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Found 3 results

  1. anonym_AntyUtjtdHxl

    Awesome Nurnberg Battle!

    Hey guys, just had a great team battle using the Tier VI Nurnberg cruiser. My stats: XP = 2,740. Damage = 30,120 hp. Target hits = 124 hits. Ships Destroyed = 1 x Colorado, 1 x Fuso. Here's the best part; for most of the battle, i was slugging it out with just 4,362 HP. During this time, I supported two of my battleship teammates, and managed to finish of 2 battleships from less than 12 km away, without being sunk. The only significant hits were one which knocked out one of my turrets (soon repaired) and another that reduced my health to around 3,500 HP. And yet I did not die! This was despite being within 12-14 km of three battleships, all of them facing my way.
  2. Swiftter7

    Unexpected Battle results

    So, as I was busy trying to get up the Russian Cruiser line, I ended up not looking at the requirements of the "Soviet Cruiser Mission: First Advance" mission. And after many hard-fought battles, the progress bar didn't rise so I thought it was "In 1 battle, get 200 hits on target" And that's what I did... which turned out to be the best Tier 3 battle I've ever had. Then I was like "wtf y u no compelt misioon?!!". After another look at the requirements.. I realized I derp'ed so hard . That's why kids, always check your mission requirements before you try-hard for no reason... But hey, least it was the best T3 match I've ever had... MORE PICS
  3. Apocalypse_Tank_v3

    WOWS Fan page(for the awesome Community)

    Please kinda Like and share our New Fan page for WOWS .this page is for ALL THE WOWS players out there.If you have awesome moments or meme please send it to "https://www.facebook...sUniversalFleet"and they will feature any contents that you share.here is the first content that will be featured.gotta love this BRAND NEW COMMUNITY hurray for OBT