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Found 7 results

  1. Rina_Pon

    AL Atago Camo

    AL collab. event this year once again annoyed weebs by locking their anime shipgirl captain of choice behind bundling / lootbox offers ... and bundling most of the camos too. There were a few items for straight-up purchase, however. Of the three individual camos - Belfast, Dunkerque, and Atago - the Atago one stood out as being unusually tasteful and high effort. I have hundreds of games in Atago, so yeah I'm willing to drop $20 for a nice skin. Amazingly the gold paint doesn't come across as tacky. Don't really see what's going on with the logo on the sides of her bow though. Sharktooth? Mountain? Bow wave? Here's some pics if you are interested in what the package looks like - (P.S. You can also preview camos in game, which is nice.)
  2. So i bought 3 containers from the azur lane collab, only to find out that the commanders (Jb, littorio and Yat Sen) are all missing. They aren't in my reserve, nor are they on my other ships. They're just missing. I've opened a ticket to the support centre, and now I'm just confused.
  3. even flolo agree that Yostar has way better marketing deparment than WEEGEE, maybe they should learn a thing or two from them. https://www.twitch.tv/flamuu/clip/ArtsyBloodyTermiteNerfRedBlaster
  4. She is lovely, Azur Lane versions Grosser Kurfurst is very lovely and very cute! and we, will call her to "Gurokuru-Chan" ! and she's schauspieler (Portrayer) is a Frau Mamiko Noto (Ms. Mamiko Noto)? (white hair, ahoge, red eyes, hugest boobs (B:118 W:57 H:96), short hair, and that game (Hearthstone and World of Warcraft's Varian Wrynn) memes) the nazi symbol and black-x has change to Iron blood logo in azur lane game.
  5. finally after long time, i made another GMV, this time was one of the newest Anime, Azur Lane! thank you for everyone that helping me make this
  6. So I was just about up to Admiral Hipper on the German cruiser line and then the Azur Lane January mission came along. I though to myself, "Self, that's some good timing! You almost have enough Yorck XP to research Admiral Hipper!" I completely agreed with myself concerning stepping up to Admiral Hipper and so I played a few Yorck games in Narai with my friendly div fellows so I could research Admiral Hipper. So with myself in complete agreement, I did indeed research and buy Admiral Hipper having already completed the Azur Lane missions to get an Admiral Hipper flag and of course Admiral Hipper the angry blonde anime girl to command my new Admiral Hipper, Admiral Hipper. Here is my brand new Admiral Hipper ship flying an Admiral Hipper flag and commanded by an Admiral Hipper girl. I love it when a plan comes together. Hipper.
  7. Onlinegamer

    free flag from Azur Lane

    use code "MANJUUFLAG" only Asia