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Found 2 results

  1. If I see this ship in the line up and I am in a cruiser/battleship/carrier(needs buff) I am burned in countless volleys. Nothing I can do about it - remove damage control since you will be on fire in a few seconds If you want to play cruisers from Tier 6 upwards don't bother and buy a Cheatland its the only way to play. Adons(fake edit) Doesn't matter if I am side on, bow on or keel on. Thing is so powerful it just cuts right through my Atago and that P2W speculation is a trap gibe back muh muney WG dis is free2win since pay2win ship lose to cheatship
  2. Having Cleveland's able to drop shells and rant genes literally on top of you so every single thing hits an is unavoidable in any way aside turning my keel against, is this cheat(land)ing or just another typical bad idea from USN fanboys aside me who screamed an shouted till Devs gave them what they wanted ?. Devs really need to show some muscle to make IJN fanboys scream with glee. Force shells to move slightly faster than a fleeing Mayweather and have loud whistling sounds that can be heard from 20km so we can dodge it and make those WoT realism ******* die in jelly since their arty is not even whistling aside their crew. This is coming form someone who only plays Cheatland himself and can prove that this is Free to Win after defeating a P2W ship. Before anyone tells me to "P2W brah"... or some such.... I know how to do it, but I have enough self respect and 100% japon honur not to abuse a bad mechanic except blue line. Because it's a part of the game and it's cool. Seriously, my skills with these threads ain't getting better compared to muh earlier WoT "rant" threads. _(:<」∠ )_