斯魯厄 Karlsruhe 柯尼斯堡 Königsberg 希佩爾 Admiral Hipper 魯恩 Roon 施佩、高校施佩 Admiral Graf Spee / HSF Admiral Graf Spee Other Same class, Deutschland Summer, Deutschland Halloween, Deutschland 歐根親王 Prinz Eugen Wedding Wafuku Summer Z-1 Leberecht Maass School Z-23 Other Z-46 Summer Pan-Asia 撫順 Fushun 鞍山 Anshan 黃河 Huanghe HMS Aurora=Chung King=Huanghe China dress Same class, using Royal's flag Party 洛陽 Lo Yang Benson, using Eastern Radiance's flag France 聖路易斯 Saint-Louis Émile Bertin Summer Le Terrible Le Triomphant 敦克爾克 Dunkerque Summer 讓巴爾 Jean Bart 黎胥留 Richelieu USSR Avrora Commonwealth 吸血鬼 Vampire Other Wedding China dress How to use: Extract and put "gui" folder into X:\Games\World_of_Warships\res_mods\
  3. So I was just about up to Admiral Hipper on the German cruiser line and then the Azur Lane January mission came along. I though to myself, "Self, that's some good timing! You almost have enough Yorck XP to research Admiral Hipper!" I completely agreed with myself concerning stepping up to Admiral Hipper and so I played a few Yorck games in Narai with my friendly div fellows so I could research Admiral Hipper. So with myself in complete agreement, I did indeed research and buy Admiral Hipper having already completed the Azur Lane missions to get an Admiral Hipper flag and of course Admiral Hipper the angry blonde anime girl to command my new Admiral Hipper, Admiral Hipper. Here is my brand new Admiral Hipper ship flying an Admiral Hipper flag and commanded by an Admiral Hipper girl. I love it when a plan comes together. Hipper.
  4. Onlinegamer

    free flag from Azur Lane

    use code "MANJUUFLAG" only Asia